The crescent-shaped strip of the Mediterranean coastline that sits between southern France and Tuscany is the best description when on an Italian Riviera yacht charter. It makes for one of the best tourist destinations in Italy because of its gorgeous, long seaside and breathtaking scenery. The Italian Riviera is also a melting pot of various cultures and footprints of history. It boasts, in itself, of pristine beaches, relaxing views, colored brick houses, and tempting Italian cuisines.

It is best to enjoy a luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera during the summer months when you can enjoy the sun and the beaches. However, you can also enjoy this beautiful place even during the off season when you can take a walk in the parks and visit museums.

Why Should You Experience a Luxury Italian Riviera Yacht Charter?

Be captivated by the red-orange-colored houses, tempting scenery, and the glimpse of history that still remains untouched within its borders. Don’t forget to visit the following places in the Italian Riviera during your luxury yacht charter holiday.


Enjoy your Italian Riviera holiday with a thoughtful, attentive, and facilitating private yacht charter service crew.

Considered as one of the world’s colorful ports, Portofino is also famous for its brightly painted houses, rustically elegant ambiance, and relaxing lifestyle for both locals and tourists. In this place, you can see stunning villas of rich people with anoverlooking view of the port. The Portofino Natural Parks also offer abeautifullandscape that inspires a relaxing stay.


This beautiful town along the coast is a must-see when you sail to the Italian Riviera. This place is elegant to see with its shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Like most of the places in the West Mediterranean, Varazze has so much history that manifestson its picturesque town setting.


Providing you with a memorable and exciting Loano vacation whether you choose a day boat rental or a yacht charter holiday.

This is just one of the elegant places in Italy that offer superyacht marina. There are also many traditional restaurants and shops are scattered around town. This place also offers both locals and tourists the mesmerizing history-rich frescoes on buildings, blended with the scenic seafront that gives travelers a whimsical feeling while in the place.

Experience The Cinque Terre on an Italian Riviera Yacht Charter

Composed of five villages, the entire place sits on an 18-kilometer rocky coastline beneath the steep rubble hills. What’s amazing about this place is the fact that the five small villages are built into the rocks between the beach and the hills.


Fulfill your desire to discover hidden beauty as you explore Sanremo through your luxury yacht charter.

You will discover in your luxury yacht charter the traditional old town of Sanremothat was once home to many royal European exiles. You can easily be lost in its twisting narrow streets while climbing the hillside. If you want to explore much of the place’s history, visit the Fort of Santa Tecla that overlooks the port.


This is the opposite counterpart of Portofino, which stands as a charming fishermen’s town along a 4-kilometer stretch of the Cavi di Lavagna Beach. Exhibiting its typical Ligurian setting, with quiet streets and friendly cafes and shops, Lavagna has plenty of historical spots to view as well. It sits on the Entella River that is bordered with olive groves.

Aside from the historically rich places in the Italian Riviera, you can also savor the Ligurian cuisine. This combines the simple fresh flavors of the place. Since Italian Riviera has many fishing ports, it’s not surprising to know that the Ligurian cuisine has a strong seafood base.

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