Explore and experience diverse tropical islands of luxury and natural beauty through a Caribbean Yacht Charter.

Welcome to the Caribbean one of the most exclusive yacht charter destinations in the world. Renowned for its supreme variety and vibrancy. A utopia of incredible cuisine, breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, mesmerising backdrops of volcanic mountains rising from beneath the depths of the sparkling turquoise waters. These waters are home to a kaleidoscope of colourful and exquisite coral reefs in the world, where exotic marine life roam peacefully. A diver and snorkeler’s paradise easily accessible from the private deck of your luxury yacht.

With each island so different from the last it is recommended to tailor your itinerary so as to meet your personal wishes and desires. There is something along these islands for everyone. From the islands of St. Barth’s and Antigua exuding luxury and elegance to the wild jungle and untouched shores of Dominica. There are endless opportunities for exploration, relaxation, and adventure on your private yacht charter in The Caribbean.

'A utopia of incredible cuisine, breath taking landscapes and rich culture..'


The best time to visit the Caribbean for a yacht charter is between the months of December and April. These are the driest months of the year, and avoid the hurricane season that extends from June to November. Average daily highs range from 25 C to 29 C, and water temperatures are within the same range. Due to the close proximity to the equator, a Caribbean yacht charter is defined by consistent temperatures and warm, sunny weather in the dry season.

The Caribbean is also extremely accessible with many airlines offering direct flights to a large selection of The Caribbean Islands. It is the perfect destination private yacht charter all year round.

The Islands are organized into The Leeward Islands and the Windward Islands. The most popular charter destinations include St Martin, St Barts, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Barbados in addition to the British Virgin Islands. All exhibit a selection of secluded anchorages, gourmet cuisine, and barbecues on the beach in ultimate glamour and style.

Leave behind the stresses of normality and sail towards the laid back island life and sun-saturated shores of these spectacular islands, the ultimate escape from the life on land. Explore these diverse waters a Nirvana or stunning islets and colourful culture, perfection for sun worshippers, food lovers and nature enthusiasts.


The Windward Isles yacht charter

Explore the Tropical Utopia of The Windward Islands

The vibrant islets of the Windward Islands consist of Martinique, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago. These isles reveal mesmerising coastlines and golden sun-kissed beaches, definitely best discovered by private yacht charter.

St Lucia

St Lucia boats endless opportunities for adrenaline-fuelled fun, with hiking trails, magnificent rain forests and powerful landscapes dominating the island. This island is endearingly named the Jewel of the Windward Isles. It is famed for its unique fusion of wild jungles and elegant eateries, captivating villages combined with luxury boutiques. The twin peaks of Piton and surrounding World Heritage Site provide you with endless hiking trails and paths to discover the exotic wildlife and tropical birds. St. Lucia is home to many festivals all year round such as the renowned Jazz Festival in May bursting with colour, music and an electric atmosphere. Discover what would be in store for you on your charter itinerary in St Lucia here.

St Vincent and The Grenadines

St Vincent and the Grenadines, flaunt dramatic and breathtaking volcanic landscapes with mountain peaks and black sandy beaches teeming with exotic flora and fauna. Idyllic fishing villages line the coast of these unspoiled isles, exuding peace and serenity. The secluded cruising ground surrounding these islands is equally spectacular with abundant coral reefs, a hot destination for scuba divers of all levels. Grenada reveals rolling hills and pristine white sanded beaches. As you near the pristine white sands of Grenada, the sweet smell of cinnamon and nutmeg entice you to shore. To explore this Caribbean Jewel, aptly nicknamed ‘The Spice Island’. Read more about the whimsical island of The Grenadines here.

Martinique is another spectacular island location for sun seekers and nature lovers wishing to explore the diverse landscape by day and dine in world-class restaurants by night

' mesmerizing coastlines and golden sun-kissed beaches, most definitely best discovered by private yacht charter..'


The Leeward Islands

Indulge in the Luxurious Lifestyle of The Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands flaunt an impressively diverse variety of landscapes from breathtaking tropical jungles, volcanic mountains, and shimmering white beaches.  Revealing a combination of sunshine, fresh sea air and rich vegetation easily explored from the luxury and comfort of your chartered boat. This collection of Caribbean Isles are famed for their unrivalled natural beauty. The shores exude a mesmerising sense of calm and tranquillity. A yacht rental Caribbean sailing through these islands is perfect for those looking to succumb to the laid-back nature of this paradise location.

These isles are on one side hugged by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea. The Leeward Islands are comprised of the spectacular Islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Martin, Montserrat, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Saint Kitts, and Nevis, Saba and Saint Barthelemy. Most of the Islands are volcanic, while some are formed from vast coral beds.

Choosing to explore these islands by private yacht provides copious opportunities for diving and snorkelling among the exotic marine life. With reefs and dolphins thriving beneath the waterline.

St Barths

Notorious hot spot for VIP vacationers St. Barth’s attracted by the immense natural beauty and effortless elegance of this tropical island. Its prevalent French influences add a pinch of Mediterranean flair and a metropolitan atmosphere. Although delve slightly deeper, and you’ll discover endearing fishing villages, secluded beaches and winding mountain trails. All revealing breathtaking panoramic views over the lush green hills and sparkling turquoise waters below. Its capital of Gustavia exhibits a number of world-class restaurants and designer boutiques.


The infamous pearl white beaches of Antigua are another gem of the Caribbean easily accessible by private yacht charter. With ample anchor sites in sheltered coves, Antigua has been a popular destination for Yacht Rental Caribbeans, especially English speaking vacationers. Antigua holds the largest English speaking community in the East Caribbean. The Jolly Harbor of Antigua remains a favourite for those looking for an idyllic yacht charter that promises peace, exclusivity and freedom. Antigua has just as many beaches as there are days a year. This ensures that a yacht charter vacation in Antigua provides more than enough adventures and endless fun!  Read more about the beautiful island of Antigua here.

'unrivaled natural beauty which exudes a mesmerizing sense of calm and tranquility..'

Barbados yacht charter

Experience Island Bliss on your Luxury Yacht Charter in Barbados

Barbados is a truly spectacular island! A utopia of exotic wildlife, pristine beaches and steeped in culture and history. As you sail towards the powder white sanded shores you will feel the palpable energy emanating from its shores. Welcomed by the friendly locals you will soon feel at home on this blissful island revealing a remarkable fusion of passion and sophistication. The landscape of Barbados is alive with exotic flora and fauna amidst rolling limestone hills carpeted by lush tropical vegetation and untouched beaches. Barbados’ shores and surrounding waters are the perfect places for adventure seekers. Its rugged coastline and pristine sanded beaches offering a plethora of water sport activities such as jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Venturing on shore you will soon discover towns and villages bustling with activity, walking through the streets exploding with exotic smells, vibrant colours and traditional music. The city of Bridgetown is a prime example of this and a must-see destination of your private Caribbean yacht charter.

Barbados is a burst of vibrancy and culture, ensuring guests will feel welcomed and easily succumb to the laid back rhythm of life.

'walking through the streets exploding with exotic smells, vibrant colours and traditional music..'


The Virgin Islands

Diverge into the diverse beauty of the Virgin Isles

The Virgin Isles are a cluster of islands located to the East of Puerto Rico, revealing world-class marinas and an impressive diversity of landscape and coastline. A cruise through these waters exploring these sparkling blue waters teeming with a variety of tropical fish. Island hopping between these diversities and secret paradise beaches by private yacht would most definitely ensure a yacht charter of dreams. Stepping onshore you will discover a unique combination of bustling cities and ancient ruins which decorate these spectacular isles and their largely untouched shores.

The year-round pleasant climate and gentle sea breezes make the Virgin Islands extremely popular among private yachts charterers.

The US Virgin Islands Yacht charter

The US Virgin Islands provide the perfect retreat for those searching for an escape of the stress of everyday life and with luxurious surroundings. These isles reveal ample opportunities for those seeking to explore above and below the water line. The US Virgin Island is decorated by rugged landscape, unspoiled reefs and idyllic charm with quiet bays and legendary pirate ruins. These shores provide a haven of peace and tranquility brimming with wildlife and natural beauty to explore during the day. And when night falls St. Thomas is renowned for its buzzing nightlife with large casinos and charming restaurants offering decadent cuisine and ultimate exclusivity. After a night of fun and laughter, you can then return to the sanctuary of your private yacht peacefully anchored offshore.

The British Virgin Islands by yacht

British Virgin Isles in contrast to the sophisticated and cosmopolitan shores of the US Virgin Island, the British Virgin Isles are blissfully untouched and uncluttered. Sleepy villages dot the coastline fringing the spectacular National Park and The Baths for which it is famed. Exhibiting peaceful, secluded bays and spectacularly hidden harbors. On the North side of the island, Tortola flaunts European charm and Caribbean lifestyle with a breathtaking mountainous landscape and dramatic coastline. The waters surrounding these islands are equally as impressive brimming with fish of every size and our making it an ideal snorkelling and dive site. You could spend hours exploring the crystal clear waters beneath your private yacht anchored in one of the many sheltered coves.

'unique combination of bustling cities and ancient ruins which decorate these spectacular isles and their largely untouched shores..'


The diverse landscape that that stretches across each and every spectacular island of the Caribbean Isles is what makes a yacht charter in these waters so desirable. Island hopping through these turquoise waters ensures guests an unparalleled variation of landscape and coastline as well as exotic flora and fauna native to each.

It is easy to imagine yourself floating peacefully through these lush green gems of tropical paradise embracing the relaxed vibes of the island people. A yacht charter in The Caribbean is a charter of dreams, azure clear waters, sun soaked beaches and amazing people. What are you waiting for, begin planning your yacht charter holiday today.

Whether you are looking for extreme luxury, a peaceful getaway or an amazing adventure, The Caribbean is the perfect place to explore by sea. We hope that you are excited to visit what is one of the most magical yacht charter destinations in the world. A yacht charter holiday is an exciting adventure to enjoy with your family and friends, and is a sure way to create memories that will be treasured for years to come. We delight in being an integral part of this journey for so many guests, and are driven by the smiles and gleeful stories from our happy clients. With years of expertise and a wealth of strong relationships in the region, we are fully equipped to finding and securing the perfect yacht for charter on The Caribbean coast and beyond.

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