The town of Antibes is a Mediterranean resort located in the southeastern part of France, situated on the Cote d’Azur between Cannes and Nice. It was a Greek fortified town and was named Antipolis in the 5th century BC, opening its seas for active trading along the Mediterranean Sea. This beautiful place is one of the famous luxury yacht harbours, where sleek million dollar yachts are docked near Vauban’s Fort Carre. Tourists who come to this old little French town often find themselves exploring the cobbled streets of Antibes, France, strolling around the old port, or chartering a yacht and going on a journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Exploring the Old Town of Antibes France.

There are a lot of exciting things to do in Antibes, you can hop from one museum to another, visit its famous Botanical Garden in Cap d’Antibes, or go hiking in Parc de Vaugrenier where you can enjoy strolling around the park and having an afternoon picnic. The best time to travel to Antibes depends on your weather preference, be it winter or summer, this lovely town always has something in store for you! Here’s an outlined list of places to go and activities to do while you’re in Antibes:

Heritage sites, museums, gardens, and beaches, explore the elegant beauty of Antibes.


Musée Naval et Napoléon

  • Located in Tour du Graillon, Cap d’Antibes
  • Open from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning
  • Has a wide collection of antiques from Napoleon Bonaparte’s time

Musée Picasso

  • Located in Chateau Grimaldi
  • Open every day except on Mondays
  • Used to be Pablo Picasso’s art studio and contains plenty of his works

INRA Botanical Garden in Antibes France.

  • Located in Cap d’Antibes
  • Opens Monday to Friday
  • Plant biodiversity reservoir with an exceptionally rich flora

Antibes Land

  • Located in Route de Biot, Antibes
  • Amusement park for both kids and adults
  • Has a multitude of different rides and attractions for the family

Kart’on – Karting Indoor

  • Located in ZAC des Trois Moulins
  • Open Monday to Sunday
  • Indoor Karting

Yacht Charters

  • Yachts are located in Vauban’s Fort Carre
  • Great for exploring the Mediterranean Sea
  • Contact one of the exquisite yacht charters in Antibes

Guide to the Pristine Beaches of Antibes France.

If there’s one thing Antibes is known for, aside from having a rich history and a beautiful town, is that they have beautiful beaches that you and your family will truly enjoy. Antibes is proud to boast of its soft white beaches situated nearby its medieval town. Here’s a quick overview of the popular beaches with exciting activities:

Sunbathe, swim, dive, and sail the famous sandy beaches and blue waters of Antibes.


Plage du Salis – This public beach with clear blue water and white sand faces the wonderful view of the Old Town and Cap d’Antibes.
Plage Ponteil – This beach has a stunning view of the Alps and has a beach club that offers exciting beach activities.
Plage de la Gravette – Perfect for taking a quick swim while exploring the beautiful town of Antibes or having picnics during the day.

These public beaches have its own water sports activities like diving and snorkelling, parasailing, canoeing, and sailing or yachting. With each having its own pristine beaches and outdoor activities, you will truly have a wonderful experience in this beautiful travel destination!

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