An Ibiza private yacht charter is a popular choice for many travellers looking to soak in the Mediterranean sun and make precious memories with family and friends. A popular location for yacht charter, Ibiza adventure offers the chance to experience the contagious Spanish culture, the crystal clear waters island hopping and the divine southern sun. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury yachting experience, then look no further than an Ibiza private yacht charter!

Ibiza Private Yacht Charter: When to Go

The Balearic Islands enjoy warm, dry summers, average temperatures in the Summer season ranging from mid 20s to 30 degrees. Very few days of rain and gentle winds make this area ideal for yacht charter holidays. Visit in July or August to experience the highest temperatures and eclectic crowds. If you wish to dodge the flocks of tourists, September and May/June still boast appealing temperatures for a relaxed charter.

Very few days of rain and gentle winds make this area ideal for yacht charter holidays

Your Ibiza Private Yacht Charter Itinerary

Our team will help craft the perfect itinerary for your Ibiza yacht charter. Whether you desire the perfect snorkeling spots, sandy beaches, magical cuisine, the best parties or all of the above, our team of experts will advise to make sure your yacht charter is everything you dreamed of.

Popular bays and islands part of an Ibiza yacht charter itinerary include:


Known as Europe’s most exclusive private island, where better to enjoy your private yacht charter than exploring the coves and famous beach club of this Balearic Island? Tagomago, surrounded by deep, blue waters, is perfect for a spot of watersports. Depending on the yacht you will decide to charter, you will either have some watersports equipment on board, or you will be able to rent some from the island’s private mooring.

Cala Jondal:

Sip cocktails with the stars at the iconic Blue Marlin beach bar. Enjoy live DJ sets and local drink specialties on this stunning beach setting. To experience this hub at its prime, visit it on the weekend. If you would prefer a quiet visit with a focus on the stunning natural surroundings and southern sun, we suggest organizing this stop during the week.

ibiza private yacht charter
ibiza private yacht charter

Stunning golden hour colours on the tranquil Cala Jondal (source: )

Es Torrent

In this small, secluded bay of Ibiza, experience some of the finest seafood available on your Ibiza yacht charter. The Es Torrent restaurant is famous and for good reason, dining here is a true gastronomic experience! With bellies full, head back to your yacht to have a relaxing time on board or in the emerald waters.

Illa Conillera

This small, mystical island contains some of the finest diving locations in the region. This is the perfect time to explore what you can find underwater and above the water too – you can find a lighthouse built in 1857 if you enjoy hiking.

There is a legend attached to this island which claims that the Carthaginian General Hannibal was born on the island. The cave on the southern side of the island is called sa Casa d’Annibal to this day.

Furthermore, several years ago three skeletons were found on the island. They were carbon dated to the early part of the sixteenth century and are believed to be the remains of pirates who had been taken to the island for execution.

This island is full of magic!

ibiza private yacht charter
ibiza private yacht charter

A hidden location on Illa Conillera (source: )

Es Vedra

Firstly, this legendary island is thought of as the holy island of the Tanit, the Phoenician lunar goddess. She is worshiped as the patron goddess of fertility, who became Ibiza’s patroness.

In addition, this island inspired Homer’s Odyssey. It is rich in history and makes for a poetic stop on your trip. Is it really inhabited by sea-nymphs and sirens? Find out for yourself.


The island of Formentera, just like many of its neighbors, is very well known for the fantastic hospitality of its inhabitants, the tasty food and some beautiful views. Although there are a couple of highlights the island is known for which distinguish it from its counterparts.

Firstly, Joni Mitchell wrote her 1971 album Blue on the island while Bob Dylan once lived in the Cap de Barbaria lighthouse on the island, amongst with many other celebrities choosing to spend their free days here. Furthermore, Formentera is renowned across Europe for many pristine white beaches… and the fact that nude sunbathing is allowed on most of its beaches. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

ibiza private yacht charter
ibiza private yacht charter

The Island of Formentera from a bird’s eye view. (Source: )

Overall, this is your chance to experience one of the most diverse Mediterranean cruising areas this Summer with an Ibiza private yacht charter. Whether you wish to embark on a day charter or spend weeks exploring this magical yacht charter paradise, the 212 Yachts team are ready to make it truly special. Contact us for a tailored selection of available yachts, to make your Ibiza yacht charter dream a reality.

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