Here are a couple of suggestions of itineraries for the best destinations along the French Riviera, that will give you an idea of the time it will take you to visit the nearby areas and inform you of some of the more popular places to visit from the water. In addition to the advantage of allowing you to sit back and relax, a yacht skipper/captain can also improve your yacht charter experience by acting as your private guide to the French Riviera! Don’t be afraid to ask him or her, to tailor your journey according to your wishes and needs. They often know the best places to go, from busy and bustling, to more secluded destinations along the French Riviera.

Yacht charter Antibes & Cannes – Best destinations along the French Riviera

Just West of Antibes harbour is the Cap d’Antibes, famous for its beautiful villas and picturesque coves and beaches. There are lots of great bays along this Cap, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The famous hotel Eden Roc is situated here, and a popular stop off for a VIP clientèle. Further afield just across from Cap d’Antibes is Cannes, which has earned a global reputation as a glamorous destination for movie stars, thanks to the annual film festival. A popular alternative to the bustling town of Cannes are the two small islands just across the bay of Cannes. During the summer months, boats flock to the clear waters between these two islands and people take advantage of the great location for a lunchtime picnic or dip in the sea. This simple route via the Cap d’Antibes through to Cannes and its islands can easily take up a full day yacht charter. Others choose to whizz by on their yachts, taking in the pretty coastline, but wishing to venture further afield to Saint Tropez, a top destination along the French Riviera.

Take your yacht to St. Tropez

If you do decide to travel further afield or if you charter your yacht starting from St. Tropez, you may wish to visit this world famous destination of the rich and famous. The quaint town is a hive of activity during the summer months and the harbour is full of bars and restaurants. It is a great place to people watch and spot the celebrities as they board their superyachts. There is also a large stretch of beach just around the corner from the harbour, which plays host to a large selection of great restaurants and beach clubs. The famous Nikki beach and Club 55, among the world famous beach restaurants of the French Riviera.

Famous Destinations along the French Riviera – Villefranche & Monaco

Travelling East from Antibes harbour will take you past Nice and along to the bay of Villefranche. The old town is nestled in between this beautiful bay and the striking rocks of the French Riviera and it is an idyllic setting for a day on the water. The stretch of coastline from Villefranche to Monaco boasts some impressive scenery and quieter beaches compared to Nice and Cannes. If you wish to continue on to Monaco, bear in mind that the main port here is very busy and be prepared to have to drop anchor outside the harbour whilst waiting to secure a berth. An evening in Monaco is a must if you are visiting the French Riviera for the first time and want to experience the true glitz and glamour that this stretch of coastline has to offer! The French Riviera hosts a variety of events throughout the year so be sure to check out our event guide if you wish to coincide your yacht charter with one of these occasions. Also, check out our pick of the best restaurants along the French Riviera for a spot of lunch along the way.

A few considerations if doing a day yacht charter / motorboat hire


When chartering a yacht on the French Riviera, you will find there are so many beautiful places to visit. One consideration to make is how much you are willing to spend on fuel whilst on your motor boat, as the further you travel, the more costs you will incur. Also, the comfort of your passengers may be compromised if you decide to spend a large proportion of your trip jetting along the coast to reach your desired destination. In most cases, going at a leisurely pace is more enjoyed than racing to see everything in one day. Your yacht charter broker can advise you of the different destinations along the French Riviera worth visiting, and the best options depending on the duration of your yacht charter. Enjoy your yacht charter with 212 Yachts and send us any feedback and recommendations of destinations and/or restaurants!

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