The Magic of the Maldives

The epitome of luxury, a Maldives yacht charter is the pinnacle of private yachting. As a tourist destination, the Maldives have been growing in popularity over the last few years. The wonderfully exotic atolls stretch across the equatorial band like a rainbow. The rich green hues of the tropical jungle compliment the welcoming waters and gleaming white sand beaches. On land, The Maldives ooze luxury and elegance. Its shores have been carefully developed and decorated with exclusive resorts and services, which are all at your disposal to be enjoyed.

Accompanying the breathtaking landscapes is splendidly unique underwater life and ecology. The warm waters are home to a diverse array of exotic marine life, each creature more colourful than the next. Prepare to be mesmerised, as wondrous wildlife glides peacefully by in their own underwater world. Hanhushi’s coral reef showcases 1000 species of fish, as well as 20 species of whales and dolphins. Spend some time snorkelling in these waters and it would most definitely be a day to be remembered forever. Trade your scuba gear for a surfboard afterwards and head to the surfing paradises of Mullee Point and Veyvah Point.

Maldives beach hut yacht charter

An Exotic Paradise

The Maldives are an isolated dreamland, and represent a true escape from reality. The coral-rich Archipelago spans 1,200 islets of wondrous beauty. There are opportunities for fun, relaxation and photos everywhere. You can snorkel or scuba, swim and sunbathe, kayak or water ski. It’s a true tropical heaven. Characterised by its Azure waters, this will be an unforgettable holiday.

The capital city Malé has a well connected international airport, so is ideal as a starting point for you luxury charter. It has many historical buildings and monuments for the culturally inclined. On board your luxury yacht you can weave in an around the many hundreds of islets, and could even take a sea-plane out to the further reaches of the country if you so fancied. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on land in the Maldives, this however will not be a problem for you, on your private yacht you make the rules.

Maldives yacht charter

Tourism in the Maldives

Tourism in the Maldives began in 1972, with the first group of people making there way to the islands. Since then, tourism has flourished, and for good reason. The locals tend to have a lovely manner, and tourism is one of the main sectors of employment on the islands. At first, there were 2 resorts, and now there are 132. You will see how they blend in with the natural environment to protect the wildlife and raw beauty of the area.

A resort will occupy an entire island, providing a private paradise. There are many wonderful places to visit on your charter. Sun Island is the destination for bountiful beaches, where sand and azure waters stretch far beyond the reach of the eye. For snorkelling and scuba diving, Banana Reef provides the ideal setting to explore. HP Reef has wonderful coral and caves, you will lose yourself in these natural phenomena that are scarcely believable. On top of this, Veligandu Island is a haven for luscious green landscapes that provide a magical contrast to deep blue waters.

Maldives Yacht Charter

On board your yacht, you will be able to experience all this from a place of luxury and peace. Your captain and crew will take good care of you, providing top class service and fine-dining experiences. They will tailor the charter to your wishes, cruising to your preferred destinations and doing their utmost to provide you with a first rate experience. It is certainly difficult to improve upon a vacation to the Maldives, but doing aboard your own private yacht is one way to do it. You will have freedom and flexibility to as you wish, and to spend some of the greatest weeks of your life in one of the few earthly iterations of paradise.



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The Maldives certainly guarantees relaxation and adventure. It presents an unbeatable combination of sun, sea, beauty and luxury. To organise a Maldives yacht charter, contact us here today at 212 Yachts and we will begin to plan this charter for you. We can design a proposal with various styles and prices to find the best fit for you. For similar ideas, check out our blog on yacht charters in South-East Asia. 

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