What is a Large Yacht Charter?

Yachts vary hugely in size, starting at several meters and ranging all the way to the largest superyacht in the world (by length), which is 180 meters! There is a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating yachts, ‘superyachts’ and ‘mega yachts’, and many people have different views on what constitutes a ‘superyacht’. Here we aim to clear all of this up, by providing you with our definitions of crewed yachts, superyachts and mega yachts, along with some examples from the yacht charter industry.

What is a Crewed Yacht?

A crewed yacht is fairly self-explanatory. It is a yacht which hires full-time crew on board that are employed on a permanent basis.

The number of crew on the yacht varies hugely with each boat. The bigger the boat, the more crew required. Sometimes these crew are required by law, and sometimes they are required because of features within the yacht, for example, the large charter yachts with spa rooms often come with spa therapists, etc.

The number of crew onboard the yacht changes hugely from vessel to vessel. Several smaller yachts, particularly those that specialise in day charters have only one captain and one crew member. Currently, the charter yacht with the highest number of crew employs a massive 55 staff!

A crewed yacht is a yacht which hires full-time crew on board that are employed on a permanent basis.

What is a Superyacht?

Everybody knows that superyachts are the larger yachts that turn heads with their beauty and size when they pull into port, but what exactly is a superyacht? Whilst there is no set definition, we class a superyacht as any luxurious and relatively modern yacht starting from 30-40 meters +.

Examples of these superyachts include Silver Wave, Sea Shell, My Toy, Blue Shell, Shooting Star, Amore Mio and Cheers 46 amongst many other options available for charter.

As can be seen when looking at these options, they are a step up in class from the 20 meter yachts. With the extra space that comes with these superyachts, more room is given for features such as a Jacuzzi, a bar, more luxurious cabins and often a wider range of water toys and activities to keep guests entertained on charter.

These superyachts, which typically only accept week long bookings, also tend to have more crew on board than the average 20 meter day charter yacht. This ensures guests are given an extra special level of service, and the crew normally includes a captain and a chef in addition several stewardesses, deckhands and engineers.

We class a superyacht as any luxurious and relatively modern yacht starting from 30-40 meters+

What is the Difference between a Superyacht and a Mega Yacht?

Interpretations vary hugely – in America, the term ‘mega yacht’ is used instead of ‘superyacht’ – thus giving it the same meaning.

Others believe that a mega yacht is a step above a superyacht in terms of the size, style, luxury and service offered by the yacht. We class a mega yacht as a yacht over 40 meters that offers guests the ultimate luxury retreat and includes several features perhaps not possible on smaller yachts, such as a spa, gym, several Jacuzzis, etc.

Examples of these such yachts include Saluzi, Silver Lining, Irimari, O’Rion, Manifiq and many more.

As can be seen, these yachts are significantly larger, and have features such as gyms, spas, cinema rooms, multiple Jacuzzis and in many cases, a larger selection of tenders and toys. Several mega yachts also have a professional dive centres and RYA approved water sports centres, to ensure that guests are able to fully maximise the vast range of toys and activities offered on board the large yacht charter.

Due to the the size of these yachts, they require more crew members, including multiple chefs, spa therapists, numerous engineers, deckhands and stews. Only the very highest calibre crew are hired on such prestigious yachts, and many are double trained – for example housekeeping staff that are also trained hairdressers, chief medical officers that are also qualified dive instructors and steward/stewardesses that are fully trained to work behind a bar! This ensures that guests receive the finest service from the crew, who go above and beyond the call of duty during charters to guarantee that every charter guest has their expectations surpassed.


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Written by Jed Duane

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