In which ports do you have tenders for rent?

We have luxury chase boats and RIBs available to rent in all ports on the French Riviera. Our fleet is rapidly expanding, with tenders for rent in many Mediterranean ports outside of France.

What size tenders does 212 Yachts have among its fleet of tenders?

Our fleet includes luxury tenders and RIBs of all sizes, to suit all needs. Whether you need a 6m RIB to fit into your yacht’s garage, or a 15m chase boat, we have got the tender for you.

We have a wide range of tender options available, ranging from 6m to 15m in size.

Do you offer discounts on long-term tender rental?

We will offer discounted prices on long-term chase boat hire and RIB rental. The longer the contract, the greater the discount.

Are your tenders available for long term rental?

Our tenders and RIBs can be rented for one day or 5 months. We have experience renting tenders and chase boats to yacht’s for season’s at a time, meaning we understand the service required for this specialised offering. If you require a long term tender hire, contact our team and we will find the perfect solution for you.

Can you deliver tenders to a superyacht at anchor?

We can arrange for tenders and RIBs to be delivered to yachts at sea – all we need are the coordinates of your anchorage.

Our yacht’s tender has broken down, can you assist?

Tenders break down, and we understand the last minute rush to find a replacement. We are here to help in this situation, and will do our best to find the ideal solution, no matter how last minute it is.

It’s late at night and I need a tender for tomorrow morning, can you help?

Our dedicated team are on-call late at night, long after typical office hours to assist with your last minute enquiries. Just because it’s late, it doesn’t mean it’s too late for 212 Yachts.

Here at 212 Yachts we understand breakdowns and last minute bookings often happen after office hours - which is why we stay on call.

Are your tenders available for bareboat rental?

Our luxury tenders and RIBs can be rented bareboat, as long as the member of your crew selected to skipper the tender has the necessary qualifications. A security deposit must be paid in advance if opting for a bareboat charter.

Are your tenders available with skippers?

Our luxury tenders and RIBs can be rented with skippers, at an extra fee of €300 (during some events this cost may be slightly higher, and extended charter hours will incur increased skipper fees). Our skippers have been selected with superyacht standards in mind, ensuring that they understand the immaculate service and professionalism required in this industry. Most of our skippers have experience working on or with superyachts, meaning that your guests are in good hands.

Do your prices include VAT?

We do our best to ensure that clients are aware of all costs associated with our luxury chase boats and RIBs. We will always try to specify whether prices are ttc (VAT included) or ht (VAT excluded).

Are your luxury chase boats and RIBs avaialble to charter for events such as the Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix?

We have years of experience supplying this highly specialised service, and we understand the need for acute detail and flexibility. Our chase boats and RIBs are available for all French Riviera events, and our specialised service will ensure that your tender is one less thing to worry about.

212 Yachts have years of experience in organising tenders for events on the French Riviera.

Are fuel/expenses included in the price of luxury tenders and RIBs?

Our prices do not include the cost of fuel or expenses unless otherwise stated. All fuel/expenses are charged to the client.

Why are most boats restricted to 12 passengers?

As a matter of safety in conjunction with the International Marine regulation, vessels carrying more than 12 passengers must comply with the SOLAS convention (Safety of Life at Sea) set out by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). A number of expensive rigid safety restrictions are required to carry for than 12 passengers.

Do you have tenders and RIBs that can cruise with more than 12 guests?

We have a great selection of luxury chase boats and RIBs that can cruise with more than 12 passengers. Please outline with your enquiry how many guests will be required to travel on-board your tender and we will propose a selection of suitable options.

How do I pay for a superyacht tender charter?

Once you decide to hire a superyacht tender, we will do our best to provisionally hold that boat for you. However, please note that the tender is not confirmed ‘booked’ until initial payment has been received. Payment can be made via bank transfer or by credit card (please note that credit card payments may incur a charge of 2%). All payments must be made in advance.

Other Questions?

If you have questions regarding a super yacht tender or RIB charter please do not hesitate to contact 212 Yachts using the form below. We will be delighted to assist you.

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