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The Windward Islands are a chain of over 90 gorgeous and diverse Caribbean islands. The chain encompasses the territories of St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Named due to the prevailing winds in the West Indies, the Windward Islands are a sailing paradise and an ideal destination to experience a memorable Caribbean yacht charter. Located at the north of the chain, St Lucia is breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect location to begin your luxury yacht charter retreat. With cultural delights in the North and stunning geographic features in the South, St Lucia yacht charter will give you exclusive access to this impeccably photogenic island.

While St Vincent & the Grenadines have a similar feel to the British Virgin Islands, they are much less developed and far less “discovered”. In a conscious effort to protect the spectacular natural heritage of the islands, the use of jet skis and wave runners is restricted. The result is an incomparably relaxing and healthy yacht charter destination. Where the natural beauty of the region can be appreciated in full.

Further South, the ‘Spice Island’ of Grenada possesses an array of idyllic white sandy beaches to accompany the smell of nutmeg in the air. Rich in history, the island retains a delightfully authentic and unique culture. That’s why it is sure to become an extremely popular yacht charter destination in the coming years.

Choose your adventure across the Windward Islands

The following itinerary is a sample designed to demonstrate what is possible on a 10 day yacht charter in St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Your charter remains completely flexible, allowing you to move as you please (weather permitting). And fill your charter with activities that will contribute to a truly memorable Caribbean experience. Whilst on-board, you will benefit from the extensive experience of a captain and crew. And they will further advise and endeavour to tailor the experience to your tastes.

Continue reading to discover the perfection of a 10 day Windward Islands yacht charter, or click here to explore a selection of yachts available for your St Lucia yacht charter (and other Caribbean destinations).

During your yacht charter, you will benefit from the extensive experience of a captain and crew, who will further advise and endeavour to tailor the experience to your exact tastes.

St Lucia Yacht Charter – Day by Day

Day 1: St Lucia

Meet the captain and crew for your St Lucia yacht charter at the magnificent Marigot Bay. There you will have the chance to acquaint yourself with the vessel and enjoy your favourite breakfast on arrival, freshly prepared with the best local ingredients. Once you have settled in you will cruise to your first stop at the quintessentially Caribbean Rodney Bay. Also spend the afternoon swimming and snorkelling in the crystal-clear water or take the opportunity to explore the buzzing cafes and restaurants that line the shore.

Day 2: Soufrière

Arise at your leisure on day 2 before cruising to the south of St Lucia and the magnificent Soufrière bay. Soufrière is a nature lover’s dream where the iconic Pitons mountains tower over a bay lined with green vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches. If you’re feeling adventurous a trek or four-wheel drive tour of the area is recommended, where you can explore vibrant rainforest and reach the peak of the Pitons. When the evening sets in, enjoy a freshly prepared dinner on your yacht and take in the breath-taking scenery that surrounds you.

Drop anchor in the stunning Soufrière bay and enjoy your chef's creations with a glass of local rum or Pineapple juice under the Pitons.

Day 3: St Vincent

After you leave St Lucia, first stop will be the gateway into the Grenadines, St Vincent. Peaceful and undeveloped St Vincent offers natural waterfalls, magnificent old forts and luscious rainforest with virtually no crowds at all. After a day exploring the jungle and all its features, sit back with a glass of wine or Caribbean rum as you embark on a sunset cruise to what has been described as the perfect Caribbean Island.

Day 4: Bequia

Bequia is remarkably unspoilt due to limited tourist access, and boasts a rich heritage and vibrant, warm culture. Delve into the island’s proud boat building history with a guided tour of the Bequia Boat Museum. Or become friendly with the hawksbill turtles nursed by Orton at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Thanks to its extremely diverse reef Bequia has 41 Dive sites and is one of the best places to dive in the whole Caribbean. Expect to see seahorses, octopi, frogfish and even manta rays. Your evening can be spent on-board tucking into your chef’s creations. Or dine in one of several highly-regarded restaurants on the island (Auberge des Grenadines is famous for fresh lobster. The Firefly Plantation offers an authentic Caribbean ambiance. And Le Petit Jardin showcases some of the best French gourmet in the region). Spend the night comfortably anchored in the protected natural harbour of Admiralty Bay.

Thanks to its extremely diverse reef Bequia has 41 Dive sites and is one of the best places to dive in the whole Caribbean. Expect to see turtles, seahorses, octopi, frogfish and even manta rays.

Day 5: Mustique

Mustique is a private island, home to just 104 residences. Many of which are owned by royalty and well-known figures. A delightfully disarming scene with the many white sandy beaches. Therefore a place for real relaxation and recuperation, with scarce visitors to disrupt family time together. Several coral reefs offer more opportunity to explore the depths in peace. The bays of Mustique are the perfect place to drop anchor. And don’t forget to ask your crew to set up your water toys and BBQ. So you can enjoy the perfect Caribbean afternoon. For a splash of colour and some local treats, visit the quaint fishing village at Britannia Bay. Home to some charming shops and the legendary Basil’s Bar and restaurant. And of course the authentic French-run Sweetie Pie Bakery.

Day 6: Canouan

Canouan is just a short cruise from Mustique and is another prime spot for snorkelling and swimming. Spend the day cruising around the various surrounding islands and enjoy the extensive collection of watertoys carried by your luxury yacht. For an afternoon shooting the breeze, Canouan plays host to a first class Jim Fazio golf course.

Day 7: The Tobago Cays

You might recognise this location from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Dead Man’s Chest’. The Tobago Cays are an archipelago of 5 small islands, and offer some of the best snorkelling sites in the Windward Island chain. The colour of the sea is quite remarkable – almost neon, while the beaches are elegantly protected by palm trees. Turtles frequent the crystal clear, calm and warm waters, among a host of other vibrant sea-life. After some hours swimming with the sea-life (and making sure to take lots of photos!), take the time to stroll along one of the several walking paths on-land, and keep an eye-out for iguanas!

After some hours swimming with the sea-life (and making sure to take lots of photos!), take the time to stroll along one of the several walking paths on-land, and keep an eye-out for iguanas!

Day 8: Mayreau

Saltwhistle Bay in Mayreau is simply a must-see. This picture-perfect beach is one of the best in the Grenadines. And it is also a fantastic location for a feast on a BBQ on your upper deck (maybe you can catch the main course that morning!), as it immerses in a ‘must see to believe’ backdrop. For a special dining experience with drinks in the Saltwhistle Bay Club, it is absolutely important to book well in advance (212 Yachts will manage this if desired). Alternatively, the more relaxed Dennis’ Hideaway is well-known for its for Caribbean cooking with a seafood emphasis.

Day 9: Carricaou

On day 9 you will arrive on Grenadian soil, enjoying the refreshingly authentic Carricaou. Spend the morning exploring the national heritage sight at Belair National Park whose tropical forests and ancient ruins are not to be missed. Local culture and customs are both rich and visible all over the island. With music and dance playing an important role in the island’s European and African heritage. For a relaxing meal, head to the Lazy Turtle in Tyrell Bay. Famous for it’s thin-crust pizza topped with fresh lobster. Alternatively, the private boutique resort on Petite Saint Vincent offers a more refined dining experience. En-route from Mayreau to Carriacou, you may want to explore the archetypal desert-island west of Union Island. It surprisingly hosts an upscale resort called Royal Palm and a chi-chi beach bar and restaurant.

Day 10: Grenada

Also known as ‘The Spice Island’, the jungle island of Grenada is home to nutmeg, coco plants and exotic fruit. Among a tantalising array of other foliage and flavours. In addition to exploring the capital St Georges, an island tour is highly recommended. Highlights include the Belmont Estate cocoa plantation and chocolate factory. Where you can follow the entire process of making chocolate and collect some great souvenirs. Also visit the adjacent rum distillery where 250-year-old Victorian machinery is still in use. For a more active afternoon, venture through the Grand Etang Rainforest and swim in St. Margaret’s Falls. Make sure to take full advantage of the flexibility offered by a luxury yacht charter. And explore the more remote areas of the coastline, including the impressive Sandy Island in the North.

Visit the Belmont Estate cocoa plantation and chocolate factory and the adjacent rum distillery for an afternoon full of flavour.

Day 11: A last farewell

After a final breakfast on deck, it will be time to depart. Your captain will arrange your transfer to St George international airport. There you can catch flights to North America, Europe and other Caribbean nations.

The Windward Islands offer truly remarkable culture, scenery and attractions. They are sure to create a memorable and unbeatable yacht charter experience. To discuss available yachts for your St Lucia yacht charter, exploring the Windwards Islands or other destinations, contact our team of expert brokers today.

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