How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht?

All you need to know about the Cost to Charter a Yacht, with price table.

A yacht rental search yachts is certainly one of the most exciting and fun trips to plan, but it can be a little challenging at times, especially if it’s your first time. Here we will attempt to answer all of the questions you might have regarding the costs of renting a yacht, including:

  • How does yacht rental pricing work?
  • What is the difference between “all inclusive” and “plus expenses” yacht rental
  • How much does it cost to charter a yacht with crew?
  • What does the price of chartering a yacht include?
  • Are expenses and fuel included in the price of a yacht rental?
  • And more, all about costs of luxury yacht charters!

How does yacht charter pricing work? What is included, or not with the yacht?

In the yachting industry, the pricing is generally done in one of two ways. The first, and most commonly used, especially for luxury crewed yachts, is the “plus expenses charter”.This is where the rate for the yacht is for the yacht only and its crew, and use of amenities, and any additional expenses, such as VAT and Advance Provisioning Allowance ‘APA’ (includes fuel, food, drink, etc which varies for each individual group based on your preferences and budget) must be paid in addition to the net charter price. Typically, the APA is 35% of the base price, whilst the VAT rate depends of course on the country that you start the yacht rental in.

You will see professional, crewed rental yachts quoted often as follows:

Net charter price + VAT + APA

What’s the difference between “all inclusive” and “plus expenses” yacht rental costs?

In contrast to the ‘plus expenses’ charter outlined above, ‘all inclusive’ yacht charters include many of the costs, e.g. food and drink in an all-inclusive package. These rentals are offered far less than the plus expenses pricing, and are most commonly be found on catamaran / monohull yachts in the Virgin Islands, Carribean and some in the Bahamas etc. They can often offer a good ‘all in deal’. But, wine and food selections may be less tailored to you.

To get a better idea of what is included in the yacht charter cost, see our table below:

Plus expenses Charter All Inclusive Charter
Crew Yes Yes
Water Toys Yes Yes
Fuel No Yes*
Food No Yes
Drink No Yes
Tax No No
Crew Gratuity No No
Dockage No No
Water / Electricity No No

*Often limited, for example, to x amount of hours cruising per day

How much does it cost to rent a yacht with crew?

As can be seen in the above table, the crew are always included in the base price for a professional yacht charter, on a commercial vessel.

The cost of a crewed yacht rental, will depend on the type of yacht you select ( prices vary greatly, contact us for free quotes), your cruising itinerary ( fuel costs, and berth/mooring fees), and the types of foods, drinks etc you may request.


How much should you tip the crew on a yacht rental?

When it comes to tipping yacht crews, standard practise varies with each destination. Generally, when chartering on the Mediterranean, a 10-15% tip is customary. In the Caribbean / Bahamas / Florida however, a 15-20% is more common. We always believe that the amount you tip your crew should be based on the level of service that you feel you have received!

Your yacht charter cost will depend on a number of variables:

Size: The size of the yacht does matter! The bigger the yacht, often, the larger the cost!

Amenities and crew: the more crew, and the more popular toys onboard – the better the service, and choice of entertainment on the yacht you will have.

Age: The year of build is also important, with the more modern yachts often costing more, and modern is in high demand

Season: The yacht industry is highly seasonal, and so rates are often greater in high season (typically July and August in Europe on the popular Mediterranean yacht charter) than they are for low season (all other months).

Destination: Yachts are priced more competitively where there are more options, for example in the South of France, compared to other locations where the choice is more scarce.

History: Some yachts have a higher price tag on them due to their history. Some yachts have a great history, for example the yacht Christina O, whilst others might have celebrity owners, which also pushes up the price!

See below for a rough yacht rental cost guide!

What is the Average Yacht Charter Cost: Base Prices

This table gives a rough guideline for you to estimate the cost of renting a yacht:

  1. Crewed Sailing Yachts (expenses not included)
Length Price Per Week
Up to 24m // 80 ft €10,000 – €20,000
24m – 36m // 80ft – 120ft €20,000 – €50,000
36m – 45m // 120ft – 150ft €50,000 – €100,000
45m – 65m // 150ft – 213ft €100,000 – €200,000
65m+ // 213ft + €200,000 – €550,000

2.Crewed Motor Yachts (expenses not included)

Length Price per week
Up to 24m // 80 ft €13,000 – €35,000
24m – 30.5m // 80ft – 100ft €25,000 – €60,000
30.5m – 36.5m. // 100ft – 120ft €40,000 – €100,000
36.5m – 45.7m // 120ft – 150ft €45,000 – €160,000
45.7 – 54.8m // 150ft – 180ft €100,000 – €250,000
54.8m – 64m // 180ft – 210ft €200,000 – €500,000
64m – 80m // 210ft – 262ft €500,000 – €1,000,000
80m+ // 262ft + €550,000 – €4,000,000
  • You will need to add APA and VAT on top

What are delivery and redelivery fees in yachting?

Delivery/Redelivery fees only apply when you wish to rent a yacht in a different location to where it is berthed. If this is the case, you may have to pay for the cost of fuel used by the yacht in getting from its home berth, to the starting point of the charter. Likewise, if you finish your charter in a different location to the home berth of the yacht, you may need to pay redelivery fees – the cost of fuel used by the yacht in returning to its home berth.The number of people that are allowed on board the yacht rental varies with each yacht. Typically, a maximum of 12 guests can cruise on board during the rental – the crew are NOT included in this number. As previously mentioned, this does vary with each yacht – some have special licenses to cruise with slightly more or less than 12 guests, whilst one charter yacht is able to cruise with as many as 157 guests!

Will VAT Be An Extra Yacht Rental Cost?

The charter fee presented by your yacht charter broker is almost always presented without tax. When planning a yacht rental, it is important to consider the extra costs associated with VAT. VAT is calculated from the base charter fee and is to be paid in advance of your yacht charter along with the base charter fee and the APA. The rate of VAT will depend on your chosen cruising area, as applicable rates vary worldwide.

For detailed information regarding the VAT rate applicable to your yacht rental, contact an expert from our charter department who will be happy to advise.

What Happens to the Left Over APA?

After your yacht rental, all extra costs will be calculated. If these extra costs amount to less than the APA, then you will be reimbursed the balance. If the APA does not cover the total extra costs, then the balance must be settled. As a broker, we will do our best to communicate with the captain before and throughout the yacht rental, so as to be able to advise if the APA may not be sufficient.

Some yacht rental guests choose to leave the left over APA as gratuity for the crew, if they have provided a fantastic charter experience.

Explore yachts available to charter in a destination of your choosing, or contact a member of our experienced and friendly team to discuss your plans and desires.

How many people can be on the yacht?

The number of people that are allowed on board the yacht charter varies with each yacht. Typically, a maximum of 12 guests can cruise on board during the charter – the crew are NOT included in this number. This does vary with each yacht – some superyachts have special licenses to cruise with more or less than 12 guests, whilst some rental yachts can cruise with large numbers, up to hundreds.

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