The Caribbean islands are beautiful, exotic and mysterious islands that almost everyone has heard of in some shape or form. But what is the Caribbean? The Caribbean is a region off the coast of South America. It is home to some of the most beautiful countries in the world including The Bahamas, Jamaica and Cuba! The Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands, each unique to its own. 

The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands, each unique to its own.

Each island in the Caribbean accommodates many famous tourist attractions. For example…

Pig Beach – Bahamas.

Pig Beach in the Bahamas is an all-time favourite to tourists from all parts of the world. You explore the Exuma Cays from your own private yacht and visit all the islands the Bahamas has to offer. On your day trip you may snorkel around the Cays, feed Bahamian rock iguanas go for lunch on Staniel Cay and visit pig beach!

Pig Beach

- Bahamas

Old Havana – Cuba

For more of a city get away, Visit Old Havana in Cuba and you will not be disappointed. Old Havana has so many beautiful old architectural buildings and attractions to see and visit such as the Catedral de san Cristóbal, which is a striking example of Cuban Baroque architecture and something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Old Havana

- Cuba

Flamingo Beach – Aruba.

When staying at the Renaissance hotel near the yacht docking port you can travel to Flamingo beach. Flamingo beach is on a privately-owned island owned by the Renaissance hotel and resort. Here you can take a boat out to flamingo beach and swim and feed all the flamingos.

The various islands in the region make the Caribbean the perfect destination for a yacht charter. Whatsmore, the breath-taking coastlines, fabulous scenery and crystal blue water are even more enjoyable to witness from the comfort of a luxurious private yacht. 

Each unique Caribbean island’s culture has been shaped by their history. Their cultural identity has been influenced by the colonialists in Europe, slavery in Africa and the native Indian tribes. 

A lot of the architectural culture is widely influenced by the landscape of each island. For example, Caribbean island Aruba’s buildings are of a sandy and white colour to match its desert-filled landscape. Music is also influenced by the gorgeous tropical setting of each island making their music always sound like a sunny beach day. An example of music, is that of Bob Marley, his music style and vibe suits the tropical atmosphere of Jamaica where he was born and raised. 

The famous triplet islands towards the west of the Caribbean are the ABC islands. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Each island is a part of the Netherlands however are not part of the European union. Aruba is the most known of the three. It has more of an American influence and is very much into the high-rise hotels and resorts. Aruba is home to many long sandy white beaches such as Eagle beach. Hotels and resorts line these beaches here.


Curacao is most known for its beaches and coves with its capital Willemstad is polluted with colorful and beautiful buildings. The smaller of the three islands Bonaire is most famous for its magnificent reefs and rich marine life. These islands are the perfect destinations for your yachting trip as they are all so close together it wouldn’t be hard to explore each and every one of them. 

Not only is the Caribbean famous for its dazzling water and eye-catching coastal views but it is also famous for its restaurants. The Caribbean is notorious for their sea life, this makes for very tasty sea food dish’s. Famous for its quirky décor, Fireman’s Lobster Fire Pit is a favorite amongst many tourists who choose to travel to Jamaica. Another classy favorite would have to be Café Luna in Barbados. Café Luna is an award-winning restaurant that sits at the rooftop of the Little Arches Hotel, this allows you to dine whilst gazing upon the panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. 

With a climate like the Caribbean where it is Summer all year round, Temperatures around the Caribbean islands vary from 24 to 29 degrees and may even reach up to high 30’s. This makes the Caribbean the perfect destination for a yacht charter. Chartering your yacht here will allow you to easily transport from island to island exploring all there is to offer whilst still taking in the all year Summer sun.

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Written by Rory

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