A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Amalfi coast is an artistically and historically rich cultural hub. Its location is along the south-eastern coast, very close to Naples. Charter a boat in the Tyrrhenian sea and enjoy classical Italian scenery. Seaside vineyards, colourful towns such as Ravello and Positano and immerse yourself in the diverse culture found in this region. This will be a truly unique and memorable Amalfi coast yacht charter experience.

The Landscape and Architecture seen from an Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter 

The Amalfi coast is located at the foot of the Lattari mountains. This unique location creates a landscape of beaches, coves, as well as cultivated terraces, vineyards and citrus & olive groves. These opposing natures meet to form unforgettable earthly salty scents which are not easily forgotten by any Amalfitano guest. This exclusive immersion in nature by sea is only for the privileged. It allows you to explore and understand the history and inspiration behind the food that is served in this Italian region, which has its roots in the exact locations you will visit.

Weaving through groves and terraces are cliff top villages, built in pastel shades of pink, orange and blue. Sunset walks through stone sidewalks in company of naturally growing purple flowers will be a highlight. They are colourful and romantic. These towns also offer traditional forms of art to admire. Vietri sul Mare, famous worldwide for its ceramics, is an example.

Make this coastline yours by dining in high end restaurants such as Restaurant Zass, Quattro Passi or La Terraza di Lucullo. Alternatively, stay onboard your Amalfi coast yacht charter sipping your alfresco local wine or a small glass of Limoncello. A lemon-based liquor which happens to be a speciality of the region.

Yachting is by far the best way to explore this diverse coastline. Spend time in the towns and in secluded, blue water bays.

Experience Rich Culture On Your Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

The Amalfi coast, much like the rest of Italy, has its origins in many different cultures and civilisations. The Romans, as well as the Ancient Greeks, the Normans, Arab-Sicilians and many more have all left an indelible mark. The Amalfi coast specifically, has an unmistakable oriental influence, stemming from their historical trade links with the East. the Romanesque Cathedral of Amalfi is a beautiful instance of these ancient cultures mixing is. The famous “Cloister of Paradise, concealed within, exhibits immaculately preserved, oriental style white columns and arches. The Medieval cathedral of St Andrews is a perfect example of Norman influence.

Other parts of the Amalfi history such as the Saracen Tower of Cetara are best observed from the water and therefore, from the comfort of your sundeck. While dropping anchor underneath this monument, we suggest taking a moment to read up on its history (It’s really worth a glance). You can ask your Amalfi Coast yacht charter skipper to spend a night here, surrounded by the beauty and history that surrounds you.


Famous Figures

Many famous minds of the not so distant past happened to call the Amalfi coast home. Such as authors Virginia Woolf and Tennessee Williams, economist John Maynard Keynes and artist Joan Miro. The majority were based in Ravello, now commonly called a playground for the rich, a village with a quiet elegance.

John Steinbeck wrote this about Positano: “It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” Sophia Loren has worked on over four movies in the area, including “Scandal in Sorrento”. The Rolling Stones’ famous song Midnight Rambler was written by Richards and Jagger in the cafes and bars of Positano. In 2020, Harry Styles used the coastline as the location for the music video of his single “Golden”. The celebs and intellects cannot seem to stay away. We are sure you’ll fall in love with it too!

Sophia Loren walking in an Amalfitano town while shooting Scandal in Sorrento.

Activities for you

This itinerary will be planned to accommodate your every wish and need. You will spend nights in small, characteristic ports and head out to dinner in lavish restaurants. Other nights, drop anchor in a scenic bay and enjoy a moonlit dinner on the main deck. There are vineyard tours available, dolphin and whale spotting activities and if you are an active cohort, we suggest cycling along the coast between villages. Your yacht and crew will also have activities planned onboard for you which may include, depending on your yacht, playing with water toys, massages and more.

If this experience sounds like your dream holiday, let one of our experienced brokers turn it into a reality.


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