First Things First: Unbeatable Destinations on a Mediterranean Yacht

Chartering a Crewed Yacht in the Mediterranean is a spectacular experience because there aren’t many places as unique and breathtaking as the Mediterranean on a yacht. From the living luxury of the Cote d’Azur and Monte Carlo to the breathtaking natural beauty of the Greek islands of the Cyclades, you can find comfort, relaxation, and plenty of history almost everywhere you look.

Such a unique destination deserves to be explored the right way. A simple hotel room won’t do for anyone looking to get the most out of their trip. A crewed Mediterranean yacht charter, on the other hand, might just be the perfect vessel to live the experience of a lifetime.

This is a special type of vacation, quite unlike a luxury rental or a cruise. To make sure it’s right for you, you need to understand exactly what it actually entails. From the nuances of booking and understanding the qualifications of the crew to the destinations you can visit, this is everything you need to know about chartering a crewed yacht in the Mediterranean.

Explore beautiful Mediterranean yacht destinations

Especially during summer, few destinations are as attractive as the Mediterranean. Crystal-clear blue water and fine white sand make for a perfect combination for anyone who enjoys water sports or sunbathing. Meanwhile, countries from Turkey to Spain all border this sea, allowing for plenty of cultural adventures as well.

When you charter a yacht, you can choose any destination you want. Our yacht charter options range from the canals of Venice to the hidden beaches of Croatia. Visiting a bazaar in Turkey is just as realistic as checking out the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the ancient wonders of the world.

We haven’t even counted the luxury you can encounter in Barcelona, Florence, the Amalfi coast, or Cannes. And then, of course, there’s the best part about a yacht charter: The ability to avoid limiting yourself to a single spot. Instead, you can build an itinerary that helps you visit a number of these destinations in a single trip, and without much effort. Just make sure the cost of fuel won’t be an issue for you.

You just have to know where you want to go or your preferred charter company can help you make those choices and provide suggested itineraries to cruise.

Budget and Preferences for your Crewed Yacht Charter

Yacht charters are defined by their flexibility, and not just when it comes to the destination. Your budget and preferences will determine your experience. The prices of our yachts, including crew, range from $20,000 to the current most expensive charter yacht in the world – Flying Fox, at 4 Million Euros per week, and weekly prices are everywhere in between.

You can choose a day trip of a ship crewed by a captain and deck professional for as little as $3,750. On the other end of the spectrum, A week-long luxury cruise with a crew of 15, including a high-end chef, will range at and above $300,000. Within that range, you have the flexibility to find exactly what you need for the vacation of your dreams. That said, early booking is highly advised. The most popular charter yachts do book out in advance, with little to no remaining availability last minute.

As you consider potential options, focus on a few factors:

  • How many people are traveling on the yacht, and how many cabins will you need?
  • How long do you want to spend on the ship?
  • Do you plan to spend significant time on the yacht, or will you only use it for transportation and sleep or for an event?
  • What services do you prefer from the crew staffing the yacht?
  • What level of luxury do you expect on a trip like this?

Answers to these questions allow you to narrow down your selection set. Of course, similar to the destination, finding a charter company that will help you through your options based on your preferences helps simplify the process and is necessary in order to have the best selection, in a timely manner.

4 Benefits of Booking Your Mediterranean Yacht Charter Crewed

We’ve already touched on some of the benefits of going this route for your vacation above. Let’s get more specific. When you visit the Mediterranean, you’ll have plenty of options on how you want to spend your time. Here are some reasons why a chartered yacht, particularly one with a crew included, will be your best choice:

  1. A five-star treatment. The yacht crew will ensure that your trip is the best it can be. The captain is in charge of the navigation, the chef will prepare unforgettable cuisine, and other members will keep the deck clean, maintain the engine, and even teach you water sports activities. What crew you get depends on the yacht you charter, but you’ll know what you get before you sign the deal.
  2. A relaxing experience. Because the work is taken care of by the crew, you can truly focus on the destinations and trip itself. No more having to do your own planning, laundry, or dishes. Instead, focus on what got you to book the vacation in the first place: the beauty of the Mediterranean.
  3. Unforgettable cuisine. Many yacht chefs have been hired away from Michelin restaurants, and it shows in their cooking. Whether it’s a star chef of a steward, the meals you get will be as delicious as the views you get to enjoy during seaside sunsets and the discovery of new islands.
  4. On-board flexibility. It’s not just about the yacht. With a charter, you always have the ability to disembark and explore the land. In fact, yacht crews tend to have great recommendations for hidden spots, amazing restaurants, and more.

Add to that the beauty of the Mediterranean and the flexibility you have by visiting multiple locations, and it’s clear why so many guests absolutely love chartered yachts.

How to Start the Chartering Process and Prepare for Adventure

Once you have a general understanding of what to expect for your crewed Mediterranean yacht charter, it’s time to get specific. Simply put, you need to find a partner who can help you make the most out of your experience by making the booking process as easy for you as possible, whilst they have the knowledge and experience of the ‘watch outs’ and will guide you here.

The right yacht charter agent helps you find not just the right ship, but also the perfect destination and crew for your budget and expectations. At 212 Yachts, we have carried out countless numbers of successful Mediterranean yacht charters, our experience and relationships with yacht owners and captains pair perfectly with our focus on guests to work together in building unforgettable experiences.

Contact us to learn more specifics–with some more information, we can send you a bespoke tailored proposal of yacht options, so we can start the process of planning your next and best yacht vacation.


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