Bahamas Yacht Charter for the Perfect Holiday

The Bahamas, a group of islands lay dotted across over 100,000 square miles of the western Atlantic Ocean. The islands which form the Bahamas are for the most part flat and low. There are more than 700 islands to visit, with stunning, uninhabited bays and miles of white sandy beaches making the Bahamas a top location for exploring from a yacht. The Bahamas, a coral-based archipelago is encircled by the most vivid and clear turquoise blue waters on the planet!  Of the 700 islands and 2,000 islets, called cays (keys), making up the Bahamas archipelago, only about 30 are inhabited. The calm waters and cooling winds, combined with the sheer beauty of the region have made the Bahamas an acclaimed yacht and sailing boat holiday destination. The perfect spot to go on a Bahamas yacht charter!

Travelling to the Bahamas

The most suitable time to charter a yacht in the Bahamas is from Mid December to Mid May. That said; the mild climate and warm waters make the Bahamas a good destination for yacht charters all year round.

The Locals and Language in the Bahamas: the official language on the islands is English. However, the English language changed over the years by a vivid mix of cultures, resulting in a distinctly Bahamas accent. In fact, to an outsider it can be nearly impossible to understand, especially when spoken quickly. Many consider the Bahamian accent to be like that of West Indian, while others say it has a sound unique to the Bahamas. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to ask a local to repeat if you did not understand. The locals in the Bahamas are famed for their friendliness and big smiles.

Travel Documents for the Bahamas: you will need a passport and a return or onward-bound ticket to enter the Bahamas

Popular yacht charter destinations in the Bahamas:

1. Nassau and Paradise Island

Nassau, the vibrant capital of the Bahamas, is often the first introduction to a Bahamas yacht charter. Rich with history, Nassau seamlessly merges its British colonial heritage with a pulsating Caribbean vibe. Wander through the streets lined with pastel-colored colonial buildings, enjoy Bahamian cuisine in gourmet restaurants, and shop for crafts in bustling markets. Just a bridge away is Paradise Island, a luxurious enclave that boasts world-class resorts, notably the Atlantis — a sprawling ocean-themed resort that offers everything from water parks to gourmet dining. These islands are the perfect first-stop on your yacht charter holiday. Let your Captain guide the way, sit back and relax knowing that you are experiencing the very best the bahamas have to offer.

2. Exuma Cays

The Exuma Cays, often dubbed the crown jewels of the Bahamas, are a string of islands renowned for their strikingly clear blue waters. While on a Bahamas yacht charter, anchor by the uninhabited islands and take a dip with the famed swimming pigs at Pig Beach. For underwater adventurers, Thunderball Grotto offers an extraordinary snorkeling experience, with its sunbeam-lit underwater caverns teeming with colorful marine life.

The famous Pig Beach in the Exumas

An amazing experience off your yacht charter

3. Bimini

Just a brief sail from Miami, Bimini serves as the Bahamas’ westernmost district. Historically, it attracted luminaries like Ernest Hemingway with its profound beauty and abundant marlin. Today, Bimini is revered as the ‘Big Game Fishing Capital of The Bahamas’. Apart from fishing, it entices divers with its mysterious underwater sites like the Bimini Road, believed by some to be remnants of the Lost City of Atlantis.

4. Harbour Island

Anchoring at Harbour Island is akin to stepping into a postcard. Famed for its pink sand beaches, a result of crushed coral and shells, it’s a favorite for many yacht enthusiasts. Dunmore Town, the island’s main settlement, exudes a charming colonial ambiance with its narrow streets, picket-fenced homes, and a welcoming local community. From organising bahamas yacht charters for many years, the whole team at 212 Yachts always recommend a stop at Harbour Island, a secret jewel of the bahamas.

Bahamas Yacht Charter to Harbour Island

The picturesque pink-sand beaches await

5. Abaco Islands

The Abaco Islands beckon holiday-makers and yacht lovers with their spellbinding blend of calm anchorages, historic lighthouses, and vibrant marine life. Key destinations like Hope Town offer a glimpse into the island’s history, while the surrounding Sea of Abaco, with its calm turquoise waters, is perfect for leisurely chartering and watersports.

6. Andros

As the archipelago’s largest island, Andros holds numerous secrets waiting to be uncovered on a Bahamas yacht charter. From its dense mangrove forests to its labyrinth of blue holes, Andros offers a unique blend of natural attractions. Divers often revere Andros for its third-largest barrier reef in the world, teeming with diverse marine life. Such a tropical and vibrant island is what one would dream of when it comes to chartering a yacht in the Bahamas, and Andros provides all of that and more.

Coral Reef Scuba Diving

Seeing is believing in the Bahamas. Not only are there magnificent view over the water, but also under. Visit the lesser known coral reefs on your charter today.

7. Long Island

A destination of contrasts, Long Island stretches over 80 miles and provides yacht goers with a mix of rugged cliffs on the eastern shore and calm, tranquil beaches on the west. It’s also home to Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s second-deepest underwater sinkhole, making it a magnet for freedivers.

8. Cat Island

Peaceful and relatively undeveloped, Cat Island invites those on a Bahamas yacht charter to experience the Bahamas’ more tranquil side. With its rolling hills, historical ruins, and local Rake ‘n’ Scrape music, it offers a serene escape from the more touristic spots. When it comes to relaxing on your yacht, sometimes getting away from the usual touristic hotspots is what is needed. A yacht charter allows you this freedom- you decide where you want to go and when, with your Captain’s professional knowledge of the area of course!

Cat Island Bahamas Yacht Charter

Discover the less-touristy areas whilst on your charter. Our team of yacht specialists will ensure the right balance for you and your guests.

9. Eleuthera

With its slender silhouette, Eleuthera encapsulates the essence of the Bahamas’ beauty. Known for its fertile land, the island has vast pineapple plantations. But its real marvel is the Glass Window Bridge – a narrow strip where one can see the deep blue Atlantic on one side and the calm turquoise Caribbean waters on the other.

10. San Salvador

San Salvador, with its historical significance as Christopher Columbus’ first landing spot in the New World, holds a special allure. Beyond its history, the island delights divers with its vibrant coral reefs and underwater caves, each offering a glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the region.


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