What to Pack When Going on a Yacht Charter

It’s almost a stereotype at this stage to say that men leave packing until the last minute. And we take great offense to this blasphemous statement. But if we’re being honest with ourselves, we 100% do. Today I will give you a guide to yacht charter packing for men.

There’s nothing quite like that testosterone rush you get as you throw some items into a bag. Convincing yourself that you’re prepared for every eventuality with that one spare change of clothes (underpants not included) and the toothbrush that you took great pleasure out of patting yourself on the back for remembering.

After many years of holidaying being short changed when you open the wardrobe and the haunting memories of admitting to your partner that they might have been right when they suggested planning and packing a week in advance, I have devised a fool proof guide for my fellow men to ensure you can thoroughly enjoy your once in a lifetime luxury yachting experience!

As a man who truly appreciates the advent of bullet points and their simplicity, I have decided to outline the essentials in a clear cut fashion so you can wrap this whole packing fiasco up in an hour or so and get back to more pressing man work!!

Making sure you are all set to go, even if you pack at the last minute!

Clothes make the man

  • The key point with clothes for a Yacht charter is to be mindful of your itinerary. I would strongly recommend revising your itinerary as you pack, based on each activity planned for the day you could need multiple changes of clothes.
  • I would recommend a daily pair of swimming togs to wear. Ideal for soaking in the sunshine or enjoying the numerous water sports activities for the duration of your cruise.
  • You will then need comfortable clothing (shorts and t-shirts) for lounging on the yacht. Or exploring the mainland during the days.
  • In the evenings you will need slightly more formal clothes for fine dining with friends and family, be it in a local restaurant on the mainland or experiencing meticulously prepared meals by your very own chef.
  • In terms of footwear, I would recommend having two pairs of both comfortable all terrain shoes and formal shoes, alongside an ‘in-between’ pair.
  • You do not need to cram the suitcase with socks and jocks or multiple sweaters. Keep in mind there are washing facilities on board!
  • The most essential tip when packing is to ensure you will be comfortable and happy. This is a once in a lifetime luxury experience where you will be exposed to levels of relaxation you never deemed possible.

Checklist for packing

  • Documents: Passport, Visas, Travel Insurance documentation, Driving license.
  • A waterproof is always a good idea to have handy for valuables when taxiing from the yacht to the mainland.
  • Sun protection: Sunglasses and sun cream are your best friends onboard, pack plenty and apply often, you won’t regret it.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Entertainment: Phone (and charger), Kindle, that new book that you’ve never got around to reading.

We hope this yacht charter packing for men checklist helps any man out there who is now frantically trying to figure out what to pack, hours before heading to the airport. Remember this is a time to make wonderful memories with friends and family. If you do forget something it’s not the end of the world (just don’t admit it!).

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Lewis is the Fleet Manager at 212 Yachts. He is originally from the UK. He previously worked on superyachts and traveled the world extensively by yacht. He has excellent knowledge of super yacht destinations, on and off the beaten track and what can be achieved on a yacht charter. His knowledge of boats and the maintenance required, ensures he applies the highest standards to the boat charter fleet he manages on the French Riviera. This means that you’ll always have a great day out with 212 Yachts. Lewis has previously lived in Cape Town and now lives in the South of France with his Wife and dog Leo. He loves organising smooth charters and nothing brings 'me more joy than seeing the smiles on clients faces after an amazing experience on the water'. His core value that aligns perfectly with the company is to always make that extra degree of difference, "this is how we make sure you’ll be beaming from ear to ear when you’ve experienced a 212 Charter! I hope that we can welcome you on board soon and provide you with an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for any assistance for your next charter, or you’re overwhelmed looking into your first charter, no matter how big or small, please ask for me when you get in touch."

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