Antibes Day Boat Charter

When it comes to any day charter on the Riviera, there is so much choice in terms of sights and destinations. For starters, we suggest considering how much fuel you wish to spend, as the further you go the more this will cost. Another thing to consider is comfort? If this is an important feature, be sure to hire a boat which will be comfortable. The further you travel, the less comfortable your passengers may be. Your skipper will be able to suggest the best day boat charter itinerary and should know all the secrets and hidden gems, so don’t be scared to simply ask your skipper to be your personal Riviera guide when exploring Antibes day boat charter.

An Idyllic Itinerary For You

When departing on your Antibes day boat charter, head east, chartering towards the renowned Cap d’Antibes, celebrated for its exquisite villas and enchanting coves. This stretch offers idyllic locations for activities like swimming, snorkeling, and seaside picnics. As your charter continues, you’ll come across iconic locales such as Juan Les Pins and Golfe Juan before arriving at Cannes, the epitome of cinematic elegance and celebrity glamour. Opposite Cannes lie two magnificent islands, unmistakable landmarks ideal for exploration by yacht.

Cap d'Antibes

Charter a boat by Cap d'Antibes and discover it's illusive beauty

In addition to the above, you may choose to charter by the picturesque vistas of Nice, before anchoring in the stunning Bay of Villefranche, where the charm of the old town captivates from the sea. Continue towards the iconic Cap Ferrat, renowned for its celebrity residences and some of the world’s most lavish estates. Your journey culminates at Eze sur Mer before returning on your Antibes day boat charter. The stretch from Beaulieu sur Mer to Cap D’ail is a visual feast, marked by dramatic landscapes, pristine beaches, and esteemed beachside dining establishments.

Eze sur Mer

Chartering from Antibes can bring you to the infamous Eze sur Mer, home to many of the rich and famous along the Riviera's coastline

In essence, embarking on an Antibes day boat charter is an invitation to the French Riviera’s finest offerings. From panoramic sea views to pristine beaches, the journey is nothing short of captivating. Additionally, the charm of historic towns and exclusive coves further elevates the experience. Opting for an Antibes day boat charter not only ensures relaxation but also serves as a passport to Mediterranean luxury. Undoubtedly, it’s the pinnacle choice for discerning travelers seeking the Riviera’s essence.

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