Charter a luxury yacht this year and discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean. With plenty of vibrant sea creatures and colorful landscapes to explore, the Mediterranean entices snorkelers all over the world.  In this article, we’ll uncover the best snorkeling spots for your next Mediterranean luxury yacht charter!

Best Mediterranean Snorkeling Guide

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Best Time of Year to Snorkel in the Mediterranean

From May to September, conditions are typically idyllic for the best Mediterranean snorkeling experience on your luxury yacht charter. This extended season allows for ample opportunity to don your masks, fins and snorkels and discover this canvas of color that the depths of the Mediterranean has to offer!

However all things considered, the optimal time for you to embark on your Mediterranean snorkeling adventure, is contingent upon your personal preferences and expectations for the experience..

  • Looking to avoid the peak-season crowds? We recommend chartering a yacht between May and early June, or from September to October.
  • Eager to observe the submarine ecosystem in high definition with the clearest waters possible? If so, charter between May and Early June or early September.
  • Keen to simply unwind and snorkel to your heart’s content in the most pleasantly temperate waters? As a result we would suggest July or August.

How Weather Patterns Affect Snorkeling Conditions

While the Mediterranean’s glorious, sunny days generally allow for snorkeling excellence, it’s important to keep an eye on the local weather forecasts before you dive right in. Your yacht charter broker will also best advise. 

The Weather is an Important Factor to Consider

Luckily, we know the best times of the year for snorkeling adventures from your yacht

Also on the rare occasion where conditions are windier than usual, this can create choppy seas. As a result, this can impaire underwater visibility and ultimately compromise your ability to observe these wonders. Snorkeling in stormy conditions should be avoided in the interest of your safety and to ensure you have the best Mediterranean snorkeling experience possible!

The Best Mediterranean Snorkeling Months

Both visibility and water temperature are key elements in determining the quality of your Mediterranean snorkeling experience. Below is a timeline of how these factors can vary throughout the snorkeling season.

  • May – June:

    As the Mediterranean sun smiles upon us from May to June, water temperatures begin to rise and underwater visibility improves. This allows for idyllic snorkeling conditions for your deep-sea escapade!

  • July – August:

    For those looking for a leisurely-paced snorkel, without the discomfort of cold waters, July to August is the perfect time for you! Generally considered the peak time for Mediterranean snorkeling, waters are beautifully balmy and favorable weather conditions permit excellent visibility.

  • September – October:

    As the Mediterranean sun gives in to the embrace of autumn’s golden hues, relatively clear visibility and pleasant water temperatures persist.

The Best Mediterranean Snorkeling Etiquette and Environmental Conservation

Snorkeling is an authentically magical way to connect with the wonders of the Mediterranean  sea.This abstract masterpiece coloured by the diverse corals, reefs and its elegantly-finned inhabitants, truly deserves to be observed in full splendor by all. To achieve this, however, a certain etiquette and the practice of environmental conservation methods are necessary. 

So here’s how we can make this happen:

1. Educate yourself to Experience The Best Mediterranean Snorkeling:

Try to be as knowledgeable as possible on the fragility of the wonders of the ocean and to share this knowledge with your fellow snorkeling-enthusiasts! The more educated you are on the subject, the safer this delicate, natural beauty will be.

2. For visual observation only:

The underwater beauty of the Mediterranean sea should be examined by your eyes only. Furthermore, handling any element of the subaqueous ecosystem can have detrimental effects on both plants and sea creatures. Also, remember to keep a safe distance from marine life to avoid this, practice snorkeling techniques to reduce your level of contact directly with the ocean floor. The underwater inhabitants are indeed wondrous creatures. However, avoid chasing them for fear it could cause them distress.

3. Refrain from feeding the fish:

As much as you would believe the underwater wildlife would like to indulge in something different for a change, this can interfere with their diet,  ecosystems and behaviors so avoid at all costs!

4. Sea treasures belong to the sea:

Understandably, many visitors like to take home a little souvenir like sand or shells from their aquatic escape. Although it may seem insignificant, this can be damaging to the ecosystem, as each element has a function in the underwater world. However you can still treasure these memories through photographs, so have your camera at the ready!

5. Choosing your sunscreen:

When selecting your sunscreen for your snorkeling adventure, be sure to opt for a reef-safe option. Furthermore, ordinary sunscreens tend to include chemicals which can potentially harm marine life.

6. The Key to The Best Mediterranean Snorkeling Experience? Leave it as you found it:

Be sure to bring with you any rubbish, to minimize the risk of polluting the sea and harming the mesmerizing sea creatures who call it home. Always respect any guidelines or regulations that have been put in place in protected areas. 

Enjoy the Thrill of Exploring Beneath the Surface

Be in the know, ensuring respect for the marine life

Anse du Petit Mugel, South of France

Anse du Petit Mugel, located east of the Parc National des Calanques, is truly one of the best Mediterranean snorkeling spots to explore. It is unique in the sense that it one of the only spots along the Mediterranean, that hosts such a variety of oceanic species in the one place. From the Red Starfish to the Moray Eel, snorkelers in Anse du Petit Mugel can embrace the vast array of marine life. In addition, you may have a rare sighting of the yellow gorgonian coral species. What better way to explore the waters beneath whilst on a yacht charter along the French Riviera

Afionas, Corfu, Greece

The azure water in Afionas is the clearest in Corfu. This offers a window to snorkelers to a vivacious, vibrant underwater kingdom. Featuring hidden coves and cliffs, opportunities for aquatic exploration are endless in Afionas!

Greece Offers Everything You Could Wish For and More

The perfect Greek adventure awaits

Cala Rossa, Sicily

Whether you’re a beginner or novice snorkeler, Cala Rossa is an ideal snorkeling stopover when chartering a yacht in Italy! The irresistible, shallow waters are superb for leisurely or adventurous snorkeling excursions. With the rocky coves rich in underwater life, you will have the opportunity to observe some octopi, dusky groupers or the Mediterranean Rainbow Wrasse, to name but a few.

Blue Hole, Malta

Snorkeling in Gozo’s blue hole is truly an unparalleled experience. The Blue Hole is a limestone formation which appears to have been carefully constructed by nature itself to provide us with the perfect snorkeling spot. Etched into the limestone, it is around 50 feet / 16 meters in depth. Furthermore, thrill-seekers can venture to the ‘Azure Window’, a naturally-formed limestone archway which evolved over thousands of years and actually featured on many television shows including ‘Game of Thrones’. However, due to a storm in March 2017, this stunning natural structure collapsed. It remains a strong remnant of Maltese history and a symbol of its beauty.

Ustica, Sicily, Italy

Ustica, renowned as one of the best Mediterranean snorkeling destinations, is bound to provide the experience of a lifetime! With waters so pristine and clear, they have been protected as a marine reserve since 1986, the first marine reserve to be established in Italy. Home to an array of vibrant marine life, the gorgeous Sicilian waters are a looking glass into marvels of the Mediterranean.

Explore Snorkeling Opportunities in Italy

Experience the perfect Italian escape

Sveta Marija, Mljet, Croatia

From calm bays to secluded coves, Sveta Maija, Croatia, is a haven for snorkeling-enthusiasts seeking natural beauty and serenity. As a protected area, it appears beautifully untouched and nurtures a variety of aquatic organisms. Additionally, looking up from the water’s surface, a stunning 12th century Benedictine monastery can be seen nestled against the picturesque landscape.

Foki Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Foki beach is the pride of the Greek locals. As a result, they won’t hesitate to recommend it as one the the best mediterranean snorkeling locations. Calm waters and the sheltered cove, allows for an immaculate snorkeling experience. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal. They may decide to make an appearance on your adventure!

Lavezzi Islands, Corsica

Explore the majestic underwater world of the Lavezzi islands and drop anchor in one of the gorgeous coves. Snorkel and goggles in hand, visitors can take advantage of the notably excellent water visibility. In addition, encounter colorful fish, sea urchins and vibrant coral reefs. Embrace your inner adventurer. So go and explore the underwater grottos and caves this area is infamous for!

The Best Mediterranean Snorkeling by Palombaggia Beach, Corsica

Palombaggia beach is said to be the most stunning beach in Corsica. Although the Lavezzi Islands can certainly offer a larger variety of marine life, Palombaggia has something for everyone. These include stunning landscapes, swimming, sunbathing and even just casual snorkeling. As a result, Palombaggia beach is a delightful location to drop anchor on your luxury superyacht charter.

All set to visit the best Mediterranean snorkeling spots on your next yacht charter? Why wait? So dive right in and contact us now, the Mediterranean awaits!

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