The Monaco Grand Prix, the next taking place on May 23, 2024 – May 26, 2024, is as important to yachting as it is to Formula One. Each May, Port Hercules and the surrounding bay welcome thousands of luxury yachts, including some of the most recognizable vessels and owners in the world. This 4-day weekend is one of legend, with unsurpassable stories birthed to the all-glamorous Monte Carlo event. Experience one of the world’s greatest sporting events to the fullest with a Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter.

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter: The Best Time to Book

Demand for yacht charters during the Monaco Grand Prix is at an all-time high. Formula One is as glamorous as ever, and the appeal of luxury charter yachts continues to explode. Very few super yachts have a berth secured in Port Hercules in advance of a charter booking, and the port fills up extremely rapidly with well-prepared yacht charter guests and owners booking early.

For the best chance to secure the yacht of your choice with a trackside berth, it is advised to book up to 8 months in advance (some yachts will accept bookings even earlier). If a berth in Port Hercules is less important to you, then selecting your yacht up to 3 months in advance is advised. Despite common conception, booking last minute is unlikely to yield discounts, as demand is so high! Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter is in high demand!

If you have left it a little too late, do not worry. Our team works tirelessly in preparation for the Monaco Grand Prix, locating yachts for charter clients who have left it to the last minute. For the best chance of securing a last minute yacht charter for the Monaco Grand Prix, click here to contact our team immediately!

Book up to 8 months in advance for the best chance of securing a place in Port Hercules.

Securing a Berth / Place in Port During the Monaco Grand Prix

Port Hercules boasts 700 berths. During the Monaco Grand Prix, the port is filled to capacity, with berths booked well in advance of the event. In order to secure a berth, it is necessary to fill out a port application form looking to charter a yacht in Monaco. For the best chance of a successful application, it is essential to submit this form as early as possible. In order to do this, you must first select your charter yacht as technical details of the vessel must be specified on the form. Those directly associated with the Formula One, the Monaco Grand Prix and the event sponsors are fast tracked in the process, contributing to the extremely competitive nature of this process. If you desire a berth in Port Hercules, our team will assist with the necessary application.

Smart Solutions for the Happy Few

While it is very challenging to secure a berth in Port Hercules during the Monaco Grand Prix, there are some excellent solutions for those who are sadly unsuccessful:

  • A limited number of yachts hold year-round berths in Monaco. Do note that these yachts are in limited supply and in high demand, so booking early is essential if looking to charter a luxury yacht.
  • Drop anchor in the Bay of Monaco. Guests can then travel to watch the races by luxury tender. It is possible to watch the Grand Prix from numerous track-side events, spectator stands and private yacht parties. This allows you to fully enjoy both a yacht charter and the Monaco Grand Prix races, while saving the fees necessary to secure a berth in Port Hercules (if your application is successful).
  • Apply for a berth in Fontvieille. Fontvielle is located East of Port Hercules, and boasts a port with a capacity of 275. Competition is high for Fontvieille during the Grand Prix, however it is less competitive than Port Hercules. Monte Carlo and the Formula One track are just a short tender ride from the port.

The Port of Fontvielle is a lesser known port in Monaco, and is easier to secure a berth in! It's our little secret.

Corporate Yacht Events and Private Yacht Parties During the Monaco Grand Prix

Hosting events during your Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter is a popular concept. These can include corporate events and private soirées. Yachts are great venues for events, ensuring that the night is memorable and guests are both impressed and entertained. If you plan to host an event during the Monaco Grand Prix, let’s discuss your plans. Details such as the number of guests and type of event will be important considerations in determining the yachts most suited to your needs. Once we know these details, you will quickly receive a tailored selection of the most suitable yachts to your inbox.

Yachts are great venues for events, ensuring that the night is memorable and guests are both impressed and entertained.

Find the Best Yacht Charter for the Monaco Grand Prix

Choosing the right yacht for your Monaco Grand Prix experience is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming journey. There are so many yachts to choose from! How can someone possible find the perfect yacht with so many options!?

Let us do the hard work for you, and tailor a proposal of yachts carefully selected to suit your needs. We welcome you to converse with a member of our team about your plans, desires, experiences and expectations, and we will then apply our shared learning to finding you the perfect yacht. With 212 Yachts by your side, organizing the perfect Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter is easy sailing! Let’s get started.

Let us do the hard work for you, and tailor a proposal of yachts carefully selected to suit your needs, straight to your inbox!

Monaco Grand Prix Yacht Charter Costs

Costs involved in a yacht charter vary. You must consider the weekly (or daily) rate, as well as VAT which is charged at 20% in France, and APA. APA refers to advanced provisioning allowance, and accounts for expenses incurred during your charter. These expenses include, but are not limited to, fuel, food, drinks and berth costs.

Berth fees during the Monaco Grand Prix can be considerable. If you plan to host events on your charter yacht then other expenses may also have to be accounted for, such as security deposits.

To read more about yacht charter expenses, click here.

Luxury tenders are great for getting from A to B. Party hop or take a day trip to Cannes, in style!

Yachts you can take to the Monaco Grand Prix

Yacht Ava

Yacht Andreas L

Yacht Vogue

Yacht Winning Streak

Monaco Grand Prix Luxury Yacht Tender Transfers

Whether you have secured a berth in Port Hercules, Fontvieille or another nearby port, or if you have dropped anchor in the bay, then you may need a luxury yacht tender transfer during the Monaco Grand Prix. Tenders are used to ferry guests from point A to point B, as they are quicker and smaller than superyachts. Tenders range from small RIBs to luxurious chase boats like the VanDutch 40 or the VanDutch 55. If you need a luxury tender, for use in Monaco to hop from party to party, or would like to embark on a day charter to explore Cannes or a nearby hotspot, then contact our team who will find the perfect luxury yacht tender for your needs.

Other events 212 Yachts can provide yachts for

Charter Yachts for Corporate Events in Cannes

Create a unique experience for your guests by chartering a yacht in the Cannes. Yachts can be chosen based on the needs of the event and various amenities will be provided on the yacht such as dining areas, networking areas and fun activities too. Let your guests enjoy the beautiful scenery of the French Riviera.

The Cannes Yachting Festival

This is an annual international event that showcases the latest and the most luxurious yachts from all over the world. This usually takes place in the month of September and a range of yachts and boats are presented, from small yachts to luxury mega yachts.

The Cannes Lion Festival

The annual, world-renowned, event held in June. It’s the perfect time to turn up in style (with a yacht) and mix with media & creative leaders.


If you are interested in a Monaco Grand Prix yacht charter, contact our team! We would love to discuss your plans and desires and to help make your weekend an unforgettable experience.

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