The Scenery

With breath taking mountains serving as a backdrop to stunning coasts and the azure blue sea, it is no surprise that the Amalfi coast has earned its status as a World Heritage Site. With its spectacular coastline and numerous must-see islands, including the Isle of Capri, the Amalfi coast has become a popular destination for yachting – arguably the only way to get a feel for the real beauty of the coast, and certainly the most convenient.

The Food

It goes without saying, but the food on the Italian coast is exceptional. Not only do the restaurants serve up some of the finest sea food in the world, but they are often located right at the water’s edge, making them the ideal place to dine for yachters!

Positano Restaurants

La Tagliata – at this unique, family run restaurant there is no menu – you can eat up to 19 courses given to you for a fixed price. Much of the fruit and vegetables are picked fresh from the garden and much of the meat comes straight from their farm.


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The Amalfi coast boasts some of the finest restaurants in Europe

Rada Restaurant offers the highest quality of fine dining and is located on the bay, promising customers a special view and a meal to remember.


Ristorante La Sponda – this romantic Michelin-starred restaurant combines champagne, cocktails, oysters, carpaccios and pasta dishes with 400 candles, a spectacular view, a resident DJ and a swimming pool: what’s not to like?



Torre Normanna – located in a historic 13th century Norman watchtower, this restaurant is surrounded by sea on three sides and offers an unforgettable experience as well as an impressive menu – see the reviews for yourself:


Da Gemma – this restaurant has been around since 1872, and with fantastic reviews and a classic, traditional menu, it’s not hard to see why!


Conca dei Marini

La Tonarella – another restaurant most easily accessible by boat, La Tonarella is surrounded by the houses of the local fishermen and offers a menu mostly consisting of the freshest seafood. A more casual option.


The History

Amalfi’s rich history makes it possible to undertake a wide range of activities when there. The towns are littered with magnificent churches, cathedrals and museums. To work up an appetite for the infamous cuisine and spend some time off the boat, there are plenty of scenic hikes available including the ‘path of Gods’. If hiking’s not your thing, perhaps shopping is and Amalfi offers plenty of it!

So much waiting to be explored along this famous coast…

All in all, there is something for everyone in Amalfi – perhaps because there is so much going on. By chartering a boat or yacht you can tailor your own itinerary and ensure that you maximise your experience, gaining access to exclusive destinations thanks to the local knowledge of the captain and making the most of the exceptional coastline.

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Jennifer Kelly

Written by Jennifer Kelly