At 212 Yachts our entire team believes in and displays values imperative to the existence of
our company. We are not only a boat tour agency but a friend offering nothing but the
absolute best advice and recommendations. With our honesty and exponential effort we
always have the client’s best interests at heart.

Our boat tour agency team consists of an ideal mix between years of expertise and
experience, and fresh ideas and perspectives. Private boat tours and yacht charter are part of a
relatively small and niche industry where connections really do matter. Having been in the
business many years, we have the necessary industry knowledge required to present our
clients with a top-quality service.

“Fantastic experience, couldn’t fault a single thing. From the boat, to the food, to the toys, to the service and all the crew. We were first time boaters and it won’t be the last!”


212 Degrees Concept – Boat Tour Agency with a difference

We are standing by and ready to help

Meet the 212 Team

Our boat tour agency was built on a very interesting concept that thoroughly demonstrates
our company virtues. Leadership guru and expert Sam Parker is responsible for the original
motivational model consisting of the idea that that extra degree of effort makes an important
difference. The message communicates that “at 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it
boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. Just one
extra degree can make all the difference.”

“A yacht charter service that matches the company's motto, the staff was always ready to put in that extra degree to provide its client THE perfect yachting experience. Highly recommended for a perfect day/week on the water in the shiny French riviera.”


Expertise that matters – boat tour agency

Starting on the French Riviera, 212 Yachts has some amazing day boat charters available in
this region. A real expert on organising boat trips on the sunny French coast. Although with
years to develop, our boat tour agency has become even more than that. We now specialise in
yacht charters around the world!

Being part of MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) is an essential part of doing
well in the industry. Established in 1984, this trade association ensures industry standards and
provides guidance. Most importantly, thanks to our invaluable MYBA membership, we have
access to every yacht charter in the world.

“Everything was perfect – from start to finish. Booking until disembarking. 11/10 absolute perfection”


Customer Commitment and Personalisation

At 212 Yachts we listen and most importantly we care. Every boat and yacht that we propose
has been especially chosen for you. We actively listen to what you have to say and work hard
to find exactly what you are looking for. At this boat tour agency we understand that the boat
must fulfil all the clients’ desires. We have mastered the ability to avidly listen and act

We are certainly familiar with unavoidable obstacles along the way. Our
well-trained team is committed to prioritising the customer especially when things go sour.
212 Yacht experts know exactly how to react quickly to resolve problems and make the yacht
charter as enjoyable as possible.

“After our pre-arranged and pre-paid charter boat was cancelled 2 days before we were supposed to go on the water due to technical problems, the team scrambled and found us a perfect replacement. Very responsive, very professional, very fast replacement organised that met our exceptions…”


Happy customers and partners

We hold pride in clients satisfied comments after successful charters. Our boat tour agency’s
endless reviews and recommendations prove that our clients feel listened to, respected, cared
for and, most importantly, pleased with their boat adventures.

In addition to having countless delighted customers, our boat tour agency is well known and
praised in the industry by all parties. 212 Yachts have amazing relationships with yacht
crews, boat representatives and owners, as well as other boat tour agencies. We understand
the imperative nature of these connections and put a great emphasis on building lasting
relationships with all parties involved.

“Jenny and her team in 212 Yachts were simply excellent! They recommended us the perfect yacht, a great route and gave us lots of hints for a superb experience on the water. They always answered super quickly and were extremely accommodating with all our requests…”



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