Your Ultimate Yacht Charter Vacation Experience

You wake up to the gentle motion of the waves, pop on your soft cotton slippers and newly ironed robe. Make your way up to the deck where you are greeted with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The scent of your favourite breakfast wafts as you breathe in that crisp sea air and the morning sun shines softly upon your face. You look out to the ocean, which is glistening in the light. In the near distance you see a secluded cove, everything is calm and still. Here, you and your family will spend the morning as recommended by your knowledgeable captain, swimming, relaxing and soaking up some sun on your yacht charter vacation.

Then you make your way to the outdoor dining area which is beautifully set by the crew. Laid out in front of you is all your family’s favourite breakfast foods, prepared to perfection. You are joined by your family and you all enjoy the delicious meal while admiring the breath-taking scenery. And as you sit back and finish your freshly brewed morning coffee, you think what a truly luxury experience this yacht charter vacation is.

The above paragraphs depicts only a fraction of the luxury provided to you on board a private yacht. A yacht charter vacation has been described as ‘the holiday of a lifetime’, ‘a dream come true’ and ‘like something from a movie that I never thought possible’. Albeit clichés, this is the reality. Super-yacht and Mega-yacht vacations are the ultimate luxury get away, and here’s why:

Enchanting Interiors

The design of yachts is an art in itself, and the diversity is huge. The sleek and polished exterior is what initially attracts potential charterers and the stunning interior is like something from Architectural Digest. The beauty is, each yacht is as unique and dazzling as the next, and you can choose based on your exact taste and preference. If you like an ultra-modern, futuristic style, there is a yacht for you. Or if you prefer a more classical and elegant style, there is also a yacht for you.

You have the complete luxury of designing your own fantasy escape.

Yacht Interiors come in every style possible - meaning there will always be a yacht that matches your taste be it classical or super modern!


Yachts are Floating Hotels

Super and Mega yachts have been compared to ‘hotels on water’ because they provide the same (if not higher) standard of luxury as some of the top hotels in the world. Everything you need, and more, can be provided on board. Feel like a massage? Head to the spa where a qualified masseuse will take the utmost care of you. Want to take this opportunity to work on your fitness and feel you best? Hit the fully equipped gym where a personal trainer can guide you through an awesome workout. Then treat yourself to a glass of champagne in the upper deck Jacuzzi as the kids are quiet watching their favourite film in the home cinema. Other amenities can include bars, games rooms and swimming pools. It all depends on what you desire to have the perfect luxury yacht charter vacation.

The levels of luxury service on board a super yacht are comparable to the world's finest hotels - except here the view from your Master Suite changes everyday.


Live Like a VIP during your Yacht Charter Vacation

Have you ever thought about how great it would be to have a whole cinema, swimming pool or water park all to yourself? To skip the queue like a celebrity? Well chartering a luxury super yacht is exactly like that. Kick back, relax and munch on popcorn as loud as you like in the private cinema. Canon ball with full force into the private swimming pool. And avail of all the amazing water toys provided on board. These yachts tend to have a super impressive list of water toys and activities. From water slides, jet skis, paddle boards and wakeboards. To sea-bobs, sea doos and snorkelling equipment to name but a few. This provides hours of fun for guests of all ages. And best of all, it’s just for you. No waiting in line, no sharing, VIP access just for you.

Chartering a super yacht is like having your own personal water park with all the water toys provided on board. No queues, no sharing, just hours of entertainment.


Exceptional Crew during your Yacht Charter Vacation

The crew’s job is to cater to your every need. From welcoming you on board with a friendly smile, cooling towelette or refreshing beverage, to preparing and serving meals, to keeping the yacht in tip-top shape for the duration of the cruise. These are just a given. The crew upon a super or mega yacht always go that extra mile, and further.

The experienced captain will demonstrate his knowledge of the surrounding areas and make sure you experience all the best spots. If you have certain places you’d like to go, great! He will take you there! If not, no problem. The captain will make recommendations so that you get to witness all an area has to offer.

A top-class chef will also be provided on board. He will prepare any food you, your family or guests wish to have. Allergies or dietary restrictions can all be catered for. Think of what you would like to have if it was your last meal, the chef can whip it up. This is the ultimate luxury experience after all. If you wish to dine on land, the chef will recommend the best and most authentic restaurants for you. They can even make a reservation on your behalf.

Additional Crew on your Yacht Charter

As mentioned, additional crew members can be brought on board based on what is important to you. Fitness instructors, masseuses, professional cocktail waitresses. Some yachts are also certified training schools and the crew members are fully qualified in water-sports. They can teach you and your family how to have the most fun in the water while ensuring safety at all times. Some crew (with your permission) will document parts of your holiday and put together a mini montage of all the amazing experiences you and your family had. What a wonderful souvenir.

The crew on board are more than delighted to go above and beyond to ensure you have the most wonderful experience possible. They can be as attentive or discrete as needed. So, whether you wish to be waited on hand and foot, or would like some privacy, either can be arranged for you on your own personalised yacht charter vacation.

The crew on board can be as involved or discreet as you wish on your charter - the choice is up to you.


The World Does Revolve Around You

While on board one of the best things about vacationing on a super or mega yacht, is that everything is tailored specifically to your needs. Every voyage, every activity, every meal. Leading up to your charter you will be asked to fill in a food preference form outlining every food, snack, dessert, beverage you could ever dream of having on board. The crew will then begin preparations to ensure everything you want, and need is available. You can also decide your own cruising itinerary. Are there secret sandy beaches or curious, cryptic caves you wish to explore? This can all be arranged. This is why it is described as a dream luxury vacation, because your dreams truly are made a reality.

Every last detail on board is tailored to your preferences, from the brand of coffee beans to the flowers on display. All you need to do is ask.


Types of Yachts to Choose From

Some of you may be wondering what the difference is between a Super yacht and Mega yacht. While both are extremely glamorous and luxurious vessels, have pretty similar amenities and are fully crewed, there are a few differences.

Super Yachts begin at a minimum of 78 ft or 24 metres in length. They can cruise with a maximum of 12 guests and can also sleep between 6-12 guests comfortably. Many super yachts have Jacuzzi’s, swim platforms, exercise equipment and a great selection of water toys available on board.

Mega Yachts begin at approximately 200 ft or 50 metres in length. They have a much larger crew on board to manage a vessel of this size. They have a special license which enables them to cruise with and sleep more than 12 guests. Mega Yachts have similar facilities to a super yacht, but they tend to be bigger in size such as a larger Jacuzzi or a better equipped gym. Having a helipad or submarine, or being accompanied by a high-speed chase boat, is also not uncommon to mega yachts.

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