Thinking of hiring a boat for the Cannes film festival? Never mind the Oscar’s, never mind the BAFTA’s, the elegance and prestige that is attributed to the French Riviera cries for an entrance in elegance. Here is why you should be hiring a boat in Cannes this year.

A private space to call your own, relax and embrace the sweet taste of cocktails

To hire a boat Cannes during the film festival enables you to feel at ease, you are assured of the berth place arranged by your charter broker and you are looked after from the beginning of the process until the end of the charter. No traffic, no fully booked hotel rooms with seaview and jacuzzi bath and no fully booked restaurants. Not to forget, a private space to call your own, relax and embrace the sweet taste of cocktails and food cooked specially to your tastes by your stewardess. Everything you want in your vicinity: personal staff and a getaway haven when the roar of Cannes gets too overwhelming. Yachts are the real stage claimer during the Film festival, endless parties, dinners and the ultimate luxury.

Hiring boats in Cannes can mean glamorous yacht charters, collectable motorboats such as a beautiful Riva or super-sexy superyacht tenders. These beauties will never disappoint. You avoid angering all beach-goers when coming in too close to the shore to flaunt your yacht. Why go to so much trouble, when a luxury superyacht tender gives you the flexibility to go near and far, with ultimate comfort and looking undeniably suave. You will be sure to turn all heads: from the crowds of the Croisette to fellow boat rental enthusiasts. A boat to be hired as the perfect lounge space for lizarding in the sun, a grand go to for drinks and style and a show off symbol of utter class.

What better way to claim the limelight, than to cruise across the Med in your superyacht, dropping anchor on the Cannes horizon and gracing the shoreline with a luxury superyacht tender. All in all, hiring a boat for the Cannes film festival is practical, facilitative and oh-so-fancy.

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Alicia Cranwell

Written by Alicia Cranwell

Fashionista Liss Cranwell left the cold Cambridgeshire countryside for the sunny shores of Cannes, indulging in the high class society and style. Her passion for sailing and expertise of luxury commerce made her a perfect fit for the yachting industry, where she now thrives as a successful charter assistant. A calm, creative mind, always smiling, open and organised, helps her to find solutions and give a supporting hand with delight.

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