As the summer months approach each year, the French Riviera will come alive with the roar of engines and elated cheers of excited fans. You’ve secured your tickets and are now wondering what is the best way to get to the Monaco Grand Prix. The coast comes to a standstill with thousands of fans overloading public transport and blocking roads. You think to yourself, how will I ever get to see one of those cars, but then, light bulb moment. What about a yacht charter to go the Monaco Grand Prix?

The best way to get to the Monaco Grand Prix

Undoubtedly the best way to get to the Monaco Grand Prix is by water. Every year, more and more spectators wise to this fact, and save themselves hours of frustration by avoiding the uncharacteristically hectic area surrounding the beautiful city of Monaco. Sharing in the awesome experience of cruising into the spectacular Port Hercules, surrounded by the world’s most lavish luxury super yachts is certainly an added bonus, and a memorable experience in itself. For a more tranquil but equally as impressive experience, travel by tender or speed boat to Fontvielle. Therefore, travelling to the Monaco Grand Prix by boat will also open up a world of accommodation opportunities.

Watch the Track all from the Comfort of Your Yacht!

Go in style with a yacht charter

With the impressive travel times of motorboats and yachts, you can afford to avoid the busy and overpriced hotels in the direct vicinity of the track. Relax in one of the many chic hotels that proudly line Cannes’ Croisette, rest easy on the idyllic Cap d’Antibes or St. Jean Cap Ferrat or relish in the buzz of Nice. By renting a yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix, you will wake up relaxed and stress free, knowing that you will face minimal hold ups and will arrive on time and in style. Of course, the uncontested best way to get to Monaco Grand Prix is by super yacht. Charter a super yacht and join this annual exhibition of the world’s most spectacular super yachts. Drop anchor and travel by tender to the Monaco Grand Prix. Thus avoiding the crowds and sharing in an experience only sampled by a fortunate few.

There you have it, the best way to get to the Monaco Grand Prix. Experience the luxury and glamour that epitomize this annual celebration of automotive splendor.

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