Defined by pleasure, freedom, and adventure, yacht rental is one of the finest leisure pursuits on the market. With amenities and comfort beyond that of the most luxurious accommodations, whole teams of highly trained staff on-hand around-the-clock to cater to every whim, and flexibility beyond any land-based vacation, luxury yacht rental promises to fundamentally challenge your concept of luxury travel.

Why Choose Yacht Rental With 212 Yachts

Delivering the perfect yacht charter experience requires extensive experience and knowledge, commitment, creativity and open dialogue that fosters total transparency. Through years of experience, delivering countless yacht charter experiences on a broad range of vessels around the world, 212 Yachts yacht charter brokers understand the ingredients of an unforgettable luxury yacht rental. Long-standing relationships with discerning clientele have taught us the importance of honesty, energy and exponential effort, and each new client benefits from this special combination of values and the resulting incomparable level of service.

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Luxury Yacht Rental Destinations

With yacht rental, the world is at your fingertips. From an island hopping Caribbean yacht charter to al fresco dining in the Amalfi Coast, ice-breaking in the Arctic to diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, yacht rental introduces an exciting level of freedom.

For advice on where to rent a luxury yacht, our team are ready to chat about your dream location and the suitability of different regions.

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From island hopping in the Caribbean to al fresco dining in the Amalfi Coast, ice-breaking in the Arctic to diving in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, yacht rental introduces an exciting level of freedom.

Selecting A Charter Yacht

There are thousands of crewed yachts available to rent around the world. As brokers, our team has access to all of these crewed charter yachts that meet strict quality standards, and more importantly, we have direct experience with or detailed testimonials for many. Based on your requirements, the destination of interest and preferred dates, we will recommend suitable yachts available to you, and always negotiate the most competitive price with the owner.

With the guidance of an experienced broker, you will be fully aware of what to look for in a yacht, the charter yachts’ condition and feedback from previous clients, the identity and expertise of the staff on-board, and all other critical details that you must consider during this exciting process.

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