Embarking on a yacht charter week? It promises to be an unforgettable journey of blue horizons, sun-drenched moments, and starry nights. Preparing for this voyage, however, can be a tad challenging. Here’s your definitive yacht week packing list to ensure you’re ready for every marine moment.

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A List of Items You Need to Pack for Your Yacht Trip

Sailing into azure waters requires foresight. Unsure of what to pack when looking to rent a yacht for a week? Let’s dive into the comprehensive list that promises a smooth charter for all!

The Basics You Will Need to Pack for Your Week Yacht Trip

When preparing for a yacht charter the excitement of organising the luxuries can often make us forget of the vital things to bring onboard when putting together your yacht week packing list. The essentials must be remembered:

  1. Passport and travel documents:

    It is imperative that you and all guests bring their passport with them when boarding a yacht. This is the law, and the charter will not proceed if all guests don’t have their passports. Beyond being identification, they are also your gateway to explore various coastal lands. So don’t forget!

  2. Medications:

    Especially the ones unique to you. While the yacht might have a basic first aid kit, your personal meds are paramount.

  3. Local currency:

    Digital payments might be everywhere, but local markets, quaint seaside eateries, or tipping crew members often require cash. Your experienced yacht charter broker will advise you what is best here prior to charter.

Clothing You Will Need

Dress codes are important when chartering a yacht:

  1. Swimwear:

    Variety is key. Ensure you have enough swimwear with you so you are preparered for every impromptu swim!

  2. Lightweight clothing:

    Natural fabrics, like cotton or linen, allow your skin to breathe and handle the marine environment better. With high temperatures likely, wearing appropriate lightweight clothing will ensure you are comfortable for the duration of your charter.

  3. Sarong or cover-up:

    A versatile piece that can transition from beach attire to a casual evening dress is recommended by many. The perfect yacht look.

  4. Warm clothing:

    The sea can be a fickle friend. A fleece or light jacket can be a savior during those unexpected chilly moments, particularly as the evening draws in.

  5. Footwear:

    Non-marking soled shoes for the deck. Plus, a pair of comfy walking shoes can be a blessing for onshore explorations, and is often forgotten by charterers.

Dress code

Feeling comfortable is paramount- it is important to dress suitably for the occassion

Accessories You Will Need

Elevate your yacht experience with these accessories:

  1. Sunglasses:

    A good quality pair of sunglasses is a must, protecting your eyes from the summer sun and water’s glare.

  2. Wide-brimmed hat:

    It’s not just about style; it’s your first line of defense against sunburn.

  3. Beach bag:

    Choose one with multiple compartments to keep things organized. Also an important accessory when exploring what nearby lands have to offer.

  4. Waterproof watch:

    A blend of style and functionality, you will be grateful for a waterproof watch in the moments you are least expecting!

Toiletries Products

The ocean might be vast, but it’s delicate:

  1. Sunscreen:

    Opt for reef-safe variants. The oceans will be grateful. Also ensure that everyone brings enough sunscreen onboard, in our opinion you can never have enough!

  2. After-sun lotion or aloe vera:

    Even with precautions, sunburns can sneak in. Having after-sun lotion to hand is so important.

  3. Saltwater-friendly shampoo and conditioner:

    They help you maintain hair health without harming the marine ecosystem.

  4. Biodegradable soap and toothpaste:

    Minimize your ecological footprint.

  5. Skincare:

    The sea air is wonderful but can be drying. A good moisturizer can work wonders.

On open waters, the sun's glare intensifies - sunscreen is so important

Your skin will thank you!

Extra Items You Can Bring Along to Your Yacht Trip

You can never be too prepared!

  1. Portable speaker
  2. Underwater camera
  3. Books or e-reader
  4. Board games or playing cards
  5. Snorkeling gear

Important Documents You Should Pack

Safety and protocols go hand in hand:

  1. Charter papers:

    Your yacht charter broker will ensure that you have all the documents you need when boarding the yacht, if any.

  2. Travel insurance documents:

    They bridge the gap between unforeseen incidents and peace of mind.

  3. Emergency contact list:

    In the digital age, we tend to forget numbers. Always have a written backup. Your Captain will also have a copy of these prior to the charter.

  4. Visas and permits:

    Some destinations might require them even for short stays. Again, your yacht charter broker will best advise.

Items You Should Not Pack for Your Week-Long Yacht Charter

Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Expensive jewelry:

    The risk of loss is high, and honestly, nature’s beauty outshines any gem.

  2. High heels:

    A serious no-no. They’re not just impractical; they can damage the yacht’s deck.

  3. Single-use plastics:

    Our oceans are already burdened. Choose sustainable alternatives.

With this yacht week packing list in order, you’re not just ready; you’re set for an experience of a lifetime. Still have some questions? Not sure on what yacht to charter? Trying to find a charter destination? Feel free to contact us here at 212 Yachts and one of our team of yacht charter brokers will be more than happy to advise.

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