A dream for beach lovers, booking a Corsica yacht charter will open your luxury journey to an island of history, architecture, coves of golden sandy beaches, traditional villages and rugged mountain terrain. The perfect island to explore by yacht and discover the diversity this beautiful island has to offer.

Must Sees on your Corsica Yacht Charter

Located southeast of France, north of Sardinia and west of Italy, it is entirely different from the chic luxury of the French Riviera or the popular Italian yachting hotspots and offers pleasant cruising grounds for sailboats or motor yachts in the Mediterranean.Here are our 7 Reasons why you should book a Corsica yacht charter:

Beautiful Bonifacio

Located on a limestone cliff, Bonifacio has a wonderful medieval ambience and is a simply stunning place to arrive at by private yacht.  Steps lead from the harbour to the fortified Old Town with imposing citadel and cobblestoned streets to explore when ashore.

Visit some of Bonifacio’s highlights such as Bastion de l’Etendard, the historically-listed Église Sainte-Marie-Majeure which is the oldest building in Bonifacio and traditional Corsican butcher and cheese shops.

Bonifacio is an unmissable highlight of chartering a yacht in Corsica – the pleasure port is surrounded by bars and restaurants so it’s a great spot for a portside drink or coffee watching the yachts come and go!

From the sea, there are several caves at sea level that can only be seen by boat such as the Grotte de S’Dragulinu (the cave of the little dragon) or spend a day at the Lavezzi Islands, a designated marine reserve just off the coast from Bonifacio.

Bonifacio is also a popular harbour town to combine a yacht charter to Sardinia.

Bonifacio, located on a clifftop, is an unmissable highlight of a Corsica yacht charter

The natural beauty of Scandola Nature Reserve

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Scandola Nature Reserve also known as the Réserve Naturelle de Scandola, is simultaneously a marine and land-based reserve.

Located in the Gulf of Porto, the area is a must-see during a Corsica yacht charter with crystal clear water, red rock cliffs and biodiversity of flora and fauna.  It is famous for birdwatching, including Ospreys, bald eagles and Peregrine falcons.

Picturesque bays accessible only via boat provide some of the best snorkelling and diving zones on Corsica, where you may be lucky to encounter marine wildlife including dolphins.

Historical highlights of Ajaccio

Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio, is famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and offers a historical glimpse into the island’s famous figure.

Don’t miss visiting the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Fesch that was established following the gift of the palace by its owner, Cardinal Joseph Fesch, uncle of Napoleon I. Today, it houses a Napoleonic collection and fine artworks from Italian masters. The city celebrates Napoleon’s birthday annually on 15th August with festivities; the rest of the year you can see relics from his early years at Maison Bonaparte, his childhood home.

While at sea, cruise by the four islets of red granite that make up the Sanguinaires Islands located close to Ajaccio and accessible only by boat.  Here, you’ll likely encounter seabirds and dolphins.

Corsica's capital, Ajaccio, is steeped in Napoleonic history and close to great spots such as the Sanguinaires Islands

Prehistoric Filitosa

Corsica has an astounding array of megalithic remnants to discover ashore. If prehistory or archaeology interests you, Corsica will make you realise it was a focal point of Mediterranean civilization.

Located inland halfway between Ajaccio and Propriano, Filitosa is one of the Mediterranean’s important megalithic sites. With menhirs and statues dating from the end of the Neolithic era and the beginning of the Bronze Age, until around the Roman times in Corsica.

The carved menhirs display human features accompanied by accessories. Including shields and armor and certainly give a unique shore excursion for anyone visiting Corsica by luxury yacht.

Cultural hotspots in Calvi

Calvi lies on the north-western coast of Corsica, 100 kms from Bastia and 35 kms from L’Île-Rousse. It offers an excellent anchorage and a harbour area with lots of bars and cafés lining Quai Landry

The north of Corsica is less crowdy than the southern areas, but Calvi is spectacular to visit on yacht charter. With the beauty of the 13th-century citadel on a headland between the Gulf of Calvi and the Gulf of Revellata. Furthermore it has numerous Baroque churches and the former Palace of the Genoese governors of Calvi.  Surprisingly, even though you can see the ancient citadel from almost every spot in Calvi, finding the entrance is a small challenge. So head to the southern side of the remparts, away from the harbour and close to a large car park. Nearby, a fantastic trip ashore is to hike the path on the Revellata Peninsula that leads to the lighthouse at the end.

One of the best things about visiting Calvi by private boat is that there are long stretches of golden beaches. Ideal for swimming, windsurfing or kayaking. Calvi is a great yacht charter destination for families as the water at the sandy beaches is clear and shallow.  Book a yacht charter in Calvi and you can explore the entire coast of Northern Corsica!

Calvi offers an excellent anchorage as well as stunning scenery such as the old citadel and long sandy beaches

Calanques de Piana

The Calanques of Piana are located between Calvi and Ajaccio and start just outside of the town of Porto. The best way to see the calanques is from the sea! These dramatic red granite rock formations rise and fall along the coast. They are truly spectacular as the sun sets.

A wonderful reason to rent a boat in Corsica, you can admire the vibrant colours of the rock formations as you sip a cool drink on board your private yacht.

The Calanques of Piana are best seen from the sea! A wonderful reason to rent a boat in Corsica as the sun sets over the red rock formations

Vibrant Porto Vecchio

Often referred to as the Saint Tropez of Corsica, stylish Porto Vecchio is a busy port on the south-east coast. Just 25kms north-east of Bonifacio.

Set between the sea and mountains, Porto Vecchio is a super place to rent a boat. As there are plenty of things to do for all interests.  Porto Vecchio has great shopping (including summer night markets), good nightlife and some wonderful beaches. Such as Santa Guilia, Tamaricciu/Palombaggia and Rondinara. It is a gateway for places of scenic beauty such as the waterfalls, pine forests and lakes in the Ospedale area, just half an hour from Porto Vecchio.

If you charter a sailboat or motorboat in Corsica, then Porto Vecchio should be included in your charter itinerary. As it has a marvellous fusion of culture, heritage and natural beauty.

Stylish Porto Vecchio is a popular yacht charter destination with good nightlife and great beaches such as Santa Guilia (image: © OMT de Porto-Vecchio)

When to go to Corsica on yacht charter

Average summer temperatures normally reach around 25°C rising to as high as 35°C in July and August. With sea temperatures reaching their peak by mid-July. July and August are the hottest months, with higher prices and more crowds at beaches.

A more relaxed time to charter a yacht in Corsica is during the shoulder seasons. April to May and September to October. Corsica offers many marinas and safe moorings whether you seek a day charter or fully crewed two-week yacht holiday.

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