Visit Perast During your Montenegro Yacht Charter

Sitting in the coastal area of Montenegro is a small peaceful town that will take your breath away. Perast is located about 10 km away from the centre of Kotor. Although limited in size, this historical boasts dozens of churches and hundreds of houses that are classified as having architectural and historical significance. Several of these amazing structures date as far back to the 17th and 18th centuries. On your Montenegro yacht charter, Perast is an absolute must

Aside from historically rich buildings, the town is also famous for its luscious landscape and amazing shoreline. And fun fact, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have their own vacation home here. It should be an unmissable destination on your Montenegro yacht charter itinerary.

Perast on a Montenegro yacht charter


Another attractive feature of this charming town is its close proximity to St. George Island and Our Lady on the Rocks, islets in the Bay of Kotor. Each of the islets has an interesting story and are favourite backdrops for souvenir pictures. They are evidence of the rich history and culture of this seaside town.

Discovering St. George Island On Your Montenegro Charter

St. George Island could be considered a blessing from nature as it was naturally formed. Built on top of it is the Benedictine Abbey, which was constructed during the 12th century. You will also find a graveyard for the nobility in Perast. The cemetery is shaded by cypress trees, which add to the mysterious and tranquil appeal of the island. Perhaps because no one lives here and because of the many who are buried here, it was given the nickname ‘Island of the Dead’. Due to its small size, the islet seems like it is floating when you gaze at it from the shore. Although some legends claim that the islet is haunted, its splendid appearance is enough to attract the admiring glances and camera lenses of visitors.


Perast on a Montenegro yacht charter
The mysterious and tranquil islet of St. George in Perast (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Exploring Our Lady on the Rocks In Perast

There are interesting myths shared by the locals regarding the history and origin of the islet of Our Lady on the Rocks. Some say that two brothers were fishing and found a painting of the Madonna and Child on a protruding rock. This picture was brought to their home, where one brother got better overnight after being ill for a long time. They believed it was a sign and promised to build a church at the spot where they found the painting.

Others say that the seafarers of Perast made an oath to the Madonna and Child and have been throwing rocks in the water whenever they would return home safely from a voyage. Eventually, the islet emerged. The custom of throwing rocks in the sea is still being practised to this day. Locals gather on their boats during the sunset on the 22nd of July and throw rocks into the sea around the islet. It is called “Fašinada” in the local dialect and tourists can join the event for a more cultural experience.

There is also a church and museum on Our Lady on the Rocks. These house several paintings (68 of them are by Perast-born artist Tripo Kokolja), silver votive tablets, tapestry with gold and silver fibres and actual hair, and other valuables.


Perast on a Montenegro yacht charter
Our Lady of the Rocks Islet in Perast, Kotor Bay (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Other Places to Visit When On Your Yacht Charter

Aside from the famous islets there are other tourist hotspots you shouldn’t miss. Getting around shouldn’t be a problem because the town is quite small and can be explored on foot. Most locals in the area are very friendly and some even rent out their own homes and rooms to tourists. Indeed, Perast is not just a place of natural beauty and magnificent architecture, but is also a strong community abounding in hospitality and warmth.

If you want to experience the people and locality, check out these places:

  • Conte Nautilus – right at the town’s waterfront where you can dine on fresh catch and sip on local wine with a view of the two famous isles.
  • The Nautical Museum – it lies right by the bay, and aside from artefacts, it also showcases a full picturesque view of the sea.
  • Obala Marka Martinovića – stroll along this waterfront road to enjoy the fresh breeze. It leads to St. Nicholas’ Church.

Perast on a Montenegro yacht charter
The waterfront of Perast, perfect for strolls (Image Source: Pixabay)

For those who want to see more splendid architecture in Perast, explore any of the palaces, some of which belonged to noble captains and sailors. Below are some of the wonderful palaces you will discover in the town.

  • Bujovic
  • Bronza
  • Sestokrilovic
  • Mazarovic
  • Balovic
  • Viskovic
  • Bjarkovic – Martinovic
  • Zmajevic

How to Get to Perast?

It should be apparent by now that Perast should be top of the list on your Montenegro yacht chartering plans. Going to the town of Perast in Montenegro is convenient. You can take a blue line bus from the centre of Kotor to take you to the coastal town. Another option is to hire a chartered boat or yacht so you can have more flexibility with your travel plans. You can choose from our boats and yachts and work with our specialists in planning a tailor-made Kotor Bay voyage.

What are the Benefits of Yacht Charters in Montenegro?

Conveniently, the Montenegrin waters are open to foreign vessels with flexible regulations. In comparison to other countries, yacht charter travel in Montenegro is more cost-friendly and requires no value added tax. This is one reason why the Bay of Kotor is fast becoming a popular stop for sailing and boating enthusiasts.

Luxury yacht charter also gives you the option to explore the seas and coastlines more freely. You have the choice of staying on your vessel to just lounge on the deck, or to go on land and see the sights of popular yachting destinations like Perast. It also makes getting around the island a lot easier, as you won’t have to hire transportation each time you want to go to one part of the island. Whether you want to discover a place on sea or land, yacht charter makes it all possible.


Perast on a Montenegro yacht charter
Minx, one of our luxury charter yachts (Image Source: 212 Yachts)

Of course, you also get the luxury of having more time. When you have a boat waiting for you, you won’t need to rush when doing tours of a locale. You won’t even have to worry about booking accommodation since you have your own cosy room on board. And with professional staff who provide excellent service, well-stocked supplies, and modern facilities found on our luxury yachts, all you have to worry about is what new place to discover.

If relaxation, convenience, and comfort are prime concerns for your yachting holiday, then we here at 212 Yachts are the people to work with. The proof is in the pudding, you need only look at what our customers have to say. Get in touch with us to let us know how we can assist you in designing the charter of a lifetime.

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