The Amalfi coast: this historically and artistically rich cultural hub, located just off the coast of Italy, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with good reason. Chartering a boat in the Tyrrhenian sea with a view of the colourful cliff side towns such as Ravello, Positano and Minori truly makes for a unique and memorable experience.

Landscape & Architecture 

First and foremost, one cannot talk about the Amalfi coast without mentioning its stunning landscape. Situated at the foot of the Lattari Mountains, the coastline boasts a huge variety of coves, beaches, cultivated terraces, vineyards, and citrus & olive grove. Working in this landscape, architects have built clifftop villages in pastel shades of pink orange and blue, a perfect example of this being the Vietri sul Mare – also famous worldwide for its ceramics. Explore this coastline by dropping into the heart of heritage Mediterranean villages and towns to peruse the voguish boutiques as well as dine in high end restaurants (Restaurant Zass, Quattro Passi or La Terraza di Lucullo) and get a full appreciation for the stunning layered coastline from a luxury yacht foredeck enjoying a chilled glass of local Limoncello – which happens to be a speciality of the region.

Andreas L Yacht, Benetti superyacht for charter on the French Riviera
Yachting is by far the best way to explore this diverse coastline


When coming into port, be sure to look out for the many oriental influences and the Amalfi monuments, which stem from historical trade links with the East. Take for instance the Romanesque Cathedral of Amalfi where, concealed within, is the famous “Cloister of Paradise”: this exhibits Oriental style, immaculately preserved, perfect white building structures. Monuments such as Saracen Tower of Cetara are best observed from the water, so make sure to look out for it on your way from a birth in Vietri sul Mare to a fine restaurant in Maiori.

yacht charter destinations: The Amalfi Coast
Unparalleled natural beauty has drawn people to the Amalfi coast for centuries

A gentle climate, an abundancy of resources and unparalleled natural beauty have drawn people to the Amalfi coast for centuries, the Greeks, the Romans, the Normans, Saracens, Arab-Sicilians have all left their mark. More recently famous minds such as the author Virginia Woolf and the 20thcentury economist John Maynard Keynes have found inspiration and refuge in the quintessential Italian coastline. Make the most of the local Amalfi paysage in complete guaranteed internationally recognised comfort and luxury, see our list of charters here.

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