Are you a beach lover looking for a luxury yacht charter Turkey escape? If so, look no further than the transcendent Turkish coastline for your next yacht charter! 

Superyacht Charter Turkey - The Ultimate in Luxury

Charter a yacht in Turkey and discover everything this region has to offer

A Haven for Beach Lovers on a Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey

From the renowned azure lagoon of Ölüdeniz Beach to Iztuzu beach, home to the mesmerizing, endangered loggerhead sea turtle.  In this blog, we’ll dive into the best beaches on offer whilst enjoying a luxury yacht charter Turkey!

A Beach-hopping Adventure on a Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey:

Chartering a yacht on The Turquoise Coast, can only be described as idyllic. It is undeniably a sailor’s paradise with a continuous, gentle breeze from early spring to late autumn that allows for sailing excellence throughout the extended season. What are you waiting for? Charter your dream yacht now!

The Best Beaches in Turkey

Craft the perfect Turkish yacht itinerary

Why These Beaches Should Be on Your Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Itinerary

Turkey’s beautiful beaches offer a secluded and exclusive atmosphere, with many only accessible via the sea. As well as this, each one offers a unique quality, be it the opportunity to embrace the unique wildlife it hosts, the intrigue of its rich history, or the mere chance to revel in the utter radiance of its panoramas. They are undoubtedly a must-visit on your luxury yacht charter Turkey itinerary!

Turquoise Waters and Golden Sands: Turkey’s Top Beach Destinations

With its pristine golden shores which are seamlessly accessible by yacht, ‘the Turquoise Coast’ is a yachting paradise. In addition, check out the top 10 best beaches in Turkey, as compiled by our experts. Let’s explore a selection of these sandy gems:

  1. Ölüdeniz Beach:

Ölüdeniz Beach in Turkey

A perfect stopping point on your superyacht vacation

Situated against a background of gorgeous greenery and with tranquil waters no matter the weather, Ölüdeniz is one of the most famous beaches in Turkey. It’s shimmering Blue Lagoon is simply breath-taking, so have your camera at the ready! With its waters remaining tranquil all year round, no matter the weather, this beach is truly spectacular. Offering a variety of activities such as snorkelling, swimming, hiking, or discovering its ancient ruins, Ölüdeniz truly has something for everyone. For those seeking to simply unwind, sunbathers can bask in the Mediterranean sun, observing the paragliders as they descend down Babadağ Mountain.

  1. Butterfly Valley:

Seeking sanctuary from the commotion of the thronged tourist spots? Then Butterfly Valley is for you! Coined by the numerous, unique species of butterflies that inhabit the area, the serenity you will experience from a visit to Butterfly Valley is unparalleled. The valley is a must-visit for those looking to connect with nature or simply indulge in the landscape’s exquisite beauty during their luxury yacht charter Turkey adventure.

  1. Cleopatra’s Beach:

Cleopatra’s Beach

Discover the Mythical Origins of Turkey’s Coastal Gem

This stunning beach truly possesses a regal quality. This assertion is not without foundation, for Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself swam here! This beach is renowned for its extraordinarily unique sand. This particular type of sand can only be found on Cleopatra’s beach, adding an element of exclusivity to its allure. Charter your dream luxury yacht Turkey and enjoy this beach with the elegance and luxury befitting a queen!

  1. Iztuzu Beach:

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and stop off at Iztuzu beach, home to    the endangered loggerhead sea turtle! This beach promises both adventure and relaxation with its golden sands, azure waters, rich biodiversity to explore and a variety of water sports to engage in. You may even find yourself swimming alongside the majestic turtles, an undoubtedly enchanting experience. In addition, watch the sun setting on this Mediterranean jewel as the noble sea turtles retreat to their beachside nests.

Beyond the Beach: Exploring Culture and Cuisine

Turkey’s culture is a thriving, evolving presence, in which both the country’s historical foundations and its modernity live in harmony. Charter a luxury yacht Turkey and experience this exciting opportunity, exploring how these contrasting elements coexist so perfectly.

Don’t forget to also try the mouth-watering cuisine Turkey has to offer, celebrated for its robust flavours, these dishes are sure to tantalize your tastebuds!

Indulge in Turkish Hospitality and Delicacies Along the Coastline

The renowned Turkish hospitality is placed at the epicentre of their practices when serving their delicious delicacies. The Turks understand the power a delectable dining experience has in connecting people. Drop anchor and be engulfed by the warmth and friendliness of the locals, while spoiling yourself with these culinary delights:

Freshly Grilled Seafood:

The Turkish coastline is bountiful with a selection of fresh, zesty seafood, you won’t want to miss out on this!


Try an assortment of meze platters, ranging from soft/hard cheeses, dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), marinated olives, served with spreads such as baba ganoush (smoked eggplant) and muhammara (walnut & red pepper).


Indulge in these tasty Turkish dumplings encasing seasoned meats, drizzled with sumac and melted butter and served with a delightful garlic yogurt sauce.


Surrender to the sweet temptation of the Turkish Baklava. With its buttery, chewy texture, layered with flaky pastry and flavoured by pistachio nuts and a honeyed syrup, your tastebuds are in for a treat!

Planning Your Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Experience

Chartering a yacht in Turkey guarantees a fusion, of fun-filled adventure, cultural immersion and utmost serenity. To ensure your charter exceeds your expectations, precise planning is essential. Here are our top tips in planning your luxury yacht charter Turkey adventure!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Yacht and Navigating Turkey’s Coastline

  1. A great beginning to organizing your luxury yacht charter Turkey plans is envisioning the type of yacht you see yourself chartering on the Turquoise coast. Think about elements such as your preferred size and style of yacht, where you would like to embark and disembark, your crew expectations, and whether you would like to have most of your meals onboard or in some of the exquisite restaurants Turkey’s coastline has to offer. Each of these elements will allow your yacht charter broker to find the perfect match for you!
  2. Once we finalize the selection of your ideal yacht, we can then start planning your luxury charter itinerary! Start by considering the type of charter you would like to embark on. For example, are you looking for a high-energy, thrill-seeking experience? Are you seeking some family fun? Or perhaps you would like a more refined, romantic getaway. If you already have your heart set on some exact spots you’d like to visit, let your charter broker know!
  3. With this in mind, we can then determine the optimal charter itinerary for you, with activities and must-visit destinations tailored specifically to your desires.  

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