A Day or Week Yacht Trip to Saint Tropez with 212 Yachts

At 212 Yachts, we have day boats and small yachts available, as well as larger yachts to cater for different group sizes, large and small. We are proud to be one of the leading yacht charter providers on the French Riviera, and have a wide selection of quality yachts to choose from. Whether you are planning to charter for a day, week or even longer- we will ensure your experience in Saint Tropez will be truly memorable!

JACK III Cost: From €4,500 + VAT + APA per day

Van Dutch 32 Cost: From €2,300 + Skipper Fee + Fuel per day

Van Dutch 40 Cost: From €2,450 + Skipper Fee + Fuel per day

A day boat or yacht trip to Saint Tropez, for some is a once in a lifetime opportunity and visiting here by yacht exposes you to stunning scenery and makes for a great day out. Saint Tropez has a reputation worldwide as being a beautiful town with many yachts and famous people visiting each summer. It is home to some of the nicest yachts on the Cote d’Azur and also boasts the nickname ‘The Millionaires Playground’. Hard working backpackers have been known to work and live here too, so there really is a diverse range of tourists coming to Saint Tropez.

Prices for a day boat trip to Saint Tropez start at €3000 – see boats for rent. This would typically be for an 10 guest max boat.A typical day charter lasts from 10am to 6pm.We provide skippers with all of our rentals, they cost on average €300.


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212 Yachts also have bigger and more luxurious yachts which cater for more guests and with cabins to sleep on board. See a selection of yachts available for day trips near Saint Tropez. Any extra costs may include a berth fee if you go to a port, food and drinks and fuel. Previous customers who have rented small, private boats for a day trip to Saint Tropez have brought the usual essentials with them, including  sun cream, sunglasses, towels etc.. A day yacht trip to Saint Tropez is one that you’ll never forget and at 212 Yachts our aim is to make sure your trip is as pleasurable and safe as possible so do not hesitate to contact 212 Yachts should you need anything.

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