Luxury Yacht Charter

A yacht charter is a truly one of a kind experience. Charter yachts offer facilities that rival the most lavish resorts, with a highly-trained and hand-picked crew serving your every need. Enjoy complete flexibility, mobility and security, while in the company of only your chosen party. Pure bliss!

212 Yachts are excited to arrange your luxury yacht charter, from the diversity of the Mediterranean to the exotic islands of the Caribbean. Our experienced yacht charter brokers are ready to advise both first-time charterers and more experienced guests searching for a yacht charter brokerage that adds the ‘extra degree’.  To begin planning your luxury yacht charter vacation, please contact us now!

Why Charter a Luxury Yacht?

Chartering a luxury yacht provides an unrivalled experience. It is an opportunity to custom tailor your dream vacation. With a super yacht rental, your imagination is your only constraint. There is no need to settle in one place. Wake up in new breath-taking destinations each morning. Explore secret locations far beyond the reach of tourists; uninhibited islands, hidden beaches, and untouched marine life. Become immersed in a new destination, discovering a journey inaccessible without a luxury super yacht. The planning is done in advance and tailored to your interests and needs in order to ensure a stress-free vacation. Wield the ability to change your route last minute, or stick to a comprehensive itinerary created by your 212 Yachts broker and captain. Never settle for less. This is the ultimate way to travel. Let 212 Yachts assist you in planning your next dream vacation.

Yacht charter crew

Yacht crew are carefully selected, highly skilled personnel. They are on-board throughout your charter, to ensure a safe experience that reflects your every preference. When charter guests are not on-board, yacht crew typically work with yacht owners and their guests, ensuring they are accustomed to the highest-level of service.

The number of crew and their areas of expertise varies for each charter superyacht. The structure on-board usually consist of a Captain and Officers who run the vessel, an interior team who focus on service and cleaning, and a deck team who assist with water toy usage, tender usage and the maintenance of the external living spaces. Among these teams you will often find star-athletes to train you in water sports (or challenge you, if you are already a master!), highly experienced massage-therapists and wellness experts, talented musicians, flawless mixologists, in-demand make-up artists, and the list goes on. In addition, there are often engineers on-board to ensure the vessel runs to perfection, and the highlight for many – an extremely well trained chef! Yacht chefs are often brought in by yacht owners from Michelin-starred restaurants, and are vigorously trained to superyacht standards. Very often, charter guests say a real highlight of their charter was their chef!

Every yacht crew is different, with a mix of talents and personalities. Your 212 yacht charter broker will ensure you charter a yacht with the right crew for you.

How to charter

Yacht charter is an increasingly easy and safe experience, with the help of experienced yacht charter brokers. At 212 Yachts we strive to make the process of chartering a yacht as simple and transparent as possible. You will have full access to all of the best yachts on the market, complete with all information and first-hand experience from our team and past charterers. We are available to answer all your questions with honest and timely responses, guaranteeing that you get the most from your yacht charter. Contact us and let us help you start planning your best yacht charter.

Choosing your charter yacht

Yacht charter brokers are used by first-time charterers, repeat charter guests, and yacht owners. The benefits of using a yacht charter broker are unparalleled. We have built up relationships with yacht owners, captains and crewmembers. At 212 Yachts we have access to all the best yacht charters at the best rates.

We are able to find the ideal yacht suitable for your needs and desires. Booking through a reputable yacht charter company is an efficient and effortless way to plan your next holiday. 212 Yachts have contacts all over the world and will be able to assist you in any way, regardless of your chosen destination. This is particularly true if you’re chartering in an overseas country where you may not be as familiar with the rules and regulations or speak the local language.

The first step in planning a Super Yacht Charter

The first step in planning a super yacht charter is to contact us. We are available by telephone, email, or in the chat window on this website. We would be happy to respond to any of your inquiries and to assist you in beginning your preparations.

Planning your private yacht charter with 212 Yachts is efficient and stress-free. We focus on integrity and value the additional degree of effort. We are committed to open communication, swift email and phone correspondence, regardless of your time zone.

We will begin planning by assisting you with choosing a vacation destination. If you have already decided on a destination, we will move onto finding you a luxury yacht to match your wants and needs. Our team will send you a proposal of the super yacht options based on your ideal dates of travel, the number and age of guests in your party, and the type of vacation you desire. During this stage of the process, open communication is vital to ensuring we are able to find you the perfect yacht. Be sure to express your expectations and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Choice of Destinations

212 Yachts offer yacht charters in almost evert destination imaginable! From the charters to almost every destination imaginable around the world. With locations suitable for every yacht charter guest’s interests. Click here to find out more about our destinations, or contact us for any inquiries of charter bookings. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the perfect destination.

In the summer months, the Mediterranean is an ideal vacation spot. Operating in the East and West Mediterranean, we offer charters to Spain, Italy, and along the Côte d’Azur in France. Our most popular destinations in the East are Venice, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, and Turkey. Charters to Spain include Barcelona, and Malaga, and Florence, Portofino, Sicily, Naples and Sorrento in Italy are available. Explore the renowned Côte d’Azur in France and charter to Nice, Marseille, or Cannes among numerous other destinations. Monaco is an equally popular destination of choice for most.

The spectacular islands of the Caribbean and the Bahamas offer an escape during the winter months. We offer charters to the Leeward Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and the Winward Islands. Choose from Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Saint Martin (Sint Maarten), and Saint Bart’s (Saint Barthelemy) within the Leeward Islands. Access over 60 islands and cays in the British Virgin Islands. Discover white sand beaches on the Winward Islands, or volcanic islands abundant with rich rainforest in Saint Lucia, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. The Bahamas, Florida, and the East and West coast of North America are other incredibly scenic charter destinations.

Our less popular, but nonetheless breathtaking charter options consist of Antarctica, Australia, South East Asia/Indian Ocean, and destinations in the South Pacific Ocean.

Yacht Charter Advice

New to the world of yacht charter? Interested in learning about the features of a specific yacht, or looking for the best destination for your next holiday at sea?

Whatever your question or level of experience with yacht charter, the 212 team of expert charter brokers are on-hand to listen and offer experience-based, unbiased and honest advice delivered in a timely manner, regardless of where you are in the world.

With years of industry experience and first-hand knowledge of hundreds of available yachts, our brokers offer a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the exciting process of organising your yacht charter.

How to Successfully Charter a Yacht

After having found your ideal yacht, chosen your dates of travel and destination, the fun begins. Let us help you plan your bespoke menu with your personal chef, your service experience with your chief stewardess, and your itinerary with your captain. From on-shore experiences to any extravagant requests, leave it to us! In the build-up to your super yacht charter and while you are on the vessel, your 212 Yachts broker is contactable at any time to respond to any questions and to ensure your charter exceeds your expectations.

Get in touch, we will contact you as fast as possible