If you’re planning or even considering a luxurious getaway, nothing quite comes as close to private
yacht holidays. Yacht renting epitomizes luxury travel and lets you see some of the most beautiful
spots in the utmost stylish way. However, many first-time charterers and existing charterers can find
the process daunting. With thousands of yachts, locations and other options to chose from, it can
become quite challenging to know where to start. That’s why 212 Yachts have put together a
comprehensive list with 7 of our top tips to help you plan your dream private yacht holiday.

1. Choose the Right Destination

The first step in planning perfect private yacht holidays begins with choosing the ideal location
to explore. It’s beneficial to start by thinking about what type of scenery, locations and activities you
want to be surrounded by on this breath-taking experience. Have a certain time of food you love?
Passionate about adventures? Considering location-specific factors such as these can really help you
get the most out of your yacht charter vacation. This can be done through researching ports,

marinas, restaurants and other attractions that each area offers to ensure a comprehensive
understanding prior to selecting your dream private yacht holiday.


2. Pick the Right Time of Year

Once your destination has been chosen, its now time to consider when you want to embark on your
getaway. Factors such as weather, certain amenities, etc. can significantly be dependent on the
season, and so, planning accordingly is essential. The Caribbean is a popular destination in the winter
for many for its year-round tropical weather, for example, while areas such as the Mediterranean
are enjoyed best during the sizzling summer months. The smallest bit of research about your
destination and chosen season can go a long way when picking your dream private yacht holiday to
ensure the best possible experience is had.


3. Choose the Right Yacht

Once you’ve picked the location you want to explore, you need a yacht that can get you there in
style. There are several key factors you must take into consideration to ensure the yacht you chose
meets your requirements. Yachts must be able to match your travel style while also accommodating
the number of guests that will be joining you. Ships can vary in amenities such as hot tubs, onboard
Wi-Fi, etc. Extras such as wakeboards, paddle boards and general water toys are available on many
yachts to offer a completely customizable experience. Choosing a yacht that matches your size and
comfort needs as well as your amenity requirements is key to planning your dream yacht charter
vacation. Luckily, our 212 Yachts brokers are here to assist you throughout this whole process in
order to make your getaway a memorable one. Speak with one of our live agents now to begin
getting help selecting your perfect yacht for an ultimate charter vacation.

Explore our wide range of yachts on offer, the team at 212 are standing by and ready to help

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4. Plan Your Itinerary

For private yacht holidays to be as successful as possible, thoughtful planning is required. After choosing
your destination and yacht, its time to begin planning your itinerary. Its important to consider what
activities you and your guests want to do, the places you want to see and any event that you may
want to attend. 212 Yachts will assist you to create a tailored itinerary that will exceed all needs and
desires you may have.

5. Hire a Professional Crew

Luckily for all our clients, 212 handles this for you and ensures that only the best crew man our
vessels. We understand the difference that crew can make on private yacht holidays. All of our
Captains, chef and crew are highly experienced in providing only the best service for all guests
through ensuring the yacht is well maintained, your meals are impeccable and your needs are met.

Being pampered by a proficient yacht crew on a lavish vessel adds an unparalleled level of comfort and relaxation to any charter experience

6. Pack Appropriately

Making sure that you pack appropriately is the foundation of any vacation. Your private yacht
holiday is no exception! Its important to consider the weather that’s expected and the activities you
plan on doing during the packing phase. Remember other essentials such as sunscreen, swimwear
and comfortable clothes for relaxation during this luxurious getaway.


7. Communicate Your Needs

Communication is essential for a successful private yacht holiday. Our 212 Yacht brokers will ensure
that all needs and requests that you may have will be met for your getaway. We ask that any special
requests such as dietary restrictions, food preferences, etc. are listed when discussing your yacht
holiday so that we can best accommodate your needs. 212 is here to make your journey as smooth
as possible.



If it’s a luxurious and memorable experience you seek, a private yacht holiday with 212 Yachts is for
you. From unmatched luxury and privacy to flexibility and personalized service, there are equally
many reasons why this type of vacation is so popular. So, start planning your next adventure today
and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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