Travel in style during the Monaco Grand Prix

Chartering a luxury yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix or booking into a hotel is all very well and good but have you thought about how you are going to transport guests to shore and around the French Riviera?

Surely you don’t want to arrive in the glamorous principality in your superyacht and then have to come to shore in an inelegant RIB. Nor do you want to put guests up in the Hotel de Paris or another of Monaco’s grand hotels and then be unable to take them on a trip around the beautiful coastline of the French Riviera. 212 Yachts has a large selection of luxury tenders and chase boats available to charter to ensure your trip to Monaco during the Grand Prix is as glamorous as can be. Hiring a luxury tender or chase boat is a great way to transport guests around the Riviera or to bring them to shore in Monaco from your yacht.

There is no better way to entertain clients during the Grand Prix in Monaco than to wow them with a high-speed ride along the most enchanting and prestigious coastline in the world or to take a more relaxed trip to some of the most secluded spots along the French Riviera that are inaccessible in a larger yacht. Our luxury tenders available for day charter or longer have been very popular over the Historic Grand Prix, especially VANDUTCH 40 and GOLDFISH tenders so don’t waste any time reserving your luxury chase boat! If these luxury tenders for hire aren’t to your taste, we have many other options for you to make your experience as luxurious as can be.

Why 212 Yachts for a Monaco Grand Prix Tender Rental?

  • Years of experience supplying superyacht tender rental, RIBs and chase boats to superyachts and Captains
  • Attention to detail and a deep understanding of superyacht’s needs.
  • Strong reputation for service and product quality among superyacht captains and crew.
  • The Riviera’s largest fleet of superyacht tenders and RIBs with boats in many French Riviera ports
  • 7/7 service, rapid response time and an always on-call team.
  • Flexible, expert and friendly team.
  • Contact us for assistance with all luxury superyacht tender and RIB rental enquiries. Benefit from the expertise of our team and find the perfect solution to fit your query. 212 Yachts put the extra degree in yachting.

“Everything went extremely well. Great job all around.” – Monaco Grand Prix client 2019

The Grand Prix in the home of the rich and famous is not a time for being conservative… So Charter a Luxury Tender or Chase Boat and experience the Grand Prix in style! This exceptional event could not be a better time to go all out to entertain your clients. Or simply to have an unforgettable experience with family and friends. Attending the Monaco Grand Prix but can’t find a tender to match your luxury yacht? Look no further than 212 Yachts’ luxury fleet of superyacht tenders and chase boats and RIBs.

Contact us to discuss your Monaco Grand Prix tender needs – we have a luxury fleet of more than 20 vessels.

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Jenny Caird, originally from Ireland, is the founder and CEO of 212 Yachts (and charter expert), applying her passion for customer service, with incredible client satisfaction, to create an ambitious, highly reputable and respected business. Whatever your query is, Jenny offers solutions with a smile. With her motivation and dedication to ensuring the yacht owners and clients 212 Yachts work with are 'wowed', Jenny and her team add the extra degree in yachting.

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