Yachts Coronavirus France – update / news as of 29th May:

212 Yachts is delighted to inform you that France intends to be open for travel from the 15th of June for EU residents, and from this coming Tuesday for French residents. Regulations vary from country to country. With the great progress being made by Europe as whole (keeping CD19 numbers decreasing), it’s great to see some normality resuming and a fantastic summer yacht charter season on the horizon.

Yachts charters provide the perfect setting to be exclusively only with your loved ones and carefully selected guests, in a very safe and hygienic environment.

International Travel

– EU countries intend to open their borders for travel from within the EU as of June 15th.

  • Non EU citizens and travel to the EU – The EU are working together to decide on what dates and which countries (those with improving CD19 situations) will be allowed to travel to the EU. Announcements expected circa June 15th


 As of  Tuesday June 2nd:

– Bars, restaurants and cafes will reopen – employees must wear masks and customers are required to wear masks when moving around the vicinity but not  whilst seated (that means exclusive beach restaurants, only accessible by yacht are back in business)

– Shops and other businesses will reopen

– Cultural and sporting activities will begin to resume

–  Groups of now 10 people are allowed to interact in public spaces

– Parks, public gardens, beaches and lakes will all reopen

– In Green Zones, gyms, swimming pools, museums and theatres will reopen. In Orange Zones, these will remain closed until June 22nd.

– Cinemas will reopen June 22nd.

– The 100km rule will be scrapped and people are now free to move around the country.

coronavirus and yachts – Yacht charter in France and yacht charter Corsica is permitted


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It’s a start to some sense of a potential season.

New regulations announced May 7th:

For French territorial waters, from May 11th –  June 1st (then there will be a new phase), in order to contain / restrict the spread of the virus;

– vessels to cruise no more than 54 nautical miles from home port (aprox 100 km)

– no more than 10 passengers onboard

– calls to ports, and/or dis/embarking of passengers must comply with health and safety measures on land

– yachts coming from outside Schengen area, are for the most part still prohibited

* See specific rules and regulations in pdf

  • The above is a quick translation and summary. It is advisable to check all rules and regulations.

Arrêté-Préfet-Maritime-07052020 pdf 

There are still many items not clear. As we get more official updates, we will upload news relevant to yachting and the movement of vessels here.

What is clear – in order to assure we can all get back to work, and have a season, we must ALL play our role stopping the spread of the virus (for politicians it is down to numbers!)

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