Make this Year’s Cannes Lions Festival One to Remember with a Yacht Charter.

Cannes Lions Festival (International Festival of Creativity) is the largest annual awards show for those in the creative communications industry. Originally aimed solely at advertisers, it has bloomed into a prestigious event for those in marketing, advertising, branding & much more. The awards set a global benchmark for what good creativity looks like, and the annual Festival connects those with a similar vision. During this Lions week, La Croisette in Cannes is in full swing, with many festival attendees also looking forward to talks by a range of incredibly exciting speakers. The Lions festival has been identifying the best in communications since 1954 and now has 35,000 entries from around the globe, with more than 12,000 delegates attending annually. Whilst some guests stay in luxurious hotelsm such as the world renowned Hotel Martinez, Carlton Hotel Cannes & J W Marriott, others choose to spend their nights sleeping on luxury super yachts.


Cannes yachts are an excellent platform for client lunches, dinners, cocktail parties, seminars, product launches and business meetings

212 Yacht Charter Services for Cannes Lions Festival


Cannes Lions Festival Yacht Charter – Corporate Yacht Charter

Business clients have found that corporate yacht charters in Cannes are a great way of providing a high end, accommodation for their staff. They also act as an ideal venue. Yachts are an excellent platform for client lunches, dinners, cocktail parties, seminars, product launches and business meetings. There are many possibilities for the display of publicity banners & other material on a corporate yacht charter.


Cannes Day Yachts – Entertaining Clients on a Yacht for a Day Trip

Many of our corporate clients charter a yacht from Cannes as an impressive way to steal away prospects and clients, and get their full attention on a private yacht. A day yacht provides a wonderful space to entertain, with lunches being arranged onboard or off board at popular beach restaurant locations. We can recommend and book for you the top restaurants, and also suggest some ‘hidden gems’. 212 Yachts is a seasoned expert in Cannes Lions Festival yacht charters and Cannes events. We know the best and most suitable crewed yachts in Cannes for day charter, to tailor to your needs.


Cannes Events – Tender Boat Taxi Services

In recent years we have provided a range and large number of speed boats and VIP tenders to act as a taxi service back from hotels to Cannes events. On standby to go when and where the client needs, we propose the solution best suited to your needs.

Speed boats and VIP tenders to act as a taxi service...on standby to go when and where the client needs

Warning for Yacht charter Cannes Events

We always advise our clients always book early. The most best ‘deals’ often get booked up many months in advance. Booking a yacht in advance is best advised to avoid disappointment. 212 Yachts is always prepared for last minute yacht bookings, but to guarantee the best bookings we advise advanced bookings We want to find you the best yacht solution, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yachts For Events In Cannes

If you’re coming to a Cannes event why not get in touch? Perhaps you’d like to go for a day time cruise during the afternoon with your team. Or would like to throw a party for some clients on a super yacht at quay in the port of Cannes? 212 Yachts will ensure you receive the best service and product available in Cannes. We offer day charter, longer yacht rentals, yacht event organisation, and bespoke trips on boats. Whether Cannes Lions Festival yacht charter, MIPIM, Film Festival, MIPTV, we know Cannes yachts.

Attending a Cannes Event by private yacht offers guests a unique and exclusive experience of these world famed events! Contact us today to reserve your perfect luxury yacht and front row seats at any one of Cannes exclusive events.

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