The Perfect Greece yacht charter

There are few places in the world that top the beauty of Greece and her surrounding islands. A haven of divine weather, history, culture, adventure and relaxation alike. With many islands spread out amongst the East Mediterranean, you want to make sure you absorb every last morsel of breath-taking scenery. This seven-day superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece will ensure you experience the magic, mystery and magnificence of Greece.

Day 1: Athens to Kea on a yacht

Departing from Athens, cruise towards Kea. Kea is a mountainous island, rich in history and tradition. The port of which you will cruise into is called Korissia located in Nikolaos Bay and was once a pirate stronghold. Here you will also find the Sanctuary of Apollo and the ancient town walls. The island is home to many orchards and vineyards for you to explore. Spend the afternoon strolling through the countryside, inhaling the freshest of air before venturing down to the stunning sandy bay for a walk along the warm sand or a swim in the sea.

Vourkari is another small bay located on the island of Kea. This is the ideal spot to find some great Greek restaurants for something to eat and drink before returning to the yacht for the next part of your superyacht itinerary Greece.

Kea is close to the Greek mainland but many tourists pass it by, resulting in a hidden away gem of an island.

Day 2: Kea to Sifnos on a luxury yacht

Cruising past the delightful islands of Serifos and Kithnos, head to Sifnos. Sifnos is another must-see stop on your Cyclades yacht charter. This mountainous island is supposedly the island of Apollo. There is nothing quite like watching the sunrise from the hilltop of Castro. This is an island highlight we would thoroughly recommend during your superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece.

Sifnos has two glorious beaches which one must visit whilst on the island. The beaches of Vathi and Platys Gialo offer some truly spectacular scenery. Whilst exploring the mainland of the island, one should most definitely aim to experience both the more cosmopolitan side of port Kamares, as well as the charmingly traditional old town of Kastro. Greece has a very broad and intriguing history that reverts back to the Stone Age. Hikes, old towns and scenic walks are plentiful so you can build up an appetite to eat some wonderful cuisine or head back to your yacht, relax and cruise to the next stop on your superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece.

Day 3: Sifnos to Milos on your Greece yacht charter

On the third say of your superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece, cruise the crystal turquoise waters of the East Med from Sifnos to Milos. This striking volcanic island is most famous for harbouring the statue of Aphrodite. There is also an abundance of uninhabited and undisturbed islands located just off the island of Milos. What better way to get a truly Greek authentic outdoor experience than exploring these unique islands, all the while made easier by having your very own private yacht transport you from island to island. Island hopping was never so luxurious.

Next up is Santorini, one of the most picture perfect destinations you can charter to.

Day 4: Milos to Santorini in style

Santorini is one of the most astonishing beautiful islands, not only in the Cyclades, but in the world. Once could spend days if not weeks here admiring the breath-taking views of Santorini’s rugged landscape. The island features distinct coastal villages built into the cliff-side which come to night at life and radiate out to sea. This tranquil island is home to volcanic black-sand beaches where one can sprawl out in the warm sand. In the evening, take a car (or a donkey if you want to be traditional) venture to the top of the cliff-side village of Fira and view a sunset from Oia like no other. Safe to say you will never forget this stop along your superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece.

Santorini is the perfect place to go if you like looking at old towns, other cultural and archaeological sites. Fira is the capital of this precious island and comprises of classic whitewashed houses and terraces, meandering laneways and petite plazas. On the cliff tops, you will find blue-domed churches. It doesn’t get more picturesque than this.

We also highly recommend spending time cruising around more of Santorini’s satellite island on this located in the Cyclades archipelago. Thirassia, Palea and Nea Kameni provide idyllic havens for peace, tranquillity and relaxation. The Greek islands enjoy a dry sunny Mediterranean climate and the Grecian waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

With beautiful beaches to relax on by day and exotic night clubs to venture into at night, Ios has the best of both worlds!

Day 5: Santorini to Ios, on your Greece yacht charter

For those of you looking to explore the party scene of The Greek Islands, keep cruising north and spend the night on the island of Ios and enjoy one of the most vibrant night lives in the East Mediterranean Greece yacht charter.

Ios is known among Greek locals as the Island of Youth. The island attracts many young tourists each year from all around the globe. As well as being an extremely picturesque and cultural island, Ios is renowned for its energetic nightlife and lively party scene.

Day 6: Ios to Mykonos, yachting

Following some groovy nights on the town, you may be in need of some R&R and a more slow-paced day. Cruise from Ios to Mykonos, another absolutely spectacular island on your superyacht itinerary Greece. Mykonos, like Santorini, is one of the most well-known and adored islands in the Cyclades.

Mykonos is home to some of the most magnificent authentic Greek restaurants. This is the most recommended island to try some of the traditional Greek cuisine including taramasalata, gyros, dolmades, the freshest olives and olive oil and of course, the classic Greek salad with feta cheese.

Chora is a must-see small town on the island. The rustic village is home to beautiful Greek architecture and artwork. Although the island is rich in culture, history and captivating scenery, since the mid-Seventies, the island has generated a hedonistic party island reputation. This island will be one of the highlights of a superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece for party-goers and mellow fellows alike.

Another idyllic stop on your Greek charter is Mykonos, with white washed buildings, cobbled streets and the most gorgeous cuisine for you to try.

Day 7: Mykonos to Syros yacht charter

We suggest spending the penultimate day of your Greek yacht charter on the wonderful Syros. En route to Syros, it is most definitely worth while stopping by the little quaint island of Delos. According to Greek mythology this islet is the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis. We recommend spending a few short hours strolling these sacred grounds and absorbing the abundance of beauty in culture, myth and legends this tiny archipelago has to offer.

Departing Delos, head for Syros. Syros offers scenery that is second to none. From quaint rustic pastel churches to pristine white villages, this island is like something from a postcard. One should certainly add the main town of Ermoupoli to their superyacht itinerary Athens, Greece. This pretty little town offers a truly authentic walk through Greek culture. And what better way to enjoy the final night of your Greek yacht charter than enjoying a delicious dinner in a seaside Greek taverna.

Kick back and relax in your luxurious cabin as your yacht cruises safely back to Athens for disembarkation the following morning.

The summer is hot and dry everywhere and there is very little rain. In July and August temperatures usually reach 30-35°C, but sometimes can be even higher. This is the perfect climate for an amazing summer yacht charter. With its spectacular coastline and numerous must-see Islands such as Santorini, Zakynthos, Kos and Lefkada, Greece has become a very popular destination to charter a yacht.

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