Throughout this blog I will run through the ever so important costs that accompany chartering a yacht with us here at 212 yachts. There are some key points clients must consider before even thinking about the yacht charter costs. Where will they charter the yacht from? Will it be on the infamous French Riviera, the glorious Amalfi coast, the stunning Caribbean or some other elegant destination. Secondly, how many people will accompany you on this memorable excursion. Knowing this is crucial to make sure we have the correct amount of cabins if sleeping on the yacht and, of course, space so that each guest is ensured comfort throughout the trip. Thirdly the style and size of yacht is crucial before determining the yacht charter costs. Will this be a 80 metre motor yacht, a 40 metre sailing yacht? What about the special amenities you might acquire on board such as a gym, jacuzzi or cinema? Knowing all of these will allow both you, the client, and us, the broker, to create and propose the best suited and tailored options. Ensuring that we create an incredible experience on the water and make the yacht charter costs as clear-cut as possible.


Brief explanation of yacht chartering

Here at 212 yachts yacht chartering is our passion. We promise to go that extra degree to find you the perfect yacht for your exact needs. Yacht chartering is the process of renting a yacht for a specified period, typically for vacation or leisure purposes, but we cater for all. It allows you to experience the luxury and freedom of a private yacht without the responsibilities and expenses of owning one. Chartering a yacht gives you and your group the opportunity to customize your itinerary, explore exotic destinations, and enjoy various onboard amenities and water activities. We are here every step of the way, delighted to assist in making these decisions. Here at 212 yachts, we have access to every professionally crewed yacht in the world, organising fully crewed charters with professional captains, chefs, and stewards. Yacht chartering is a popular luxury travel option, ideal for special occasions like weddings, and group events such as corporate retreats.


Importance of understanding yacht charter costs

Understanding yacht charter costs is crucial for anyone considering renting a yacht. Yacht charter costs can have huge variations depending on many different factors that I will discuss in detail further on in this blog.

Most simply, when chartering a yacht, we first of all have the net charter fee. This entails the sole rental of the yacht. It will depend on the yacht itself and charter length.

Secondly, we have VAT expenses which will vary based on the location of the charter. As an example, this is around 20% of charter fee in France and 22% in Italy.

Finally, we have APA, more commonly known as advanced provisioning allowance. This includes the yacht charter fuel costs along with any additional requests made while chartering the yacht such as meals, drinks or entertainment. Once these are understood we can proceed to the multifarious factors of yacht charter costs.



Factors affecting yacht charter costs.

Size and type of yacht : The size and type of yacht are among the most significant factors that affect yacht charter costs. Yachts come in various sizes and designs, from small motor yachts to large sailing yachts and luxury mega yachts. Generally, the larger the yacht, the higher the cost of the charter. The type of yacht also plays a role in determining the cost, as different yachts have varying levels of luxury, amenities, and features. For example, a basic charter with just a skipper will be less expensive than a fully crewed luxury yacht with high-end amenities such as a jacuzzi, gym, or private chef. When considering the size and type of yacht, renters should also keep in mind their level of experience and comfort on the water. Larger yachts have the privilege of a more experienced crew and captain that will keep your mind at ease. Ultimately, selecting the right size and type of yacht is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable charter experience while staying within budget.

Season and location of charter price difference : Depending on location and time of year these will affect the yacht charter costs. In high season (July, August) higher net charter fees will apply compared to low season (rest of the year). The location of the charter can also affect the cost, as some destinations may have higher operating costs, taxes, or fees than others. For example, yacht charters in the Caribbean or Mediterranean tend to be more expensive than those in less popular destinations. When selecting a location and time for the charter, renters should consider their budget, preferred activities, and weather conditions, as well as any local regulations or restrictions that may affect the charter experience.

Duration of charter : The duration of the charter is another factor that can affect yacht charter costs. Yacht charters are typically priced on a weekly basis, prices then vary depending on the length of the rental period. Longer rental periods may result in lower per-day prices, while shorter rental periods may be subject to higher daily rates. Certain cases may allow for discounts, for example in the case of longer rental periods and repeat customers. When considering the duration of a charter, renters should also consider their itinerary and preferred activities. Renting your yacht for a longer time may allow for more flexibility in terms of destinations and activities, while shorter rental periods may be ideal for a specific event or itinerary. Ultimately, selecting the right duration for a charter can help renters maximize their budget and enjoy a memorable yacht charter experience.

Amenities and features included in the charter : The amenities and features of the yacht will also play a key role in determining the yacht charter costs. It is important for charterers to carefully consider their desired level of luxury and to choose the yacht that meets their needs. When it comes to chartering a yacht, the amenities and features range from basic to extravagant. Amenities include things such as number of cabins, bed sizes, audio/visual systems, entertainment onboard, water sports such as jet skis and sea bobs, jacuzzi and spa areas. All of these will have an effect on the yacht charter costs overall.

Budgeting for a yacht charter : When budgeting for a yacht charter it’s important to be realistic with your expectations of service and experience. Having a rough price range in mind and more importantly a rough idea of your dream yachting experience is vital for us to help guide and organise an incredible yachting experience for you.


Tips for Reducing Costs

Choosing the right time : Off peak seasons typically have lower charter rates than peak seasons. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, consider chartering during the low season. (Outside July/August)

Hidden costs to consider : When chartering a yacht, it’s important to realise all of the yacht charter costs. You may forget about some key costs that are vitally important to a smooth sailing trip. Fuel costs are an essential cost of your charter and must be taken into consideration when deciding on your charter itinerary and destinations. Longer excursions will imply higher fuel costs and vice versa. Additionally, clients must prepare for berth costs as well as pick up and drop off fees, which will vary depending on the port.

Choosing the crew number : The number of crew will have an effect on the yacht charter costs. Yachts with chefs tend to cost slightly more than yachts that do not. It is important to note that as the number of crew increases so will the price.


Being aware of the various different factors that come into play concerning yacht charter costs, there is only one thing left to do. Start planning your dream yacht trip with us today by calling us directly on +33 04 92 95 83 06 or contacting us via email We look forward to organising a memorable experience for you.



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