At Monaco Yacht Show 2017, 212 Yachts attended a Caribbean talk which detailed some of the yacht charter destinations that will be operational for the coming Caribbean yacht charter season after the region has been inflicted with numerous hurricanes including Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Caribbean yacht charter :  What to expect

Tourism and certainly marine tourism is a core industry of the Caribbean and the overwhelming message is that the islands affected and the people of the Caribbean are resilient and doing their utmost best to welcome yacht charter guests back for the winter charter season.

The Caribbean has some of the most beautiful yacht charter destinations that have fostered yachting business for many decades and 212 Yacht’s is pleased that relief aid and cargo shipments are continuing for islands that have suffered significant losses and rebuilding is well underway.

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Naturally, there have been requests for clients moving charter islands while rebuilding is continuing, so 212 Yachts will do our best to share information for our Caribbean charter clients so you can make an informed decision on alternative charter itineraries.  Efforts are going into finding replacement yachts or relocating customers with St Maarten and BVI charters in October and November to other Caribbean destinations such as Antigua, the Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada, Martinique or other charter bases in the Mediterranean, Asia, and Pacific.

Caribbean yacht charter :  Post-hurricane update on island destinations

Anguilla – The airport has reopened and clean-up is progressing well.

Antigua & Barbuda – Antigua was left largely unscathed and there have been great efforts for clean-up of beaches and the ocean. The Antigua Yacht Show is still scheduled for 4 December, as well as the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta (April 18-24).  Barbuda was inflicted with great damage and rebuilding is expected to take around one year.

Aruba / Bonaire / Curaçao – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Aruba lies outside of the hurricane belt
and was unaffected by the recent hurricanes

Bahamas – Airports are open in Nassau, Grand Bahama Island and on nearly all Out Islands.  The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation has advised that most of the Bahamas escaped severe damage and the majority of ports, resorts and hotels are operational again.

Barbados – Barbados was not affected by Hurricane Irma or Maria that passed north of Barbados.

The British Virgin Islands – The BVI’s were severely damaged by Irma (Extensive damage was inflicted in Tortola), rebuilding has begun

Canouan – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Dominica – Dominica took a direct hit from Hurricane Maria but it’s understood there were no guests on the island at the time.

Dominican Republic – The island did experience some structural damage, flooding, and fallen trees in Hurricane Maria. The country’s major tourist destinations, including Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Samana are operating normally.

Grenada – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Guadeloupe – operating yacht charters as normal

Jamaica – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Martinique – high winds and strong rains but overall minimal damage

Monteserrat – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Puerto Rico – 25% of households are expected to have electricity restored by the end of October.  Port Caribe is operational, serving as a staging area for yachts and other vessels delivering aid to other islands.  Relief aid has bought fuel and food supplies ensuring hospitals are reopening and clean-up efforts are continuing.

St Barths – In the process of advanced clean-up.  The Voiles de St Barths (April 8-14) will continue.

St Kitts & Nevis – The airport is open and there was no damage at Christophe Harbour.  St Kitts is helping with relief efforts for Dominica, Tortola and St Barths.

St Lucia – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Beautiful St Lucia is a stunning yacht charter destination

St Maarten/St Martin – The Franco-Dutch island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, however rebuilding and relief efforts are continuing. Simpson Bay Marina is under repair and Isle de Sol is expected to be 50-75% operational by December.  Yacht Club Port de Plaisance has said that clean-up and repair operations are continuing and that the marina expects to be open for business and welcoming yachts by November 1, 2017.  At the French airport at Grand Case, flights are operational; on the Dutch side the airport is due to be fully operational by November.  Dutch airline KLM has announced that from October 29 they will be resuming flights to St Maarten, with a reduced service of 2 weekly flights instead of the 4 regular flights.  Navy ships have been arriving with telecommunications support, food, water and building supplies.

St Thomas – National Marine is on the island and providing security.  There is provisioning and sea shipments underway.  The St Thomas International Regatta (March 23-25) will continue.

St Vincent & the Grenadines (see also Canouan above) – Widespread flooding and some storm damage but overall unaffected

Trinidad & Tobago – unaffected and operating yacht charters as normal

Turks and Caicos – Providenciales International Airport reopened on September 11.  Blue Haven Resort & Marina is under repair, reopening to be advised.  South Caicos was affected but expected to reopen by December.

Note regarding other charter destinations:  Florida received damage from Hurricane Irma however both Orlando and Miami Airports have reopened while Key West airport is closed for commercial flights.  Belize and Mexico, situated far west of the main zones of impact were unaffected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Please note:  The information in this post is current as at October 7 2017, however information is updating all the time as 212 Yachts is advised of marina operational capabilities and infrastructure.

While we have monitored updates from Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), many of the island telecommunications have not been restored and marina websites have not posted damage updates, so if you find any of this information in this post needs updating, please let us know.

There will be a dedicated website which will be launched soon by regional Caribbean nautical groups to give up-to-date information on the Caribbean islands and marinas; we will share the website address as soon as it is launched.

212 Yachts welcomes any enquiries for Caribbean yacht charters, feel free to contact us to discuss charter options or alternative charter itineraries within the Caribbean that make the most of this beautiful and diverse region.

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