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Set just 25km away from Sicily and several international airports, the UNESCO protected Aeolian Islands are fast becoming a must-see yacht charter destination. Whether it be the crystal-clear oceans, the array of active Volcanoes or the gourmet beachside restaurants. These seven islands promise a delightful experience for everyone. From the island’s main base at Lipari, to the exclusive Panarea and the almost untouched Alicudi and Filicudi, an Aeolian Islands yacht charter will give you exclusive access to the best spots of this Italian paradise.

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Where to Visit on your Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter


As the archipelago’s largest and most accessible island, Lipari is an excellent start to your Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary. Unlike the rest of the islands Lipari boasts a bustling town which is essentially the archipelago’s capital city. Upon arrival at one of the two harbours you will encounter a busy market square. And you an excellent choice of cafes and restaurants overlooking the turquoise sea. For the freshest of fish be sure to climb to Piazza Municipio at the top of the town for lunch. Or have your dinner at the excellent Filippino (+39 (0) 39 090 981 1002). For an even more peaceful setting away from other holidaymakers, cruise along the coast. Take in the stunning scenery and beaches that line the coast. Including the naturally multi-coloured coast path, stretching from Terme di San Calogero to Bagnasacco.

As the archipelago’s largest and most accessible island, Lipari is an excellent start to your Aeolian Islands yacht charter itinerary.


While the Aeolian are largely defined by their volcanic landscape, Salina’s green setting and vibrant woodlands offer a beautiful contrast. Famed for its appearance in the 1994 blockbuster ‘Il Postino’ the island’s picturesque beaches and prominent twin volcanoes are well worth a visit. The main port at Santa Marina Salina is calm and lined with boutiques and restaurants. If you’re feeling adventurous, then climbing to the summit of the island’s larger volcano Monte Fossa delle Felci is a must. Whilst trekking through the forest, you will see an exquisite array of wildflowers. That’s before experiencing the refreshing cool breeze of the summit with fantastic views over the archipelago. In the evening take anchor in the bay of Pollara to experience an iconic sunset. Together with a meal created to your exact desires, and a refreshing glass of Italian wine.


Climbing Stromboli’s active volcano used to be one of the Aeolian’s highlights. However, after a mini-eruption in 2007 the summit has been heavily regulated and is often closed off. The surrounding area is well worth a visit though. And by chartering a yacht you will have access to the most remote spots. The tiny hamlet of Ginostra is only accessible by boat and contains one of the best restaurants in the archipelago (L’Incontro, +39 090 981 2305). This is the perfect spot to take anchor and watch the spectacular sight of molten magma spurting out of the volcano against the night sky.

Stromboli is the perfect spot to take anchor and watch the spectacular sight of molten magma spurting out of the volcano against the night sky.


Arguably the most beautiful island on your Aeolian Yacht charter itinerary, Panarea is an exclusive paradise attracting jet-setters from across the globe. Much of the action centers around the buzzing nightclub at Hotel Raya. But stray a little further and you will discover some truly magnificent coves and beaches. The Bronze Age huts above the bay of Cala Junca are a must-see. And a trip to the outer islets is thoroughly recommended. Sail to Basiluzzo and you will see the ruins of a Roman Port and Villa. Alongside a glorious sandy beach, the perfect spot to drop anchor and appreciate the scenery from your yacht.


Another spot with an active volcano, Vulcano is famous for its mud baths. Which are very good for the skin and any rheumatic pains. The volcano itself makes for excellent viewing. But be sure to bring your nose clips as a strong smell of sulphur encompasses the island and much of the surrounding area!

Vulcano is renowned for its mud baths which are considered to be very good for the skin and any rheumatic pains.

Filicudi & Alicudi

If you’re looking to get away from it all then Filicudi and Alicudi are the places for you. Both are home to only a smattering of residents and offer the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery as virtually the only visitors. The large number of ancient shipwrecks surrounding Filicudi make it an ideal diving spot. Make sure to find the hidden sea grotto!

When to charter a yacht from the Aeolian Islands

As with the majority of Mediterranean destinations, July and August bring the best weather and the biggest crowds. This is considered ‘high-season’. If you are keen to climb the volcanoes, we recommend to do your Aeolian Islands Yacht charter in either June or September to avoid the soaring temperatures. May and October are also pleasant, with the Summer weather persisting and prices across the islands dropping significantly. Charter fees also tend to be lower outside of July and August.

The Aeolian Islands can be enjoyed as part of Sicily yacht charter and Amalfi Coast yacht charter itineraries, or on longer charters from Sardinia or other Mediterranean yachting destinations.

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