Aside from the famous pasta and pizza that are both undeniably sumptuous to the palate, Italy also takes pride in their coastal properties. It is considered to be one of the best grounds to set sail in the Mediterranean Sea. Bathe in luxury as you indulge yourself in the local culture, food, and tradition during your once in a lifetime Yacht Charter in Italy. There are about twenty regions that are lush with their own treasures to offer during your visit. The diverse, yet harmonious vibe in this serene place makes your yacht charter experience more worthwhile among other activities.

The Best Time to Charter a Yacht in Italy

Despite the lesser number of manmade harbors around, Italy still welcomes hobbyist sailors and professional ones to its deep blue sea. When coming over around summer time, expect the marina to be filled with other yachts, whether private or chartered. During this time, the amount of wind is lower but it mostly differs depending on the area. Join other yachtsmen as you embrace the romantic ambiance of Italy while relaxing on your Yacht charter in Italy.

The Best Places to Visit

Amalfi Coast

Chartering a private yacht when visiting Amalfi Coast during the peak season will provide you with peace and privacy for your holiday.

Visiting this region is mostly advised from April to June to get the perfect view of the blooming flowers of spring. The environment is mostly sunny during this period and is perfect for sun lounging. On the other hand, if you rather avoid crowded tourists, do visit any months other than July and August. But, you might want to reconsider if you want to attend the festivities and festivals. You would still find your solitude by the sea in your chartered yachts, anyway.

Italian Riviera

Enjoy the marvellous view that the Italian Riviera offers as you cruise around its coast aboard your private chartered yacht.

The Italian Riviera is a crescent stretch of the coastline of North-western Italy that is made up of glorious beaches, impressive structures, and other marvelous sights to see. When chartering a yacht, you can dock on one of its many ports. Sail from the French-Italian border to San Remo before setting your course to Portofino. Embrace the view of waterfront towns you pass by along the way. Additionally, tourist loves to visit often in the summer but other seasons are equally as beautiful. There is so much to explore during your Italian Yacht Charter.


With multiple harbours and wonderful beaches, visiting Sardinia on a private chartered yacht will help you appreciate its beauty more.

This renowned island is considered one of the best sailing spots all over the globe. It has multiple harbors all around the coast that welcome all sorts of sailors. On the east side of the island is where the luxury is. Many famous personalities flock here over the summer thus limiting other yachts, private or chartered, from docking in the harbor. If you want to visit the beaches on the northeast side, it is ideal to sail there on other seasons and not summer. Meanwhile, you can also set your course to the more casual side on the west side of the island. Just keep an eye out for the mistral.

How to Select the Perfect Yacht for your Yacht Charter Italy

Your options of itinerary and yacht to charter in Italy are abundant. Finding the best and most enjoyable for you can be puzzling. But, 212 Yachts is right by your side to help you decide. We have a team of expert brokers that will list down all your wants and needs and provide you with the most fitting itinerary. Our connections reach all regions. We will make sure that you get to make the most of your Italian sailing experience.

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