Chartering a boat or yacht is only the first step, next is your itinerary. One of the most popular and well-known places on the French Riviera is Cannes. Renowned for the Cannes Film Festival, it is known for its glamour and is certainly well worth a visit. Dock in the Vieux Port or in the bay, and spend some valuable time exploring. If you plan to visit Cannes by boat, this is the guide for you.

Visit Cannes by Boat – Charter a Day Boat and Enjoy!


Le Suquet – Visit Cannes By Boat

This is the old part of town, and is just above the Vieux Port. Cobbled streets, quaint buildings, all leading up to a church and clock tower at the top. Packed with great restaurants and with great views from the top, it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Cannes. At the top, you can also visit Le Castre Museum, which hosts a great art collection and series of ancient artefacts. Only a 10 minute walk from the old port of Cannes.

La Croisette

The Boulevard de la Croisette stretches along the bay of Cannes for 3km, starting at the old port and leading to port Canto. La Croisette offers picturesque views, as well as fantastic designer shopping opportunities. There are also lovely bars along the road to stop for a drink, and luxury super yachts to admire in the bay of Cannes.

Le Bâoli – Cannes nightlife

If you fancy some celeb-spotting, or want to dine alongside the rich and famous, Le Bâoli is the place for you. Found in Port Canto, Cannes, home to many super yachts. The Bâoli offers a completely different dining experience, and boasts a menu of traditional food, as well as Asian specialties. A huge cocktail lists ensures you won’t want to leave this tropical paradise.

Bar and Restaurant Sea Sens

Perched on the rooftop terrace of the Five Seas Hotel, Sea Sens is ideal for lunch or dinner. With great views over the old port and Le Suquet, you can relax while enjoying traditional French and Asian food. However, there are many more opportunities for making the most of your luxury motor boat or yacht charter in and around Cannes! What a lot of people don’t realise, is that the bay of Cannes has a number of little islands. These are ideal for visiting at your own pace, and make for great cruising on your chartered yacht or boat.

Île Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes islands

The Ile Sainte-Marguerite is the largest of the islands, and subsequently has the most to do. The island is mainly covered by forestry, and its wooded areas are a lovely location to escape to for a walk in the heat of summer. The old fort, Fort Royal, still stands on the island, which visitors can explore, and includes the Musée de la Mer. You can visit the old cells, including the one which housed the famous Man in the Iron Mask, as well as see the collection of old paintings and murals. There are two cemeteries nearby, commemorating French soldiers in the Crimean war and North African Allied soldiers from the Second World War.

The beaches are also recommended for being particularly beautiful, and with a great range of water sports on offer. The island hosts several restaurants too, so you can really make a day of it. There are a number of lovely bays, with turquoise blue water, perfect for anchoring a yacht and jumping off to swim and snorkel.


Visit Cannes by Boat and see the famous Lérins Islands

Ile St-Honorat by boat

The second largest island is called Ile St-Honorat, and also offers lovely forests to visit. The main attraction of this island is the monastery which has been there since the year 410. Today it is still home to around 30 monks, and although it is not open to the public, visitors can visit the Abbey of Lérins, and can purchase honey and wine produced on the island by the monks. On your walk around the island, why not visit the many abandoned chapels which were set up by the monks over the years. Modest dress is required. There are a couple of high end restaurants on the Cannes islands. Many yachts drop anchor in the bay, and guests then go ashore for lunch.

Cannes is a busy, glamourous and popular seaside town. A great location to start a yacht charter or indeed to visit Cannes by boat. If you would like to know more about chartering a yacht to visit Cannes by boat or planning on a day boat charter on the French Riviera, contact 212 Yachts to discuss.

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