First time yacht charter – A luxury private experience 

Uncovering new possibilities surrounded by selected friends and family, a superyacht charter is the height of escape and tailored entertainment. Enjoy a level of service and luxury that is incomparable, in surroundings beyond the imagination and grasp of the majority. Step onto a superyacht for your first time yacht charter with 212 Yachts, for the journey of a lifetime, and you will never look back.

Are you looking to impress your family or friends on a holiday like no other? Do you want to create an unforgettable, special experience for those you care about?

Then a first time yacht charter is the ideal holiday for you. Chartering a yacht seems like an intimidating thing to organise if you have never done it before or know nothing about yachts. It is actually  a stress-free process (once you are guided by a pro), that is definitely worth the end result! Here at 212 Yachts we have had clients start out on our smallest boats for just a day to dip their toes in the water (excuse the pun!). And they come back year on year, to charter bigger and better yachts. They all get hooked and fall in love with yachting. You’re probably wondering why so many people are so enthusiastic about yacht charter? All of our clients agree it is a luxury experience really like no other.

You will certainly not regret your first time yacht charter. Here are some of the main reasons why (in no particular order):

Why charter a yacht? For Complete Freedom

Yacht charter gives you the freedom to decide what you do on your holiday every day unlike typical cruise ships. Luxury yachts are not the beasts that cruise ships are, making them ideal for island hopping and finding places off the beaten track. On a luxury yacht the itinerary is completely designed around you and your guests. If you drop anchor to enjoy a beautiful evening meal and decide you would prefer another view, it can be arranged just like that! Everything is your choice.

A yacht charter is the best way to discover islands that are off the beaten track in style.

Privacy on a yacht vacation

Forget cruise ships and sharing with other passengers, on a superyacht (aka your own private luxury vessel with crew to serve you) you control what happens.

If you are looking to escape from the hustle of everyday life, then a yacht charter is definitely for you. A private yacht is the ultimate retreat for you and your guests. Which is why they are the go-to holiday for many celebrities like Beyoncé, Leonardo DiCaprio & Kylie Jenner. The crew on board can be as involved or discreet as you wish. Truly giving you the experience to enjoy the crystal-clear waters and sandy coves that your captain guides you to. In addition the ability to reach remote islands by sea makes travelling to exclusive restaurants a breeze, without dealing with traffic or crowds. Onboard services are tailored to you, and your privacy requirements.

Need serious privacy? No problem, NDAs can be signed by all yacht crew before your charter starts!

Don’t want yacht crew overhearing your conversations on board? Service can be from a distance. Crew can even be on call via a phone  or bell service.

Exploring on a yacht can provide Unique Cultural Experiences

While your holiday destination will be a new adventure for you, your captain and crew will have worked in the area for years and know all the local secrets. From the best hidden coves to drop anchor at, to authentic restaurants to experience the local cuisine. Local tours with the best guides can be arranged if you want to explore on land, allowing you take advantage of all the cultural new opportunities. Your captain and yacht broker organise your itinerary to make sure you see the very best of what the area has to offer, in line with your tastes.

Discover the best hidden gems a region has to offer with the insider recommendations from the crew on board.


Yacht charter – Private Chef

There is literally no downside to having your own personal chef. Each meal is tailored around your (and your guests) favourite foods. And if there are picky eaters or allergies in the group, or you’re watching your waistline, the chef will make sure there is always something that they can enjoy too. Your chef will know everything about local cuisines, as well as many other cooking styles so it will be the perfect experience for the foodie in your life. All you need to do is fill out the preference sheet beforehand and all your favourite foods and brands will be on board before you even arrive! The chef will go out of her way to ensure each meal excites you and is up to every standard!

During the day nibble on a beautiful charcuterie board from local sources, or enjoy canapes

The Most Luxurious Service is on a yacht

Yacht Charter is a luxury service like no other. Even in the world’s finest hotel the crew to guest ratio is nothing compared to a yacht. You are the crew’s sole focus meaning that every tiny request is taken care of immediately. The same crew look after you from the start to the end of your charter. Resulting in a high level of personalised service. They will remember your children’s names and hobbies, how you like your breakfast in the morning, even what flowers you like displayed on the yacht. Service on a super yacht is truly unique and something you must experience.

Yacht Water Toys

The water toys on board yachts are always a great way to pass the day. Yachts come fully equipped with things such as snorkeling gear, kayaks, sea bobs, fishing gear, wake-boards, jet skis, giant blowup slides and much more. The larger the yacht you charter the more toys are likely to be on board. With some yachts even having their own private submarines and helicopters! It’s like having your own personal adventure park without the queues. The crew on board will be fully trained and able to give one-on-one lessons. Some yachts are even certified water sports training schools. So you can leave your holiday with a qualification and discover a new hidden talent! Having trained staff on board will always give you peace of mind that your family and guests are safe and looked after.

Stress-Free To Organise

One of the biggest surprises about chartering a yacht for the first time is finding out how easy it is to organise. Because, short of a few details, your yacht broker will do the tough work for you! Chartering a yacht for the first time is as simple as getting in touch with 212 Yachts and describing what style and activities would make it a dream holiday for you. Then we create a proposal of options that suit you and your guests and all you have to do is choose whichever yacht catches your eye! Once you have found your ideal yacht, we work with you and the yacht crew to design your perfect itinerary and onboard experience.

Yacht charters are growing in popularity as more and more people realise there is no other luxurious experience that compares.

Holiday of a Lifetime on a yacht

A yacht charter is going to be a holiday you won’t forget. So, if you are looking to impress this is for you! Our clients return year on year because they have never experienced anything that compares to a week on the water. It’s the perfect escape from reality and provides a great opportunity for some family or friend time! Spending the day making the most of the water, and the onboard facilities is an excellent bonding opportunity. Followed by an evening relaxing in the cinema on board or escaping to one of the decks once the children are asleep for some drinks.

In conclusion, a first time yacht charter seems like a big choice that many people can be apprehensive about. However, once you start you really won’t be able to stop. Our numerous repeat clients here at 212 Yachts are a real testament to this. If you would like to venture into the world of first time yacht charter for the experience of a lifetime, please contact 212 Yachts today at 0033 (0) 4 92 95 83 06 or email us at

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Lewis is the Fleet Manager at 212 Yachts. He is originally from the UK. He previously worked on superyachts and traveled the world extensively by yacht. He has excellent knowledge of super yacht destinations, on and off the beaten track and what can be achieved on a yacht charter. His knowledge of boats and the maintenance required, ensures he applies the highest standards to the boat charter fleet he manages on the French Riviera. This means that you’ll always have a great day out with 212 Yachts. Lewis has previously lived in Cape Town and now lives in the South of France with his Wife and dog Leo. He loves organising smooth charters and nothing brings 'me more joy than seeing the smiles on clients faces after an amazing experience on the water'. His core value that aligns perfectly with the company is to always make that extra degree of difference, "this is how we make sure you’ll be beaming from ear to ear when you’ve experienced a 212 Charter! I hope that we can welcome you on board soon and provide you with an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for any assistance for your next charter, or you’re overwhelmed looking into your first charter, no matter how big or small, please ask for me when you get in touch."

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