Yacht Charter Benefits: A Floating Villa

To simplify the decision, here are 5 yacht charter benefits over those of a villa.

1. The Freedom

Yacht charter benefits include a personalised itinerary that works perfectly for your group, furthermore, the flexibility to alter this as necessary. You’re on a yacht with an experienced crew, all keen to assist you with any impending needs. This includes any changes of mind you may have along the way. Having the opportunity to combine the captain’s experience with your own ideas will create an ideal journey. You can shape your vacation in any way that feels right.

Enjoy the sea views from every angle

2. The Views

Getting bored of your favourite holiday spots? Yacht charter is bursting with fresh perspectives of places you have visited before. Familiar destinations will take on an entirely new form. The picturesque horizons become even more breath-taking when explored from the water. From bays, through coves and secluded beaches, to islands. If you are looking to be freshly mesmerised by coastal scenery, renting a yacht is the best way to achieve this, and is one of the prime yacht charter benefits on offer.

3. Yacht Charter Benefits Include Distinct Experiences

Visit rare, secluded locations not accessible to an average tourist. Have a fancy, 3 course dinner surrounded by miles of the clear, blue water. Perhaps, a relaxing sunbathing session on the luxurious sun lounges on deck.

Additionally, snorkelling equipment, stand-up paddleboards, water skiis, sea bobs and jet skiis all include the standard toys you may find on board your yacht. No need to rent out from individual agencies all in different locations. Everything can be found ready to use on your own floating villa.

Explore what the world has to offer

4. The Privacy

When choosing yacht charter benefits, one can’t deny that the privacy you will have is unmatched. No frustrating neighbours, swarms of tourists or noise pollution. Just you, your friends and all the possibilities. Wear crazy outfits, sunbathe shirtless, have one too many mojitos, all without the fear of being seen or critiqued by others.


5. The Adventure

Spending your vacation on a lavish yacht is a thrilling experience in itself. Not to mention all the activities you can check off your list while onboard. You get to feel like royalty while still getting the opportunity to live wildly and explore. You can find your perfect balance between immersing yourself in the fun activities and simply relaxing. While chartering a yacht, the world is really your oyster.


Yacht Charter Benefits – Conclusion

The striking views, incredible freedom, brand new experiences, adventures and privacy are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. These are the yacht charter benefits that a villa is unable to provide. Most importantly of course, yacht charter sounds way cooler when sharing vacation stories with friends. To get started on this wonderful journey this summer contact the 212 Yachts team. You can fill in the form below or live chat us directly through this website. Alternatively, email or call using the information below. We will assist you with every idea or concern.

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