Late in 2017, renowned shipyard VanDutch released a range of exciting new models, among which to our delight, was the long-awaited VanDutch 75 and her impressive sister-ship; the VanDutch 75T.

Already recognized on the French Riviera as the primary supplier for VanDutch rental, with an impressive fleet of VanDutch 40 to rent and VanDutch 55 for charter in Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez and Antibes, 212 Yachts have long been excited at the prospect of a VanDutch 75 for charter. With these exciting new-builds, that time is upon us!

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VanDutch 75 – A Closer Look

Boasting the same sleek lines and minimalistic ethos that has propelled the VanDutch 40 and VanDutch 55 to cultural icon status, the appearance of the VanDutch 75 is truly remarkable. Proudly transitioning from the luxury boat category to that of a yacht, the VanDutch 75 is largely unrivalled in her offering of style and space, thanks to her bold open design. Beyond the alluring artistry and affection embedded in every VanDutch launched, the VanDutch 75 is truly built with a lifestyle at heart; the French Riviera lifestyle.

Dissecting the features of this 2018 VanDutch 75, scaled similarities to her smaller siblings are instantly identifiable. The aft sun-loungers that are common-place on VanDutch models of all sizes have ballooned, offering incomparable relaxation space. In the name of advancement, these loungers now feature adjustable upper-panels, taking relaxation to the next level. Another welcome similarity to older models, immaculately scaled for this larger deck-space, is the vessel’s carefully engineered sound-system. The large swimming platform aft is hydraulic, allowing guests of all abilities to enjoy the water in comfort and style. Forward, expect to find two adjustable, refrigerated deck-tables surrounded by familiar Simtex-laden seating, in addition to a full-service wet-bar. The layout is designed with socializing in-mind, ensuring all guests can treasure their time on-board as a group.

Below deck, the VanDutch 75 offers generous living spaces that maintain the chic and sleek ambiance crafted on-deck. With 3 suites complete with spacious washrooms, a fully-functional kitchen and gorgeous open-plan salon, the VanDutch 75 is an exciting option for groups who like to charter for a weekend or longer, but want to escape the ‘confines’ of superstructures common-place on larger yachts.

However, the VanDutch 75 is more than just aesthetics. Powered by twin Man v12 1200 HP engines as standard (can be upgraded to 1550 HP or 1900 HP), she can reach speeds of 33 knots. Impressive for a 75-foot vessel. With V drive propulsion, joystick control, and a suite of Garmin electronics among a host of other technological advancements in the cockpit, she is a captain’s dream.

With a host of exciting options ranging from deck-wear to engine capacity, paint to upholstery, cabin configuration to electronics, the VanDutch 75 is hugely exciting both for prospective owners (who can toil over the finest of details) and charterers who can relish in their hard-work. For more information about the VanDutch 75, or to enquire about a VanDutch 75 for charter on the French Riviera, please contact our team.

VanDutch 75T

In-line with feedback from VanDutch owners, the 2018 line of VanDutch models feature a number of innovations in roofing, most notably with the addition of a fixed T-Top to select models. The VanDutch 75T features one such T-Top, offering generous protection from the elements to guests enjoying her central seating area.

Further options that will feature on new-builds at the owner’s discretion include custom multi-pole shade extensions, an automated bimini, bow and aft sunshades, and enclosed hard tops.

VanDutch X

As the first VanDutch to feature outboard engines, the VanDutch X brings VanDutch performance to the next level. With twin Mercury Verado 350 HP outboard engines (can be upgraded to feature 3 engines), the VanDutch X can reach speeds of 36 to 40 knots, making her the fastest VanDutch on the market. Also available with a T-Top, the VanDutch X features similar innovations to the VanDutch 75 discussed prior, making her a fantastic boat for day trips on the French Riviera.

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VanDutch 56

The final addition to the 2018 VanDutch line of boats is the VanDutch 56. With a profile similar to that of the tried-and-tested VanDutch 55, boasting the full-suite of upgrades introduced by VanDutch in 2018, the VanDutch 56 is an extremely attractive package. Upgraded performance allows top speeds of 40 knots, while an attractive list of options, hull and upholstery customizations ensure each VanDutch 56 will boast a personality of its own.

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VanDutch 40 and VanDutch 55 Remain the ‘Go-To’ for Luxury Day Trips on the French Riviera

Despite the excitement from the 2018 VanDutch range, the VanDutch 40 and VanDutch 55 remain fantastic options for day boat hire in Cannes, and elsewhere on the French Riviera. With a fleet of VanDutch 40 and VanDutch 55 for charter, 212 Yachts are proud to be the primary suppliers for VanDutch rental on the French Riviera, boasting phenomenal reviews and lots of repeat clientele.

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Written by Adam Reynolds

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