Why do a motor boat rental?

Motor boat rental is a fantastic way to enjoy the French Riviera. Experience one of the most iconic aspects of Riviera life, while enjoying places on the Cote D’Azur exclusively reached by sea. A motor boat rental will be an experience to treasure for a lifetime, and one that we are excited to share with you and your group.

Where does 212 Yachts have motor boats to rent?

We have motor boats to rent in all popular ports on the French Riviera, as well as in many ports elsewhere on the Mediterranean. Let us know your preferred port/region and we will offer a selection of nearby motor boats to rent.

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How do I select the most suitable motor boat to rent for my group?

The first step to finding the perfect motor boat to rent is making an enquiry with 212 Yachts. Our experienced team is eager to listen to your desires and plans, and offer a fantastic selection of boats accordingly. We will guide you through the exciting process of selecting a motor-boat to rent, ensuring that your best interests are kept at the forefront of the process. From the selection that we propose, the selection is simple – just choose your favorite!

What are the times of a motor boat rental? Is there any flexibility?

Typically, motor boat rental begins at 09:00 and ends at 18:00. There is some flexibility to these times, so please outline your desires as we will always do our best to accommodate you.


This is my first time renting a motor boat and I am not familiar with the region – who will advise me on where to visit?

With years of experience and a wealth of local knowledge, we are more than happy to share itinerary suggestions, including our favorite spots for watersports, dining and relaxing on this magical coastline. Let us know what you want to get from your motor boat trip, and we will happily suggest an itinerary that will give you a smile as bright as the Mediterranean sun.

Why are a maximum of only 12 people allowed on most motor boat rentals?

International Marine regulation states that once a vessel carries more than 12 passengers, even if it is a private yacht, it is considered to be a passenger ship and therefore has to comply with the SOLAS convention (Safety of Life at Sea) set out by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). This is to promote and encourage passenger safety. Do not fear if there are more than 12 people in your group however! We have a selection of motor boats and yachts available to rent that can cruise with more than 12 guests. When making an enquiry, please specify the number of guests in your group and we will offer an attractive selection of suitable options.

There are children in my group, is this ok?

Absolutely, a motor boat rental is a fantastic experience for people of all ages. If children under the age of 16 are among your group, please specify prior to you charter so that we can ensure suitably sized lifejackets are put on-board.

Can we have lunch on the boat?

Eating lunch at sea on-board a motor boat is a lovely experience. Most of our motor boats are equipped with tables and seating, meaning that you can eat on-board in comfort. Some motorboats are also equipped with refrigerators, microwaves/ovens and counter space for food preparation (please ask before hand to avoid disappointment). If you wish to eat on-board, you must bring food with you– there are a wealth of delicious patisseries, cafés and supermarkets in the region where you can pick up divine local ingredients. In some cases, catering can be arranged – this is typically a yacht service however so if you wish for catering, then you may wish to consider a day yacht charter.

What is the difference between a motor boat and a yacht?

Motor-boats are vessels with diesel engines that are below 20 metres in length. Typically, motor-boats can be hired with a skipper (normally at an extra fee of €250), however he will not live aboard the vessel and will work alone. Charter yachts measure over 20 metres in length, and typically come with at least 2 crew members: a captain and a steward/stewardess. The crew on-board a yacht are typically permanent and included in the price (unless otherwise stated). The level of service on-board yachts is superior to that of motor-boats, and this is reflected in the price. See yachts for charter

What is a skipper?

A skipper is a qualified driver who will captain your motor boat. He/she will be your driver and guide to the region. Their goal is to ensure firstly your safety onboard the motor boat, and secondly to ensure you have an incredible experience. A skipper is mandatory unless you have the necessary qualifications and experience to drive a motor boat in your country of rental.

Who will my skipper be when I book the boat?

Your skipper will be a professional, friendly and experienced driver. Skippers are carefully selected and are a fantastic addition to a motor boat rental due to their expertise and personalities.

What are the benefits of a motor boat hired with a skipper?

Skippers allow you and your group to relax. Your skipper will take responsibility for your safety, applying experience and knowledge to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe time on the water. Skippers will also be able to advise on itineraries, often rich in local knowledge on the best swimming spots, sheltered anchorages, sea-side restaurants .etc. Skippers are also often friendly, personable people who will quickly bond with your group – we have lost count of the amount of times skippers’ names are the first thing mentioned when clients review the motor boat rental experience!

What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is a motor boat rental without a skipper. Depending on the locations of your bareboat charter you will need to show evidence of some type of certification and/or previous boating experience. You will need a day skipper license in Spain. In France, an official boat drivers licence for coastal waters is required. Any evidence by way of documentation of previous charters will be helpful. Do not leave it to chance however. 212 Yachts will review all of your documentation and qualifications prior to the motor boat rental to make sure you can get the boat! A bare boat charter will incur a security deposit to be paid in advance.

If you do not qualify for bare boat charter, a skippered motor boat rental is still a fantastic experience. 212 Yachts will organise a professional, friendly and experienced skipper for you.

Can I rent a motor boat for a half day?

For a number of logistical reasons, half day motor boats rentals are often charged at full day rates. Thus they are not advised for economical reasons. If you are willing to pay day rates but do not intend to stay on the water from 09:00 to 18:00, then this is absolutely fine. If you are interested in a half day motor boat rental, then please let us know and we will do our best to secure a discount for you.

How do I pay for a motor boat rental?

Once you decide to book a motor boat rental we will do our best to provisionally hold that boat for you, however it is not confirmed ‘booked’ until agreements are signed and an initial payment is received. The two most common ways of paying for your motor boat rental are by bank transfer or credit card. Before you make a payment, we will give you a full invoice that shows the payments due in the currency of your charter.

Note: If you pay by credit card, there may be a surcharge of 2%.

Where will I board my motor boat rental?

Our motor boats can be delivered to any port of preference, sometimes at a cost to the client. We will always do our best to propose motor boats that are located in or very close to your chosen port, or clearly outline delivery fees if applicable. Once the port has been selected, we will clearly outline your point of pick up when confirming your booking. We will also connect you with your skipper in advance of your motor boat rental, so that any last minute changes can be easily accommodated for.

What should I bring with me on my motor boat rental?

This depends on your plans, however we always recommend the following: sun-cream, sun-hat, sun-glasses, water, food (snacks/lunch depending on your plans), soft drinks/alcoholic beverages of choice, layers (it can get cold at sea), camera, wallet with credit card (if paying by card) and cash.

Why do I need to bring money with me?

You may need cash for a number of things on your motor boat rental, for example if you wish to tip your skipper, pay for extra fuel/expenses that you had not paid for in advance, or pull into a port where berthing fees are applicable.

Do I have to tip the skipper or crew and if so what is the normal amount?

If your skipper has been very helpful, professional etc during your motor boat rental and you therefore would like to give a tip, then it is customary to pay 5% to 15% of the total charter amount. If there are several crew members, present the tip to the captain who will share it out to the crew for you.

Are 212 Yachts an agency or direct manager of motor boats?

212 Yachts acts as both – a direct charter manager for a select number of high quality, luxury motor boats, and an agent for other motor boats.

Why book a motor boat rental with an agency like 212 Yachts?

We offer a range of boats from a number of partners, ensuring that boats offered suit your needs, not that of any particular company. Your best interests are protected, as we act on your behalf rather than that of a boat owner/operator.

Can I get a motor boat rental cheaper if I go directly to the boat owner myself?

In the case of our direct boats, you will not find these boats cheaper elsewhere as they are under our direct management. In the case of boats for whom we act as an agency, the boat operator pays us a commission out of the charter fee for finding the customer, answering their questions, taking care of the paperwork and payments. Our prices are the same as the prices the boat operator offers to the general public. Normally a boat operator will not reduce these prices for individuals. As a result the price that we propose to you is normally the best price you will receive.

Your prices are quoted as €x + fuel/expenses. What does this mean?

212 Yachts tries to ensure that you are aware of all costs before paying for a boat. However, costs can change depending on your itinerary and requests. For motor boat rental the main additional cost to the charter fee will be fuel. The cost of fuel depends greatly on engine size and your itinerary. Weather can also effect fuel consumption, making it very difficult to estimate costs. Other costs to consider are berthing fees (normally not applicable unless stated), and skipper fees.

What happens if the weather is too bad to go to sea?

If it is deemed too unsafe for your motor boat to go to sea due to adverse weather conditions, then your motor boat rental will be rescheduled, or if this is not possible then you will be refunded in full.

*Please not that this is not always the case with yacht charters and/or when a MYBA contract has been used.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions regarding motor boat rental please do not hesitate to contact 212 Yachts and we will do our best to answer your questions and find you the ideal motor boat.

Get in touch, we will contact you as fast as possible