An Amalfi Coast yacht charter is not complete unless you try the best traditional foods of the region! This blog will give you a little history behind some ingredients which you will see in the majority of your food. Secondly, there are recommendations to some of the best restaurants in the area.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter – Why?

The Amalfi coast has earned its status as a World Heritage Site. This is no surprise, considering its turquoise waters and a backdrop of magnificent mountains on its stunning coast. Arguably, yachting is the only way to get a true feel of the real beauty of the Amalfi coast. It is certainly the most convenient!

The Food

Italian food encompasses millenniums of tradition and art. Moreover, it also tells the story of the hardships experienced by its communities. It is for this reason that Italians consider what is laid at their dinner table. The Amalfi coast is no exception! Their cuisine is influenced by their surroundings – the long coast, immense mountains and Mediterranean sun are all key factors in what the food this beautiful region has to offer.

Lemons, a fruit the colour of the sun, is what the Amalfi coast is best known for. It is a key ingredient and appears in both sweet and savoury local dishes. Although lemons are present since ancient roman times, its abundant cultivation began in 500-1500 A.D. The high levels of Vitamin C were used to treat Scurvy, a popular illness at the time.

We appreciate the sour taste is not for everyone! On the Amalfi coast, you can find all kinds of seafood, including lobster, sea urchins and octopus.

Additionally, the choice of dairy is also vast. The majority comes from the Lattari mountains, which were named by the Romans after they saw the large number of wild cows and goats which lived there. ‘Lattari’ comes from the noun ‘latte’ meaning milk! The animals thrive here because it is their natural habitat. This guarantees its produce, for example mozzarella and ricotta, is of highest quality.

Italian food encompasses millenniums of tradition & art and it also tells the story of the hardships experienced by communities

Our favourite locations and restaurants

Positano yacht charter

Positano is so beautiful, we suggest taking the time to view the colourful buildings and streets through sea AND land. Take a break from the water in a vintage, Italian car to travel round the town and close by villages. Watch the sunset from many breath-taking spots.

If you’re an adventurous bunch, hike along the ‘Path of Gods’. A trail along the coastline which lasts around 6 hours but offers you unique views.

Whatever activity you may enjoy, your dinner should be the highlight in a place like Positano. Consequently, these are a few restaurants we recommend.

La Tagliata. At this unique, family run restaurant there is no menu – you can eat up to 19 courses given to you for a fixed price. The majority of the fruit and vegetables served are picked fresh from their garden. Much of the meat comes from their farm.

Ristorante Rada. A local fine dining experience. This restaurant promises the best ‘dinner with a view’ in Positano bay and a meal to remember. Michelin Starred.

Ristorante La Sponda. A combination of champagne, oysters, cocktails, carpaccio and classic pasta dishes. A Michelin starred restaurant with a layout of over 400 candles, a resident dj and a swimming pool with a view. This is the perfect high-end romantic spot.

Ask your stews to make a Lemon Spritz – a local speciality which will make the whole experience even more magical!

Amalfi coast yacht charter

Amalfi town is truly a place for you to sit back and relax on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter! Enjoy the beautiful yacht you have chartered and let your crew take care of you. Relish the sun landing on the colourful buildings, giving you a spectacular light on golden hour. Ask your stews to make a Lemon Spritz – a local speciality which is sure to make the whole experience even more magical!

After this harmonious combination of sun and flavour, head to the town for a quick walk along Ruga Nora Mercatorum. Here, pick out some small souvenirs to take back home! Our favourite restaurants in Amalfi are:

Torre Normanna. This restaurant’s magic lies in its location. It is surrounded by the sea on three different sides meaning you will always have the best view. Furthermore, its base is in a historic 13th century Norman watchtower, meaning you will dine like a true noble. Torre Normanna boasts an impressive, Michelin starred menu.

Da Gemma. This restaurant dates back to 1872. Its cosy, family ambiance and traditional Italian menu gives you a true taste of Italy!

Café Pansa. situated in the central Piazza Duomo, this family has over five generations of pastry chefs. The specialities here include the scrumptious Amalfi biscuits and Zeppole di San Giuseppe. The interior is mesmerizing, filled with antique mirrors and woodwork.

Grotta dello Smeraldo - a secluded cave with transparent waters and beautiful sea life which often make an appearance.

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a must on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter. Speak with your crew so they can arrange a visit to the mesmerising Grotta dello Smeraldo for you. This is an unmissable stop on your trip.

La Tonarella. This restaurant is most easily accessible by boat, La Tonarella is surrounded by the houses of the local fishermen and offers a menu mostly consisting of the freshest seafood. A more casual option.

Ravello yacht charter

Last on our land itinerary is Ravello. We know the Tyrrhenian sea water is the showstopper of your trip. We have put together a couple of relaxing activities best for the late afternoon, just before dinner. Firstly, take a walk around Villa Rufolo. A historic building which has been standing tall since the 13th Century.

After a leisurely walk, head over to a rooftop bar to savour a couple of cocktails or local wines. Watch the sunset from there for a romantic start to your evening.

Belmond Hotel Caruso. A stunning, high up view, an infinity pool and a top-class service. There is also the opportunity for a candlelit dinner floating on the infinity pool.

Il flauto di Pan. A Michelin starred restaurant which focuses on traditional, Italian flavours presented in a modern dish. This restaurant is reachable only by foot, but we believe it all to be part of the experience!

Babel wine art deli and bar. If you are looking for a lighter dinner, with focus on good wine and stunning art, this is the place to go! A much more relaxed choice than the Michelin starred restaurant above, this wine bar offers you a different dining experience while maintaining a high quality of food and a focus on local produce.

As you wander through the immaculately kept gardens, notice the strong eastern influence on its aesthetic.

By chartering a boat or yacht you can tailor your own itinerary and ensure that you maximise your experience. Most importantly, gain access to exclusive destinations because of your Captain’s knowledge of the area. Make the most of your trip and book with 212 Yachts!

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