Why You Should Do an East Mediterranean Yacht Charter

The Mediterranean is one of the most exquisite culture-rich destinations in the world. It is a melting pot of unique cultures formed from different phases of history, handed-down beliefs, and up tracing of ancestors. Here, you can find a mix of different colours and flavors, and experience hospitality in varying degrees as you enter traditional coastal communities. What better way to discover these diverse cultures than with an East Mediterranean yacht charter?

Seek romance in Venice, sail down the famous “Pearl of the Adriatic” in Croatia, and enter the medieval bay front town of Kotor in Montenegro. Be hypnotised by the islands of the Cyclades in Greece, and be amazed by the ancient relics and monuments in Turkey. The Eastern Mediterranean region still has much more in store for those who love to experience the ocean and the historic wealth of the countries within its borders.


Spending a luxury yacht charter holiday in the East Mediterranean is best during the summer months. The fall season meanwhile, is ideal when you travel with children or if you love to swim and bathe under the sun when the water is still warm from summer. As for the winter and spring months, they are still a pleasant time to travel even with cooler temperatures. Yacht charters are slower in the winter than in the summer though.

Although summer is the high travel season in the Mediterranean region, it is also best to pick the months of May to June (during the spring season) or September to October (during the fall season). The temperature during these months is still pleasant, with brighter sunny days, and there are fewer crowds that will flock to tourist attractions. Also, all of the blooming spring flowers will certainly add a relaxing aura to your luxury yacht holiday!

Read on for some of our favourite destinations for a luxury yacht charter in the East Mediterranean.


While Venice is a beautiful destination whole year round, it is best to visit during the month of September where the weather is comfortably warm. This romantic place is famous as an entirely reclaimed city from 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Venice got its romantic tag because of the existence of the “water taxi” where you can sail on the Grand Canal and slip through the Rialto Bridge, together with a musician on board a canoe. Aside from this, romantic hotels are also all over the place that showcase intimate dinners for lovers.

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'Explore the City of Canals from the Comfort of your Private Yacht Charter'


This place is best for your luxury yacht charter holiday during the months of March until July, when it is in the peak of summer. Yachting during the months of May and September is also a good choice if you want to avoid the crowd, but still want to enjoy a warm temperature. Visiting Croatia’s popular stops will definitely complete your luxury yacht holiday.

You can start your luxury yacht charter in the old town of Split, where you can experience ultimate relaxation in the calm waters of its secluded bays. If you want a sumptuous meal, eat with pleasure in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, where you can find Croatia’s collection of different cuisines. Lastly, you can sail to the beautiful Kornati and its various islands.

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Visit one of Europe’s prosperous Balkan countries surrounded by craggy mountain ranges, medieval towns, and narrow coastlines. There are many breathtaking sights you can visit in this small country. Including the Durmitor National Park where you can see different species of bears and wolves and the Tara River, which flows along Europe’s deepest gorge (also within Durmitor). Another amazing sight is the Bay of Kotor, which is famous because of its fjord geographic origin. Lastly discover the medieval towns of Kotor and Herceg Novi which have stood the test of time and have incredible culture.

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'There is No Better Way to Experience the Eclectic Atmosphere and Natural Beauty of Montenegro than Through a Private Yacht Charter'



Take advantage of the summer months to sail across Greece and enjoy luxurious island stops in the Cyclades, Santorini, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos, Lefkas, and Sardonic. During these months, the temperature is comfortably warm and the wind is strong, a perfect combination for water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and sailing.

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Visit this place’s Turquoise Coast, which is known to be one of the Mediterranean’s luxury yacht destinations. With its brisk capital, Istanbul, you can easily become captivated by the diversity of its culture. You can also explore the long and magical coastlines of Carian, Ionian, the West Lycian Coast, and the East Lycian Coast, with their majestic bays and coves.

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A trip to the East Mediterranean is like no other in that it truly is another world. We hope that you are excited to visit what is one of the most magical yacht charter destinations in the world. A yacht charter holiday is an exciting adventure to enjoy with your family and friends and is a sure way to create memories that will be treasured for years to come.

We delight in being an integral part of this journey for so many guests and are driven by the smiles and gleeful stories from our happy clients. With years of expertise and a wealth of strong relationships in the region, we are fully equipped to finding and securing the perfect yacht for charter in the East Mediterranean and beyond. Contact 212 Yachts today to start the trip of a lifetime.

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