Explore the Beauty of all Mediterranean Islands by Yacht

Take a glimpse of the hidden treasures that the Mediterranean Islands have to offer: sun-bleached beaches, deep local culture, exquisite cuisine, and welcoming ports perfect for bespoke yacht charter holidays. We have put together an overview of the best places to go when you’re visiting one of the Mediterranean islands by yacht.

1. Astypalaia, Greece

Astypalaia, an island in the Aegean Sea, belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. This island is shaped like a butterfly and is home to one of the most beautiful beaches and villages in Greece. The Venetian Castle, windmills, and traditional white houses on the hilltop provide a nice stroll back into history and fantastic views.

Where to stay: The most convenient places to stay are accommodations in Chora and on the beaches. Conveniently, there are plenty of self-catering studios, apartments, and rooms to rent. Otherwise, why not live on a private Mediterranean charter yacht to always stay close to the sea and shores?

What to do: Warp back in time as you visit the Venetian castle built by the Quirini family, check out exhibits at Skala’s archaeological museum, or go shopping at Koursaros and find pretty accessories to take home.

What to eat: Go for first-class dining on a decked veranda in Astrepolos and enjoy an expansive view of the ocean, or feast on local Greek cuisine at the beach restaurants.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht

The port and picture-perfect sights found on Astypalaia Island (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

2. Sifnos by Yacht, Greece

Sifnos is located in the western part of Cyclades and is known for its stunning beaches, Cycladic architecture, excellent tourist facilities, upbeat nightlife, and whitewashed chapels. You can explore a little more of its culture as you walk along the cobblestone streets and white cubic houses.

Where to stay: Hotel Kamari is the perfect place to stay if you want to have a balcony that is facing the mountains or sea.

What to do: Enrol yourself in a cooking class on Sifnos cuisine, visit an archaeological museum in Kastro, and visit the cafés or bars and other local joints.

Where to eat: Claudio’s Italian Restaurant serves superb salads, pasta, meat, and fish. Likewise, Ammodia Fish Taverna is famous for their lobsters and their variety of fresh fish.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht

The Port of Faros, Sifnos Island, Greece (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

3. Korčula, Croatia

Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, is one of the most treasured islands in Croatia. It is rich in sandy beaches and still celebrates traditional festivities, which makes the island a unique and exciting place to explore.

Where to stay: Most of the hotels and accommodations can be found in the town area. Luxury hotels and apartments are available as well, depending on your budget.

What to do: Visit the Old Town of Korcula, check out Marco Polo’s House, or go snorkelling and cruising at the nearby Pakleni island.

Where to eat: Grab a slice of Pizza at Pizzeria Caenazzo or try the famous modern Dalmation dishes of the LD Restaurant in Lešić-Dimitri Palace.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo, one of the most famous travellers in the world (Image Source: Max Pixel)

4. Bozcaada, Turkey

A beautiful island that is situated in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is believed this is where the Trojan Horse was built before the attack on Troy. Gifted with fertile and vast lands, Bozcaada is known to be the centre of wine production, where viniculture and viticulture are popular forms of livelihood.

Where to stay: Have an adventure at the campsite near Habbele beach, get cosy in a hotel like Bozcaada Biz Otel, or enjoy some privacy in a holiday rental.

What to do: Visit the Bozcaada castle and its ruins, go for a swim at Ayazma or Habbele beach, explore the coastline as you cruise the Mediterranean sea on a charter yacht, and discover the Greek and Turkish influences on the island by touring the bustling streets.

Where to eat: Head down to Eski Kahve to have a taste of the local Turkish-Greek specialities.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Front view of the Bozcaada Castle (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

5. Mykonos by Yacht, Greece

The one place you can’t miss when you’re visiting the Mediterranean islands by yacht. This is Greece’s famous cosmopolitan island in the heart of the Cyclades. As it will certainly stun you with its whitewashed homes framed with colourful doors and windows, its cobblestone roads, and its marble streets. Mykonos is all about elegance and simplicity when it comes to architecture. The island is also famous for its beach parties and exciting outdoor activities.

Where to stay: You have the option to stay in the town of Mykonos or in hotels at the beach.

What to do: Tour around the ancient town of Delos, or step back in time as you visit the Folklore Museum. Also you can discover authentic Mykonos during heritage tours.

Where to eat: Go to the cosy Kiki’s Tavern and have some charcoal-grilled barbecue on a patio overlooking the sea. Or have a little bit of Venice in Katerina’s Bar and enjoy the sunset view from their balcony.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Dazzling nightlife in Mykonos Island (Image Source: Pixabay)

6. Sardinia, Italy

The beautiful beaches and mysterious landscape of this island are what make this place captivating. Furthermore, the island is gifted with surroundings that look untouched by man. You can also explore the Nuraghi structures and the remains of ancient villages.

Where to stay: You can stay at Hotel Spartivento in the southern part of Sardinia, or at Hotel Domominore in the north.

What to do: Book a Mediterranean yacht charter and join the “Regata della Vela Latina” sailing event. Or go on a wine tour in Cagliari, and trek to an archaeological site in Gennargentu.

Where to eat: If you’re looking for stuffed snails or pasta, visit Trattoria L’Assassino. Sa Mandra serves succulent roasted suckling pig and other dishes. Which are made from fresh produce from its own farm.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Colourful and captivating scenery of Sardinia, Italy (Image Source: Flickr)

7. Porquerolles, France

The island of Porquerolles is one of France’s most splendid hidden gems. Tourists explore the island by foot or bike to experience the natural beauty in all its preserved splendour. Diving, snorkelling, sailing, hiking, and other outdoor activities are popular on this beautiful paradise.

Where to stay: Stay the night in one of the apartments in town, or book a room at Villa Saint Anne or L’Arche de Porquerolles.

What to do: Tour the Botanical Conservatory or rent motorbikes for inland use. You can also book a private yacht charter and sail the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the island.

Where to eat: The restaurant in Villa Saint Anne Hotel offers sumptuous meals. Or you can feast on French and Mediterranean cuisine at Le Pelagos.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Yachts and boats dotting the waters off the shores of Porquerolles Island (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

8. Formentera by Yacht, Spain

Formentera is known as the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean. As its population was only about 11,000 people in 2014 according to records. Since the 1970s, it has been a popular spot for hippies, because of its stunning white sand beaches and the beautiful marine life. And those who visit usually want to relax in solitude, making it a perfect place to find one’s self and be one with nature.

Where to stay: If you can afford to stay at a more upscale place, check out the luxury eco-resort La Mola.

What to do: Witness the beauty of the Far de la Mola lighthouse or swim on the pristine beach of Ses Illetes. Then, from here you can view the historical Roman Castellum landmark in Can Blai.

Where to eat: Enjoy eating in a walled courtyard at Can Carlos, or indulge in Catalan food with a modern twist at Can Dani.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Your surroundings when sailing along the shoreline of Formentera (Image Source: Pixabay)

9. Milos, Greece

Milos island is known to be the place where the Venus de Milo statue was discovered. The island is also called ‘the island of colours’ because of the fascinating colour formations found in the surroundings. History, culture, and nature abound here.

Where to stay: Rent one of the beautiful whitewashed houses in the village of Plaka.

What to do: Trek towards the volcanic rocks of Sarakiniko or go windsurfing in the harbour. Also visit the ancient city of Phylakopi, and go on a tour around the fishing village of Mandrakia.

Where to eat: Try going to the village of Pollonia, where there are plenty of restaurants with inventive dishes to choose from.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
The picturesque island of Milos (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

10. Vis, Croatia

Tourists who visit the island of Vis go there for its natural beauty and traditional Dalmatian architecture. It was used as a Yugoslav military base and was cut off from foreign visitors for almost 40 years. Because of that, most of its natural beauty and resources have remained protected and preserved.

Where to stay: Hotel San Giorgio offers yoga and adventure holiday packages. While the Villa Vis Croatia rental is perfect for large groups of up to fifteen.

What to do: Explore the Croatian island by scooter, or hire a boat to go to the blue cave in Bisevo island, and see secret underground army tunnels.

Where to eat: Try authentic Peka (a dish cooked in metal pots on coals for several hours) at Roki’s, followed by a nightcap at Bistro Frutarija.

Mediterranean Islands by yacht
Boats docked in the village of Komiza, Vis Island (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Mediterranean Sea is full of amazing coastlines from 21 countries, so there is just so much to discover. Which of the destinations above are you going to visit first? Have the freedom to sail and explore whichever islands you want to by booking yacht charter holidays that are tailor-made to fit your travel needs and goals. Get in touch with our holiday specialists to start making plans for the perfect Mediterranean islands by yacht experience.

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