Experience the breathtaking scenery as you stride along Amalfi Coast’s 50-kilometer coastline at the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. It has a ruggedly handsome shoreline and plunging cliffs dotted with stone-built houses, forming the soft-colored fishermen’s villages. It boasts of a coastal road that winds past luxurious villas, rollingvineyards, and lemon groves, giving you a gravity-defying ride from the port of Salerno to the clifftop of Sorrento.

The Italian locals and tourists from different parts of the world are captivated by the magical beauty of the Amalfi Coast. It has so much to offer on your yacht charter holiday during the warm months of summer and the dewy months of spring. You can dine at a romantic restaurant, spend your honeymoon, or relish the holidays with your beloved in one of Italy’s magical places during your luxury yacht charter!

Places of interest and things you should not miss while in Amalfi Coast.

Explore Amalfi Coast Charter Vessels

Sorrento Cruise Port

Explore Amalfi Coast along its ruggedly beautiful coast aboard your chartered yacht with a very accommodating crew.

Just above the port is the beautiful Sorrento that perches high on the cliff. It is best known for its shopping centers, which are fairly near to the Amalfi Coast and Pompei. It is the place where the historic Basilica di Sant’antonino is located. Just below the cliff is the calm fishing village of Marina Grande, with its ancient ambiance that will bring you back in time.

Salerno Cruise Port

This is a major shipping and ferry port in Southern Italy that became famous because of the beauty of Amalfi Coast’s historic old town founded by the Romans in 197 BC. Claimed to have many historical traces, it holds in its base 11th-century cathedrals, such as the Baroque Chiesa di San Giorgio. It is also overlooking Castello di Archi.


With beautiful bays and beaches to explore and enjoy, cruise on your private luxury chartered yacht to Positano.

Considered one of Amalfi Coast’s tourist destinations, this place boasts of the beautiful Spaggia Grande and other bays and beaches. It is also close to the famous island of Capri and the island of Ischia. Don’t miss the coastal road and the precarious Ponte deiLibri (Bridge of Books) that will add to your adventure list.


As popular as Positano, you should visit the gorgeous town of Amalfi and explore its entire coastline that is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This town was once a major maritime power. It flaunts its historical papermaking museum, cafes, and cathedrals.

Villa Cimbrone Gardens

Explore the beauty of Amalfi Coast including the Villa Cimbrone Gardens as you take a land tour of your sailing adventure.

Just above Amalfi Coast is the town of Ravello which holds the gorgeous Villa Cimbrone Gardens. This beautiful garden dates back to 11th century, which has now become a hotel and a restaurant. You can take a stroll along its long walkways lined with trees, flowering plants, and ancient statues, even if you are not staying in the hotel itself.


This is just a little coastal fishing village that is hidden between Positano and Amalfi. Life is slower in this place, making it the idyllic setting for a relaxing holiday. However, you can be sure that its cafes and bar are friendly. Also, the locals always have the time to sit in the piazza (park) in front of the Church of St. Luke. You can also enjoy the late night beach parties with the famous L’Africana nightclub located in the sunken caves of the cliff.

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