Discover the wild and wonderful waters and shores of South East Asia and the Indian Ocean by a Luxury South East Asia Yacht Charter

A South East Asia yacht charter can be full of the most incredible cruising itineraries you will ever experience. Discover white sand beaches that are completely off the beaten track, from Indonesia to Thailand all in the utmost luxury. This type of vacation requires prestigious planning, so read on to discover all of our favourite destinations! Or contact us below and let our experienced charter specialists do the work for you and created a tailored proposal.

Welcome to South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. Home to some of the most exquisite waters and rugged lands in the world. The sparkling turquoise waters and secluded islands carpeted with lush green jungle are prime destinations for luxury yacht charter. Ranging from the infamous sailing and tourist hot spot of Phuket in Thailand to the virtually untouched beaches of Cambodia. The variety is astounding. It is easy to imagine yourself cruising around these sheltered coves teeming with exotic marine life as the azure waters glisten below you.

One could easily spend a lifetime sailing the azure seas discovering new secluded sanded beaches and exotic wildlife each and every day. The possibilities are endless, and all waiting for you to discover. From the luxurious comfort of your own private yacht, you are just steps away from the clear sparkling waters.

The year-round tropical climate that is found here makes these waters ideal for private yacht charter. Average temperatures rarely drop below 20°C all year round. The best time of year to charter a yacht in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean are the months of January to April as these months as these have the lowest average rainfall.

Read on to discover our must see destinations for a South East Asia yacht charter that will guarantee a cultural experience of a lifetime!

'The year round tropical climate that is found here makes these waters ideal for private yacht charter.'


Indonesia Yacht Charter

Discover the vibrancy and culture of Indonesia on a South East Asia yacht charter trip

Indonesia is one of the most mesmerising locations on Earth and is the world’s largest Archipelago straddling the equator. Comprising of 17,000 islands and 80,000 km of mostly uninhabited coastline. It is renowned to be a haven of peace, tranquillity and spectacular wildlife.

The landscape is carpeted in lush green vegetation. Under the surface of the sparkling sea, you will discover vibrant coral reefs teeming with a myriad of colourful tropical fish. These coral reefs are a snorkeler’s paradise. Grab a mask and your snorkel and dive into this utopia of exotic life and vibrant colours!

Blue whales roam the surrounding waters of Indonesia as well as dolphins leaping and playing. Revel in the beauty of this spectacular display as you dine alfresco watching the orange sun sink below the turquoise ocean.

The shores of the Indonesian islands are blanketed with exotic vegetation. It is home to much exotic wildlife and colourful birds which fill the skies with their sweet songs. After anchoring your yacht in one of the many secluded islets, you can venture on shore to explore the volcanic lands. Experience the dynamic culture and rich history of these islands for yourself. Best explored by bicycle or foot, or for those more adventurous individuals hot air balloon or even on the back of an elephant. Trekking through the wild jungles, with exotic trees towering above you is a magical experience.

Activities and Adventures

Indonesia is an adventurers paradise with endless jungle trails and hikes. Sangeang  Volcano, a volcanic mountain has a summit of 2000 m that boasts awe-inspiring views from its peak. Prepare to experience breath taking views stretching over the canopy tops sloping down towards where the pristine white sands meet the sea.

If it is wildlife and wild jungle that interests you then you have to spend a day on the Shores of Flores and The Komodo National Park. This is one of the most bio-diverse landscapes to be found in the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Site covers 1800 sq km of land and sea waiting for you to explore. The waters here are especially astounding. In addition to this, it is said to be one of the best scuba diving sites in the world with high marine biodiversity. You will discover whale sharks, manta rays, pygmy seahorses and even blue-ringed octopus.

After your day of exploration and discovery, you can return by tender to the comfort and luxury of your private yacht to unwind and relax discussing your day’s adventures with friends and family.

'Home to many exotic wildlife and colourful birds which fill the skies with their sweet songs..'


The Maldives Yacht Charter

Experience the Exotic Exclusivity of the Maldives’ Shores on a South East Asia Yacht Charter

Cruising back to civilisation you will arrive at the pristine powder sands of The Maldives. A destination growing in popularity among luxury yacht charterers. These exotic atolls stretch across the equatorial band like a rainbow of rich green hues of the lush tropic jungle and gleaming white sands. On land, The Maldives oozes luxury and elegance. Its shores have been carefully developed and decorated with notable exclusive resorts and services which are all at your disposal to be enjoyed.

Surprisingly it is not the breathtaking landscape and scenery that makes The Maldives such an appealing spot for a luxury yacht charter. The Maldives is characterised by its splendidly unique underwater life and ecology. The warm waters are home to a diverse array of exotic marine life each creature more colourful than the next. Prepare to be mesmerised as they glide peacefully by in the underwater world. Hanhushi’s coral reef showcases 1000 species of fish, 20 species of whales and dolphins. A day spent snorkelling in these waters would be most definitely be a day to be remembered forever. Trade your scuba gear for a surfboard afterwards and head to the surfing paradise of Mullee Point and Veyvah Point.

Whether it is a 5-star dining experience, a spa treatment of day spent riding the waves, The Maldives certainly guarantees relaxation and adventure.

'A rainbow of rich green hues of lush tropic jungle and gleaming white sands..'


Thailand South East Asia Yacht Charter

Experience a taste of tropical Thailand on a luxury yacht

Swiftly sailing on wards to Thailand, potentially one of the most popular South East Asia yacht charter destinations and for good reason. Renowned for its immense beauty and vibrancy. Ranging from its Jurassic jungles sweeping down to the coconut tree-lined pristine beaches. The lush landscape is painted with every shade of green embellished by exotic birds of paradise that nest high above your heads.

Phuket and Koh Phi Phi 

When many think of Thailand they think of the main tourist attractions. The extraordinary full moon parties on the beaches of Phuket alive with vibrant colour and music.  Koh Phi Phi the picture perfect location which served as a backdrop for blockbuster movies such as Man with The Golden Gun. Embrace your inner Bond and adventurous side as you cruise the wondrous waters and shores of Thailand and its islets best discovered by boat.

Phang Nga Bay and Similan Islands

With a yacht charter in Thailand, you may not even have to venture on shore. The waters provide you with endless activities that will be enjoyed by everyone. For those searching for an adrenaline rush look no further than Phang Nga Bay lagoon, which is protected by 300 m high limestone pinnacles and Jurassic jungle. This secret lagoon is only accessible by kayak. It boasts every aquatic sport you could imagine, promising to get your heart racing. If you prefer sports under the surface, then Similan Islands is for you! 128 km2 of a national park with remarkable visibility of 20 to 30 meters. Ideal to view and discover the vast variety of marine life.  Fishing, jet skiing or water sports are forbidden in these waters which ensures complete peace and tranquillity around these untouched waters.

Lampi Island

For those choosing to trade their flippers in for hiking boots, there are many opportunities for exploration. Our favourite of which would be Lampi Island. This island is, in fact, the same size as Singapore but is totally unpopulated, untouched and wild. It is an oasis of wildlife and serenity. Unspoiled jungle rolls over the limestone rocks and down to the secluded beaches. Worlds apart from the luxurious interior and modern conveniences aboard your private yacht anchored offshore.

'An oasis of wildlife and serenity, unspoiled jungle rolling over the limestone hills..'


Seychelles on a Yacht

Dive into the vibrancy and tranquillity of Seychelles

The Seychelles which are aptly known as the Jewel of the Indian Ocean boast immense natural beauty. These secluded coves and islands are best explored and appreciated by boat. As you cruise around the vibrant islands and islets you are guaranteed to be left awestruck by the natural beauty of these untouched beaches and forests. The Seychelles boasts many Ancient Wildlife Reserves. Which are home to rare species of wildlife which can not be found anywhere else in the world. This vibrancy and beauty is mirrored below the surface as well. The sparkling shallow waters are brimming with marine life such as the giant tortoise. There are many world-class diving sites in The Seychelles including the Desroches Drop.

Mahe and Saint Anne Marine National Park 

The equally spectacular lagoons around Mahe and Saint Anne Marine National Park are easily accessible by private yacht. Here you will discover 150 protected species of fish. These waters are also the breeding ground of many larger fish and sharks. Therefore, offering a unique diving experience with these gentle giants for the brave.

For those who would prefer these fish on your plate, the deeper waters are fantastic for game fishing. Your private chef aboard your yacht would be happy to prepare and serve your day’s catch. A delicious feast to be enjoyed alfresco with the spectacular backdrop of the Seychelles lush green jungles and pristine beaches.

'You are promised to be left awe struck by the natural beauty of these untouched beaches and islets..'


Mauritius – South East Asia Yacht Charter

Relax and unwind on the sun-kissed shores Mauritius

The idyllic isle of Mauritius is a part of the Mascarene Islands. Mauritius is home to many endangered species native to the lush, wild jungle and powder white sands of this exclusive island. The waters surrounding the island are also teeming with life such as sea turtles, sharks, and shoals of neon fish. On land, Mauritius offers indulgent experiences with world-class spa treatments, exotic dining experience and golf courses which have been specifically designed for casual play. These 5-star amenities offer the perfect balance of high adrenaline and luxury relaxation. It certainly has something to please everyone!

Mauritius is the perfect anchor point for your cruise of the Indian Ocean, stretching your legs and stimulating your senses with delicious exotic foods and spectacular scenes. The welcoming island people will be pleased to show you around as you experience the slower pace of island life. After your day spent exploring the rugged cliffs and captivating villages, your tender will then sail you back to your private yacht. Here you can unwind and relax on the deck listening to the sweet song of the native birds.

The waters of South East Asia and the Indian Ocean are some of the most spectacular locations on earth, offering exotic marine life, awe-inspiring coastlines, and pristine white powdered beaches. These waters offer something for everyone with world class diving and snorkelling, exclusive spa retreats and breathtaking hiking trails.


'5 star amenities offer the perfect balance of high adrenaline and luxury relaxation..'


Whether you are looking for extreme luxury, a peaceful getaway or an amazing adventure, the coastline of South East Asia and the Indian Ocean is the perfect place to explore by sea. We hope that you are excited to visit what is one of the most magical yacht charter destinations in the world. A yacht charter holiday is an exciting adventure to enjoy with your family and friends, and is a sure way to create memories that will be treasured for years to come. We delight in being an integral part of this journey for so many guests, and are driven by the smiles and gleeful stories from our happy clients. With years of expertise and a wealth of strong relationships in the region, we are fully equipped to finding and securing the perfect yacht for charter on the coast of South East Asia and the Indian Ocean and beyond.

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